Lambda is a service that comes under the compute section or compute domain of services. It is a service that comes under the bigger umbrella of compute services in Amazon Web Services(AWS).

AWS Lambda is basically a serverless computing service by Amazon Web Services that falls under Platform as a Service module of Cloud Computing. With Serverless, it meant that the server is not maintained by the user to run the functions. It is a fully managed service that takes full care of your platform as well as infrastructure.

So it just means that the whole platform, infrastructure including the operating system has already been managed and not that it does not have any server involved.

Why AWS Lambda?

It automatically runs a code, a user just needs to write the code and upload it on the server and the Lambda will take care of that.

Scaling here is done automatically on the basis of the size of the workload. Lambda can scale the application running the code in response to each and every trigger that it receives.

Billing in Lambda depends on the seconds. The payment is required only for the amount of the time the code has been computed. With AWS Lambda, we are charged for every 100 milliseconds, and we are actually charged for those 100 milliseconds in which our code has been executed and the number of times our code is triggered and we don’t pay anything when the code is not running.

Benefits of AWS Lambda

  • Development – It can be developed faster as serverless web application architecture rectifies all the issues related to system engineering that makes you spend lesser time on the operational problem.
  • Easy Operational Management – Automatic functionality reduces computational cost as well as operational management expenses.
  • Scaling Benefits – Lambda processes work and then shuts it off again once all the work is done.
  • Reduced Costs – The best advantage of this is that the user only needs to pay for the time he computes and the resources it needs to do that. That means the user will be charged much lesser as compared to running a whole server for the full month.
Serverless Computing service

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