Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard

Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard is a cost saving certificate that can secure all subdomains on your main domain under a single certificate. Save your money by opting Essential SSL Wildcard and secure unlimited number of sub-domains.


10 Minutes


$10,000 Warranty


Domain Validation


Green Address Bar


SAN Support


Sub-Domain Security

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Brand Comodo
Product Name Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard
Domain Secured Single Domain and All Sub-domains
Get for E-commerce website, Forum & Blog
Validation Domain Validation (DV)
Assurance Medium
Issuance Time 10 Minutes
Warranty USD $10,000
Browser compatibility 99.9% all desktop and mobile browsers
Mobile support 100% Mobile & Smartphone support
Refund 30 Days Refund
Reissue Unlimited re-issuance during Certificate lifespan
Server Licenses Unlimited Server Licenses
WWW and NON-WWW support Yes
SSL Encryption 256 bit encryption
Key Length 2048-bit
SHA2 Compatible Yes
Google Ranking boost Yes
Green Address Bar NO
SAN Support NO
Malware Scan NO
Vulnerability Assessment NO
Trust Seal Comodo Site Seal
Seal in Search NO
Paper Work Not Required
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Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard Certificate

Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard categorized as a domain validation certificate that will verify your domain ownership within few minutes. You can protect unlimited number of sub-domains and across an unlimited number of servers. You do not need to pay extra money to add additional sub domains or servers any time in future.

All you need is a complete WHOIS record along with CSR (certificate signing request) to get this certificate. Once your domain is verified, you can show your customers that a reputed certificate authority Comodo has verified your website. Mostly well-known browsers have Comodo root certificates and all root certificates are bound with 2048-bit root encryption.

Comodo Essential Wildcard certificate is a time and cost saving certificate that offers simple certificate management. You have to manage a single certificate for all sub domains instead of handling individual certificate for each sub domain. Certificate management tasks like installation, expiry, renewals, and reissuance will be easy going for admin with Comodo Essential Wildcard certificate.

When you order Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard, you need to issue your certificate on for example, * and it will automatically secure,,

Comodo Essential Wildcard certificate will work for:

Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard Certificate

You will have numerous advantages with Comodo Essential SSL Wildcard like 30 days money back guarantee, unlimited server licenses, robust encryption, and highest browser compatibility, around the clock experts support from Cheap SSL Shop.

Essential SSL Wildcard Features at Glance

Protect Entire Planet

Protect your entire website including all sub domains using a single certificate. One time security cost to get pleasure from a hassle free management.

Powerful Encryption

With up to 256-bit data encryption, Essential SSL Wildcard transmits your personal information into uncompromising code which is safe from cyber criminals.

99% Browser Compatibility

Comodo SSL encryption acknowledged by over 99% of web and mobile browsers that ensures your visitors that the website will work securely on most browsers.

Quick Domain Validation

You do not need to wait for the security of your site. Comodo will validate your ownership of the domain and issue your certificate in just few minutes.

Comodo Trust Site Seal

Free Comodo Site Seal will help to earn an additional level of trust of customers. When they observe site seal on your website, they generally would like to interact with your website.

$10,000 USD Warranty

Comodo will assure that Essential SSL Wildcard certificate is issued on only your domain. If you face mis-issuance problem, you will get $10,000 warranty.

We offer 100% money back guarantee on all SSL certificate products. If you are unsatisfied with our products or services, we are committed to give full refund within 30 days from the order date.