Data backup and disaster recovery (DR) are two very important and functionally different components of any layered IT security strategy. Some MSPs may think that their backup software solution will also protect their clients in the event of a technology disaster, however this may not be the case. For MSPs searching for a backup and disaster recovery software solution, it's important to understand the two terms and how they work together.

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Fast – Experience rapid time to market and fast time to profitability.

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Disaster Recovery. Data Backup

Data backup is the act of storing a copy of files or data to a separate storage location so that in the event those files are lost or damaged, they can be restored.

Disaster recovery is the act of restoring those files and data. Although each is a different business continuity and IT security solution, many companies are combining data backup and disaster recovery into one comprehensive solution for easier and faster restores.

MSPs and IT professionals need backup software that can keep up with the pace of their clients' businesses. With Unbox Data Center Backup & Disaster Recovery you can safeguard data and reduce.

Backup time by up to 80%. In the event of a disaster, you want to have DR coverage at lightning fast speeds. That's where Unbox Data Center Backup & Disaster Recovery comes in. With this hybrid cloud backup software and disaster recovery system, Unbox Data Center can restore their clients' business continuity within minutes.

Unbox Data Center Backup & Disaster Recovery features include:

  • Unceasing reclamation
  • Data is constantly backed up to a virtual standby server, enabling you to restore client systems at a moment's notice.
  • Bare metal disaster recovery
  • Use a bootable USB drive to recover full systems from bare metal quickly and easily.
  • Data archiving
  • Archive data and files (and maintain data storage regulatory compliance) with our hybrid cloud data archiving feature. You can even search and tag archived files for easier access.
  • Hybrid cloud recovery
  • As a client’s data is stored both locally and in the cloud, Unbox Data Center Backup & Disaster Recovery will automatically choose which DR source will provide the faster recovery.
  • Secure Data Storage
  • We use SSAE compliant and ISO certified data centers across the globe for our secure data backups. You can also choose to encrypt your files and data with either AES 128-bit, AES 256-bit or 448-bit Blowfish encryption.
  • Virtual Disaster Recovery
  • Lower computer costs and increase DR efficiency by recovering a physical or virtual server to a virtual machine, including VMware, Hyper-V, Azure and Amazon virtual machines.

Data backup and disaster recovery have been converging.

Today's data backup software now can capture production data changes more frequently, and it is more tightly integrated with backup hardware.

There are also converged hardware products that can backup and replicate application data, eliminating the need for separate software. As a result, the concept of a separate disaster recovery process may be fading away. In this tip, you will learn how backup software products are evolving to include disaster recovery functionality.

Companies, big and small, that heavily rely on IT, know very well that backup is not a luxury but a requirement. Whether it is your internal documents, or customer-facing marketing information, or fast-changing transactional data – it needs to be protected. Losing data is a disaster by itself, and can cause even more disastrous consequences if it is not restored in reasonable time.

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