Outgoing Filter

Outgoing Filter - STOP SPAM from leaving your network

Why Choose Netforchoice Outgoing Filter?

Avoid IP blacklisting
The implementation of Netforchoice Outgoing Filter will help you get rid of network weaknesses and will cut the time spent with delisting to a minimum.

Improve abuse manageability
With our Outgoing Filter service you can get clear and concise reports indicating which users/ accounts require your attention, automatically locking them.

Protect your brand and infrastructure
Netforchoice makes sure you are part of the email security solution rather than part of the problem, ensuring integrity and positive client reputation.

Avoid severe fines
Nation-wide legislative and control organizations are empowered to severely fine organizations for sending out unsolicited email. The Netforchoice Outgoing Filter is a robust solution which will prevent your organization from possible penalties for sending out spam

Dual Deployment

The Outgoing Filter can be deployed in the redundant Netforchoice Hosted Cloud or directly on your hardware (Local Cloud). Furthermore, it can be used as an outbound SMTP server (user authentication) or as a smart host setup (to re-route all outgoing traffic through the system).

Integration and Automation

Netforchoice provides pre-built add-ons to fully integrate the Outgoing Filter with major control panels and other email collaboration tools (cPanel, Odin Service Automation, Plesk, Direct Admin, ISPsystem and Open-Xchange).

Reports and Support

Besides ARF reports and automatic user-locking, Netforchoice maintains close ties with the RBL operators and security firms in the industry. For any help in dealing with these parties, we are a click away.

Supported Mail Servers

Our solutions are fully independent and support any SMTP compatible mail server (Exchange mail filter, Zimbra mail, Postfix mail filter, Exim, qmail, Lotus and others).

Software Updates & Maintenance

Don't waste time administrating your system! Our team fully manages, maintains, monitors and updates the service for you!


Netforchoice user-friendly interface offers different permission levels, branding options, automatic user / account detection, white and blacklisting tools, plus many more!