Enterprise Servers for your business needs

The latest generation of PowerEdge servers boost application performance and deliver industry-leading manageability, versatility and operational efficiency.

Flex architecture lets you configure complete, workload-specific blocks of servers, storage and networking so you can rapidly respond to your organizations needs.

High performance at unbeatable prices.

Main Features:

OS installed automatically

24/7 User Support

500 GB of storage space

KVM/IP graphical control access

Dedicated Enterprise Servers:

Our mission-critical enterprise servers are generally fault tolerant and make use of customized hardware and software with low failure rates to maximize server uptime.

Server CPU Memory Bandwidth HDD Price Setup Order
Alpha Enterprise EP1 Intel Xeon E3-1231v3 3.4/3.8 GHz 32GB 5 TB 2 x2TB SOFT/JBOD $250 - Rs.13500 p/m 24-48 hours Order Today
Beta Enterprise EP2 Intel Xeon E5-1620v2 3.7/3.9 GHz 64 GB of RAM 5 TB 2 x2TB SOFT/JBOD $310 - Rs.21000 p/m 24-48 hours Order Today
Gamma Enterprise EP3 Intel Xeon E5-1630v3 3.7/3.8 GHz 128GB 5 TB 2 x2TB SOFT/JBOD $425 - Rs.26999 p/m 48 hours Order Today
Iota Enterprise EP4 Intel Xeon 2 x E5-2630v3 2.4/3.2 GHz 128GB 5 TB 2 x2TB SOFT/JBOD $499 - Rs.33999 p/m 48 hours Order Today
Ultra Enterprise EP5 Intel Xeon 2 x E5-2650v3 2.3/3.0 GHz 256GB 5 TB 2 x2TB SOFT/JBOD $650 - Rs.42250 p/m 48 hours Order Today

Great features included with all plans

An enterprise server provides consolidated connections, a choice of broadcast, TCP/IP or multicast, as well as user-defined tools for conflation and hibernation, resulting in improved network and desktop performance.

Instant Setup

Free installation with choice of operating system and hardware RAID based on MegaRAID 9271 Cache 1 GB + CacheVault available as an option.

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Let the hosting experts monitor and maintain your infrastructure 24x7x365, so you can focus on growing your business.

Flexible Topology

Facilitates streaming data connections by means of UDP broadcast, TCP/IP and IP multicast technologies. This minimizes bandwidth demands and ensures compatibility with network policies.

Enhanced Security Features

Better security ensures data integrity and confidentiality.

Free Domain Transfers

Includes free domain registration or transfer and account setup.


Creates better control and manageability over devices that gives you increased user productivity and maximum reliability.

Free TCAdmin Control Panel

With it's flexible design and powerful features TCAdmin was designed from the ground up to help today's Game Service Provider save time and money, while allowing end users complete control over their servers.

Multiple servers, single login

Integrated FTP server

Service monitoring

Slot and type monitor