Endpoint Security Software

DLP | Insider Threats | Employee Monitoring | Cyber Intelligence

  • Trace & Block Security Attacks On Business Network
  • Use In All devices – PCs, Mobiles, Laptops, Cloud Emails, Printer
  • Facilitate Confidential Data Protection From Insiders
  • Deep Scanning of Outgoing and Incoming Emails
  • Real-time Incidents Reporting via. Email & SMS Alerts
  • Policies To Control & Managed Data Theft / Leakage

Demo of Endpoint Security Tool

Intelligent NetForChoice Endpoint Security Solution

Protect business from insider threats & cyber-attack risks with endpoint protection management tool

Endpoint protection or endpoint security is a domain that prevents computer networks that are remotely connected to client devices. The association of laptops, tablets, mobile phones, other wireless devices to organization networks opens the path for attackers to damage the security.To safeguard business-critical information from being compromised, there is a need for a robust Endpoint security software named inDefend that ensures devices have defined perimeters of compliance to standards.

The tool is devised to have all the features required for the business endpoint protection. It helps you get rigorous control over the employees & sensitive information to prevent your network from any security attack. inDefend incorporated the following modules for comprehensive endpoint security.

  1. Data Leak Prevention
  2. Insider Threat Management System
  3. Intellectual Property Theft
  4. Employee Monitoring
  5. Workplace Productivity
  6. Employee Behavior Investigations
  7. Tracking Executive Positions
  8. Monitoring Exiting Employees
  9. Data Exfiltration Intelligence
  10. Corporate Cyber Intelligence


Benefits of inDefend Endpoint Security Software

features of endpoint protection tool
  • Trace out and block subtle security attacks on the business network.
  • Incorporated in all devices like desktops, laptops, mobiles, cloud emails, printers.
  • Monitors odd behavior of employees on the workplace
  • Facilitate protection of confidential data from being compromised by insiders
  • Proactive monitoring of all endpoint devices to prevent data leakage
  • Closely monitors agent activities through different channels
  • Track work activities of your employees to improve business productivity
  • Helps to maintain records of employees who are productive during work hours
  • Scanning of outgoing and incoming emails sent via. O365, G Suite, Exchange Server
  • Suspicious emails can be blocked or quarantined to prevent unauthorized access
  • Data encryption technique forced to avoid data breach during data transition
  • Content analysis & monitoring of all print requests submitted to Secure Printer Gateway
  • Centralized Management dashboard for efficient management
  • Real-time incidents reporting via. Email & SMS alerts
  • Incorporate strong policies to control and manage data theft or leakage
  • Improvise policies to mitigate security risks that detected by inDefend

Key Capabilities of NetForChoice Endpoint Security Software

Know Unlimited Advantages Offered by inDefend tool

Data Loss Prevention

Thoroughly investigate business-sensitive information over the network without compromising end-user productivity.

Reporting & Alerts

In-depth reports emphasizing the crucial data leakage scenarios with proof. The software automatically generates alerts if any employee violates rules & suspicious activity takes place related to the data breach.

Tracking Executive Positions

Higher authority can easily find out activities of CXO & CEOs in the corporate group when they are on-site & off-site.

Insiders Threat Management

Enable organizations to track the insider threat by closely monitoring the insiders' work activities & handling sensitive information.

Remote Monitoring

Remote work tracking helps to get a comprehensive insight into employee work who is remotely working & doing work-from-home.

Anomalous Behavior Investigations

Monitoring discloses employee organizational behavior whether they face discrimination/ bullying/ or involvement in illegal activities.

Intellectual Property Theft

Prevent leakage of business-sensitive IP information from insiders to protect the company’s reputation & prestige.

Data Exfiltration Intelligence

Keep away unauthorized persons to get access to sensitive data & eliminate any chance of data exfiltration.

Cyber Intelligence

Constantly update you about business security risks through data leakage, productivity, attrition, and malicious insider behavior.

Employee Monitoring

Check what the employees are doing at the current moment, which websites they are using, which file they are uploading or sending emails.

Monitoring Exiting Employee

Keep an eye on the employee's system who is serving notice period to check its efficiency & any data leakage.

Printer Endpoint Security

Prevent all the data leakage from printer gateways and carefully analyze every single print request via. Secure printer Gateway.

inDefend Endpoint Protection Software FAQ’s

How much time will it take to activate the license of inDefend?

We hardly take hours to activate the license. Else it will be done in minutes once you connect with our technical team with your requirements.

The inDefend endpoint security software integrates with the Secure Email Gateway feature that closely monitors every business-critical information going through the corporate mail to any other person. As well, it enables you to monitor & block outgoing emails sent Via. Exchange Server, Office 365 & G Suite application.

The Secure Printer Gateway or SPG is added to the software to safeguard all potential data leakage from printer gateways. Closely analyze the printing of documents within the company environment to protect the data from unauthorized access, sensitive information theft.

  • Monitor & Content analyses of all print requests
  • Shadow log of documents that are going to print.

inDefend integrates with your workforce mobile devices to prevent intentional or unintentional data leakage.

  • Safeguard IP by differentiating business & personal data on mobile.
  • Open office documents with specialized inDefend application.
  • Control over Wi-fi & camera on some location within a specific time limit.
  • Data encryption for the secure transaction of data over the mobile devices.

Yes, inDefend is engineered with all possible solutions that require close monitoring or tracking administrators after logging onto servers. Besides, server monitoring has benefits that are listed below;

  • Session Monitoring
  • Browser Activity
  • Incident Reporting

The tool is devised to become a complete DLP solution. So, it can be implemented in all kinds of devices – Desktops, PCs, Laptops, Mobiles, Cloud, Emails, Printers.

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Why is NFC Endpoint Security Software Excellent for Your Business?

All-in-one Solution

Complete Endpoint security including attack prevention, investigation, and remediation.

Control on Processes

Make sure employees do what should be required in the workplace to prevent insider threats.

Legal Proceeding

Proficient in identifying crimes & maintaining live screenshots associated with it to use in legal cases.

Improve Work Efficiency

Work & behavior monitoring of employees’ push them to their duties efficiently and on time.

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