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Software for Monitoring Exiting Employee Securely

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Smooth Offboarding

Make the offboarding process of an employee smooth with lighting fast formalities. Let your exiting employees leave your company with a positive note & pleasant vibes.

Monitor Risky Employees

Keep a close look at risky employees that are serving the organization on notice period & may try to steal confidential data or create misunderstanding among other employees.

Increase Retention

The software let you understand the reasons for employees exiting the organization. Moreover, it helps in filling up the gaps required to make employees satisfied.


Benefits of Monitoring Exiting Employee

There are lots of things to consider from an organizational point of view when someone leaves or is fired from the job. Monitoring exiting employee software is a fine utility to keep a close check on suspicious workers.

  • Live Notifications of Suspicious Activities
  • Trace How Exiting Employee Invest their Time
  • Live Screenshot of the System to Monitor Work
  • Find Decrease in Productivity of Exiting Employee
  • Check Whether Employees are Slacking Off or Not
  • It Gives More Control Over Data Leak & Data Theft


Monitoring Exiting Employee Tool Major Highlights

NetForChoice thinks differently from others & that is why it’s able to provide you with plenty of benefits to boost growth.

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Monitoring & Prevent Leaking of Crucial Enterprise Data with NFC's Solution

As an employer, it becomes a duty to check the employee's activity during its notice period closely. The advanced monitoring exiting employee tool is the best way to track all the activities of your exiting employees.

  • Analyze Employees Activities Serving Notice Period
  • Monitor Screen of Employees Suspicious of Illegal Acts
  • Remote Lockdown on Staff’s Laptop Prevent Data Theft
  • See How Exiting Employees are Spending Time in Office
  • Analyze Activities After Resignation to Trace Data Breach
  • Track if Employees are Moving Company Data to Outside


Most Affordable & Secure Monitoring Exiting Employee Tool

A business that deploys this automated solution can measure the total productivity, work effectiveness, ensure security, and count an exiting employee's hours. All of this with pinpoint accuracy.

Flexible Pricing Model

NetForChoice is always there to support clients economically. This is why we have flexible pricing models to provide users with affordable & budget-friendly software without any compromises.

License Based Software

Our software is licensed-based. This means that users do not need to pay us again & again. We enable small to mid-scale businesses to buy such highly advanced tools without compromising their budget.



Best Monitoring Software for Exiting Employee in India

It might be possible that the company has fired an employee, and knowingly they leak the data to a competitor for revenge. That is why monitoring exiting employee helps you to detect potential threats.

  • Monitor Employees Wasting Time at Work
  • More Control Over Security by Deploying Tools
  • Helps Managers to Stop Wasting Time on Supervision
  • Find Out the Fired Employee Leaking Data to Competitors
  • Identify the Reduction in Work Productivity & Work Hours
  • Real-Time Notifications of Employees’ Suspicious Activity


Get 24×7 Support to Secure Data

Use the NetForChoice monitoring exiting employee tool to track employee activities serving its notice period or trace previous actions of an employee whom the company fires to prevent potential data loss.

Prevent Data Loss

Surveys show that maximum data loss is because of exiting employees. The modern tool to prevent data loss can easily monitor all employees leaking confidential data to competitors.

Get Continuous Support

We offer continuous support to all our customers & provide them with solutions to their complex solutions. We offer various methods to get support like ticked based, live chat, etc.



Queries on Exiting Employee Monitoring

Monitoring your employees that are exiting helps organizations to avoid legal liability & protect trade secrets.

This utility is license-based, you don’t need to pay us again & again.

Yes, for maintaining a healthy environment in an organization, monitoring employees in their work timings is totally ethical.

We keep our software up to date & offer frequent updates at intervals to always be ahead. Along with it, we also offer various other solutions such as Endpoint Security SoftwareData Leak Prevention Software, Employee Behavior Investigation Software, & Insider Threat Management Software


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