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Track Employee strategy

Benefits to Track Employee on Notice Period

  • Effortlessly analyze activities of an employee who is serving notice period
  • Track whether exiting employee is moving company data to an unauthorized person
  • Keep an eye on how exiting employees are investing their time on workplace
  • Facilitate remote lockdown on employee’s laptop to prevent data theft
  • Visibility to employee’s previous activities after resignation to trace any data breach
  • Screen monitoring of employee’s who is on notice period to safeguard data leakage
  • Gives you more control on security by deploying tool on multiple kinds of devices
  • Find out the fired employee leaks business-critical information to competitors
  • Proactively monitor how long exiting employee spending time at work
  • Helps managers to stop wasting time on supervision & invest time in other activities
  • Real-time notifications when exiting employee is doing suspicious activity
  • Identify the reduction in work productivity & work hours during employee’s notice period

Monitoring Exiting Employee tools

Protect Your Data With Top Monitoring Exiting Employees

There are lots of things to consider when someone leaves or fired from the job. As an employer, it becomes a duty to closely check the employee activity during its notice period. It might be possible that the company has fired an employee and knowingly he/she leaks the data to a competitor for the revenge.

Use NetForChoice Monitoring Exiting Employees Tool to track employee activities who is serving its notice period or trace previous activities of an employee who is fired by the company to prevent potential data loss. A business who deploys this solution can measure productivity, work effectiveness, ensure security and count the hours they actually worked of an exiting employee.

  1. Live screenshot of system to monitor work
  2. Real-time alert in case of suspicious activity
  3. Check whether employees are slacking off or not
  4. Trace how exiting employee invest their time
  5. Gives more control on data leak & data theft
  6. Find decrease in productivity of exiting employee

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