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Insider Threat Management Software

Get High-Performance Insider Threat Management Software with NetForChoice

Smartly Protect Your Business From Insider Threats & Cyber-Attack Risks from 360°

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insider threat management program

#1 Monitor Activities

Monitor all the activities in your workplace to detect various types of threats that can be dangerous for business. The software identifies threats at their initial stage.

#2 Investigate Threats

After identifying the threats, now it automatically investigates them to find out the source of the problem. Once the source is known, it makes relevant plans to counter.

#3 Counter Actions

At last, it selects the best-suited counter action & implements it in a smart way to effectively solve the problem in the minimum possible time with maximum accuracy.


Advantages of Insider Threat Response Software

Insider threats or user-based threats fall under the category of dangerous risks. Employees, business partners, and third-party contractors are classified as an Insider that has access to company data & infrastructure. An insider threat response tool can detect such threats.

  • Quickly Respond to Incidents
  • Prevent Insider Threat Incidents
  • Warning Alert Prior Crime Happens
  • Detect Anomalous Insider Behavior
  • Continuously Monitoring Activities
insider threat management solution


NFC Offerings in Insider Threat Management Software

Insider threats have the potential to steal, corrupt, lose or destroy corporate assets. This is why NetForChoice offers this utility to protect these crucial assets.

Along with the top security features, we offer extra benefits to our clients to get the best user experience & maximum protection.

Frequent Software Updates
Affordable Pricing Model
Tech Experts Assistance
24×7 Active Support Team

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Industry Verticals That We Serve


Healthcare & Life science




Media & Entertainment






Advertising & Marketing


Astonishing Features to Boost Your Business

NetForChoice Insider Threat Management Software empowers organizations to find out the insider threat by auditing and monitoring insiders' activities. Get the complete security for your assets with our advanced insider threat response software.

  • Get a Detailed View of User Activities.
  • Detect Anti-National, Anti-social Threats.
  • Solid Safeguarding from Terrorism & Criminals.
  • Proficient at Determining Crime to Mitigate Potential Loss.
  • Protect Data of Your Proprietary Product from Competitors.
  • Provide Alert Notification of All Actions Before a Crime Occurs.
insider threat monitoring tools


Important Insider Threat Management Software Benefits

The insider threat response system let you have better control over the activities going on in the workplace with detailed reports. This results in ultimate efficiency & productivity. It motivates employees for optimum utilization of resources.

Better Control

The simplified GUI, easy-to-understand features, & dashboard of the software simply makes the utility advanced. It provides admins with better control over all the activities going on in the workplace.

Enhanced Efficiency

Such a security tool evidently increases the efficiency of employees in the workspace & makes them work with better dedication. Improved efficiency & better productivity results in faster growth.

insider threat protection software
threat management solutions


Best Insider Threat Response System in India

Deliver real-time alert feeds daily, and insights of user activity at a single easy-to-use platform. Depending on the organization's policy, the solution can be deployed as a cloud solution or an in-house server.

  • Frequent application security patches updates.
  • Uncover all illegitimate acts of temporary employees.
  • Reports of user activities performed in an organization.
  • Facilitate protection of patient records from data leakage.
  • Find out all unreliable employees who work for competitors.
  • Extensive details of insiders to analyze anomalous behavior.


Why Insider Threat Management Software is Important?

Apart from protecting your crucial assets, this software is useful for various other reasons too. Getting an insider threat response software can let you handle several scenarios of business operations with ease.

Legal Proceedings

In a court of law, businesses must provide solid evidence to prove their point. This software gives you facts that can work as evidence in legal proceedings.

Inspections & Audits

During yearly audits & inspections, this software shows reports of the employees & helps management to make necessary decisions to boost performance.

threat management program


Insider Threat Response Tool Most Asked Questions

Basically, there are 5 types of insider threats that are recognized. These 5 threats are named Cyber Acts, Violence, Espionage, Sabotage, and Theft.

Yes, this threat management tool is accurate because of its advanced algorithms. Moreover we also provide Endpoint Security SoftwareData Leak Prevention SoftwareIntellectual Property Protection Software.

There are multiple risk factors like sharing of trade secrets, revealing customer information to the dark web, & even selling employees' data to competitors. There is plenty more for sure.

Yes, we offer free trials with our services to all our clients.


Client’s Experience with Insider Threat Response Tool

At NetForChoice, we take our customers’ reviews very seriously. Customer stories can better tell about our service. See below and read what our clients say about us, making us one of India's best safety software provider