Insider Threat Response System

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Insider Threat Response System

Noteworthy Advantages of Threat Management Software

  • Detect various types of threats – Anti-national, Anti-social which leads to serious damage
  • Solid safeguarding from terrorism & anti-national criminals impersonating within a company
  • Proficient to determine cyber-crime criminal to mitigate potential loss globally
  • Able to protect information of your proprietary product from competitors
  • Provide live alert notification of all users actions prior to any crime occurs in a firm
  • Summarized view of user activities performed within an organization
  • Extensive details of insider activities to analyze anomalous behavior
  • Find out all unreliable employees who work for competitor company
  • Facilitate protection of patient health record from data leakage
  • Capable of uncovered all illegitimate activities of contract-based employees

Detect Cyber Threats

Comprehensive Insider Threat Management Software

Insider threats or user-based threats fall under the category of dangerous risks. Employees, business partners, and third-party contractors classified as an Insider that has access to company data & infrastructure. They have the potential to steal, corrupt, lost or destroy corporate assets.

NetForChoice Insider Threat Management Software empowers organizations to find out the insider threat by in-depth auditing and monitoring the activities of insiders. Deliver real-time alert feeds daily, insights of user activity at a single easy-to-use platform. The solution can be deployed as a cloud solution or as an in-house server depending upon the organization’s policy.

  1. Detect Anomalous Insider Behaviour
  2. Quickly Respond to Incidents
  3. Continuously Monitoring Activities
  4. Prevent Insider Threat Incidents
  5. Warning alert prior crime happens
  6. Summarized View of User Activities

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