Professional Email Backup Service

  • Seamless Email Backup Services Offered Ensuring No Data Loss
  • Customized Email Backup Solutions Tailored to Business Requirements
  • Access to Experienced Professionals for Accurate Email Backup
  • State-of-the-art Options to Instantly Save Your Emails in a Few Clicks
  • Cost-effective email Backup Solution for All Types of Business Industries
  • Supports More than 90+ Email Services for Saving Emails to Computer
  • 24X7X365 Round the Clock Assistance to Resolve Technical Issues
  • Automated Email Backup Options Offered to Ease the Backup Process

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Automated Email Backup

We apply an automated approach for taking backups of emails such that a large number of emails can be saved in less time.

Incremental Backup Solution

We offer the incremental backup option to backup newly arrived emails without any duplication of already backed-up emails.

24/7 Service Support

Our technical support team members remain alert 24/7 to address any queries you may face during the backup process.

Email Backup Service

Why Email Backup Service is Need of the Hour?

Day by day businesses are relying on digital communication. Email being the primary source contains information for individuals, businesses, and organizations. And, email backup can ensure:

  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Ensure Business Continuity
  • Increased Space Efficiency
  • Historical Data Access
  • Long Term Archiving


Our Top Advantages of Considering Email Backup Solution

Safeguard Your Inbox Everyday With NFC Email Backup Services.

Whether it’s accidental deletion, hardware failure, or unexpected cyberattack, leave your worries at bay by taking up professional backup options.

Compliance Reporting
Email Security
Offline Access
Disaster Recovery
Cross Platform Compatibility

Email Backup Services

Industry Verticals That We Serve

We provide Email backup Services to Businesses of All Sizes, Regardless of Their Industry type. Contact Our Experts Now to Know More About Our Solutions!


Healthcare & Life science




Media & Entertainment






Advertising & Marketing

Email Backup Options

Why Choose NFC Email Backup Service

Our backup solutions have a proven track record of reliability and security. We’ve earned the trust of countless users over time through our service. We offer several features that enhance user experience to a great extent. Here are some points you can take a look at.

  • Incremental Backup
  • Customize Backup Option
  • Advanced Space Management
  • 24X7 Support
  • Reliable Experienced Professionals
  • Cost-effective Solution

Complete Protection Against Modern-Day Threat

Our email backup options involve a multifaceted strategy that proves to be helpful in securing email data from a range of risks. Moreover, NFC looks after the unique needs of its clients and provides customized solutions as per their requirements.

Safe Recovery

With our email backup solution, you can easily and securely recover lost or deleted emails, contacts, and other data when needed.

Cloud Restores

Our cloud restore option simplifies the recovery process and ensures that users can access their email data from any location with an internet connection.

Continuous Data Protection

We adopt a proactive, real-time strategy for protecting email data. That includes continuous email content monitoring and automatic backups such that any modifications are immediately noted and saved in a safe location.

Email Backup Solutions

Common Inquiries Related to Email Backup Services

Explore the Frequently Asked Questions by our Clients and Gain a Deeper Understanding of Email Backup Solution

A service that lets you make a copy or backup of all the data in your emails, including contacts, calendars, attachments, and other crucial data, is known as an email backup service. You can utilize this backup for disaster recovery, data protection, or if you're moving your email to a new platform.

Secure protocols and encryption are used by trustworthy email backup providers to safeguard your information both in transit and in storage and NFC is one among them.

In order to access and store your emails, contacts, and other data in a secure location, email backup services link to your email accounts (such as Gmail, Outlook, or others) using APIs or IMAP/SMTP protocols. Scheduled and automated backups are provided by certain providers.

Email backup services frequently work with widely used email clients, like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and others. Make sure your platform is compatible before selecting a service, as supported systems can differ among providers.

Yes, the majority of email backup providers offer a web interface or client for accessing your backed-up data. As needed, you can use this to search through, view, and recover your emails.

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