#1 Rated Cloud Migration Services in India

  • Seamless Cloud Migration Services Without Any Downtime
  • Customized Cloud Migration Solutions Tailored to Business Needs
  • Certified Cloud Experts Ensure Precise And Accurate Migration
  • High Level Of Security Protocols & Technologies for Data Protection
  • Cost-Effective Cloud Migration Services for Businesses of All Types
  • Comprehensive Services from Assessment to Post-Migration Support
  • Get 24x7x365 Support for Prompt Assistance & Issue Resolution

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Extensive Expertise

Extensive Expertise

We have hands-on expertise with hundreds of cloud-native migration tools and a proven record of 100% client satisfaction.

Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance

We pose strict compliance with regulatory and in-country data residency standards throughout the entire migration process with ease.

24/7 Service Support

24/7 Service Support

We have 24/7 tech support backed by 150+ cloud-certified professionals, with more than 5 dedicated centers of excellence service offerings.

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What Are the Main Stages of Cloud Migration?

There are primarily three stages that everyone follows such as planning, mid-shift, and go-live. However, when it comes to NetForChoice we follow the complete approach, we have divided it into six stages which are as follows:

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Pre-Migration Planning
  • Present Architecture Evaluation
  • Pilot Project
  • Finalize Migration
  • Post Migration Setup


Our Top 5 Cloud Migration Strategies That We Follow

With NFC cloud migration services in India, we assure you of safe cloud migration.

No matter whether you migrate your data entirely or partially to the cloud, our top five cloud migration strategies help you build and execute a smooth and error-free migration.

Rehosting Approach
Rehosting Approach
Refactoring Approach
Refactoring Approach
Revising Approach
Revising Approach
Rebuilding Approach
Rebuilding Approach

Cloud Migration Services

Industry Verticals That We Serve

We Offer Cloud Migration Service Provider to Businesses of All Sizes, Regardless of Their Industry type. Consult Our Hosting Experts Now!


Healthcare & Life science




Media & Entertainment






Advertising & Marketing

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Cloud Migration Benefits for Business Organization

There are several benefits of cloud migration such as - it can help you improve your business productivity, collaboration and enhance scalability while ensuring business security at the same time. Moreover, it helps you transform your company digitally and make it more elegant.

  • Enhance & Secure Key Metrics Logging
  • Accelerated Cloud Deployment
  • Investment Wining Cloud Services
  • Efficient Monitoring & Work Collaboration
  • Zero Downtime due to Reliable Data Center
  • Simplified Infrastructuring for Enhanced Security

Why Choose NFC's Cloud Migration Services in India?

We offer you the most unified cloud migration services that meet complex migration needs and help you digitally transform your organization. Moreover, at NFC you get tailored-made migration services from our certified engineers who have vast industry experience for more than a decade now.

Security & Compliance

Security & Compliance

We follow international standards and utilize in-house migration tools which are secure and compliant. We ensure & implement a comprehensive post-cloud migration setup for data security & business continuity that deliver a successful migration to the end users.


Cost-Effective Services

We deliver cost-effective & efficient cloud migration services in India with capacitive planning, and risk mitigation to enhance data security during migration, which provides uninterrupted access to your data in a safe & encrypted way.

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Common Inquiries Regarding Cloud Migration Services

Discover the Insights of Our Managed Cloud Migration Services - Explore the Frequently Asked Questions by our Clients to Gain a Deeper Understanding of Our Offerings.

Cloud migration can be defined as - It is a procedure of migrating data from on-premise servers, local computers, or in-house storage facilities to cloud data centers allocated around the globe. At post-migration users can access their cloud-hosted data from any internet-connected device without the dependency on a local computer network inside the office. In addition to this, it enhances the entire data security, accessibility, and team collaboration.

The intent of cloud migration should not be based on only cost. As it depends on various elements and scenarios such as:

If you are switching to Microsoft SaaS services (software-as-service) i.e Office 365 which is a subscription-based model, it can definitely reduce some of your on-premise costs. In this scenario, you can certainly save money.

However, in different scenarios this case could be adverse, hence, the main key here should be the focus on business-related needs and you should develop a persuasive business case for your preferred system design, instead of focusing on cost-based factors.

The answer is definitely Yes, you should consider a reliable cloud backup, data loss prevention, and disaster recovery services as cloud platforms has also various potential threats such as cyber-attacks, natural catastrophes, etc, which makes it crucial to have a backup of your critical data.

Moreover, it is not totally dependent upon the reliability of a cloud platform, reasons for data loss can be various including accidentally deleting or entering incorrect data.

There are various factors that make us the industry leader when it comes to cloud migration services in India.

Some of them are as follows:

  • We have successfully executed thousands of cloud migration projects for businesses of all types and sizes within the given timeline.
  • Our immense experience with cloud migrations saves you money and reduces business disruption, and makes the entire process seamless.
  • We serve various industry vertices with more than 150+ dedicated teams of engineers.
  • We utilize a 100% in-house developed cloud migration software solution.
  • Being the Largest Tier IV Data Center in Asia we offer complete migration and recovery support to our clients.

Clients' Testimonials for NFC’s Cloud Migration Services

Some of the valuable words, customer insights, and perspectives about our Cloud Migration services in India.