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SaaS Hosting software on cloud

Empower Your Business with SaaS Cloud Solution

Software-as-a-Service (or SaaS) is one of the leading types of three major categories of cloud hosting, along with Platform-as-a-Service & Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

Time to say goodbye all technical complexities and say hello to SaaS application hosting by NetForChoice. We take care of everything, including Data servers, Databases, and Software updating. Besides this, we facilitate the best SaaS web hosting service with impeccable bandwidth, scalable plans, great pricing, always-on security solutions – including DNS Security, DDOS Protection, Network security, and 99.995% Uptime that makes us best in our field. Take the following benefits of our SaaS hosting;

  • Host any application on Cloud
  • Facilitate SaaS Cloud Security
  • Guaranteed 99.995 % Uptime
  • Lower Cost with Data Protection
  • Quick Infrastructure Scalability
  • 24/7 Expert Support
  • Higher Conversion Rate
  • Security & Compliance
  • Pay as You Grow Pricing

features of saas cloud computing

Salient Features of Software-as-a-Service Hosting Platform

  • No need to maintain any application update as it takes care by provider
  • Host any application on the SaaS platform & access it from any location
  • It is easy to scale up the existing resources to meet customer needs
  • Accessible from any remote location via the assistance of Internet service
  • Maintenance of resources takes care by NetForChoice that reduces company cost
  • SaaS web hosting plans are based on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ flexible model
  • Peace of mind from our 99.995% uptime network & load balancing options
  • Set up servers in the minimum span of time with designated application

Benefits of NetForChoice SaaS Application Hosting

Leverage your business with managed & scalable SaaS on Cloud solutions to maintain work over the cloud

Your SaaS hosting for the designated application will be ready in the minimum span of time. We will not require long hours and days for the app deployment on the server.

You can change your SaaS subscriptions according to your business requirement, either scale up or scale down your resources.

We are not binding our customers into a fixed amount contract as our billing system is completely based on the pay-as-you-go model. So, you need to pay for what you have used only on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

All the infrastructure is managed by NetForChoice that eliminate the expenditure of Hardware, Software, Server maintenance. Whereas On-premise solutions require huge capital investment for Onsite server installation, Storage, Hardware, and Software.

All our servers are well secured by enterprise-class firewalls to safeguard the application. We proactively monitor our network security to identify any malicious activities.

We maintain business continuity in every catastrophic situation. You and your employees can still access their SaaS application and associated data without any interruption.

No matter what type of server related issue happens, our NetForChoice cloud engineers’ team will fix it and you will be getting a consistent speed rate.

You don’t need to take the stress of applications installation, setup, or support. We take full responsibility for those tasks as we provide managed server hosting.

We create a transparent & efficient system to handle every single issue of the users as our team of experts takes care of all the queries. So if you have any SaaS cloud hosting issue connect with us anytime.

NetForChoice answers every question related to SaaS in cloud computing. If you need assistance regarding any cloud platform, then take our experts’ help to resolve it.

Our technical support team is active 24X7X365. Just type your query and our team will deal with it. You can easily contact our team via live chat, email, or by ticket.

Using SaaS platform, it is easy to distribute work and tasks within the teams, regardless of their location, and grant them access to the server or application.

SaaS Hosting Software on Cloud

SaaS Hosting Platform – FAQ’s

Can I host my traditional ERP Software on the NetForChoice SaaS platform?

Solution: Yes, you can easily deploy any application that you want to access from a remote location on our SaaS cloud.

Solution: Yes, it is the biggest advantage of the Software as a service platform that you can access the hosted application from around the globe at any time without any speed issue. Also, NetForChoice overcomes the inherent challenges related to Internet performance, reliability, and security.

Solution: You can easily scale your configuration according to your work. There is no problem with resource scalability. As well as, we keep our platform updated with regular security patches to ensure resilient security of your managed cloud.

Solution: Yes, you can install more than one SaaS application on your NetForChoice server. For more information, connect with our Team.

Solution: The combination of our optimized managed server and caches helps to make Software as a Service application works faster.

Solution: Don’t worry, we have experience and expertise to handle the load. Also, our cloud hosting experts recommend specific server specifications that capable of handling the stress of your application load.

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Why Choose NetForChoice SaaS Hosting Service?

Ensure Compliance

Presence of HIPAA, ISO to meet our client’s needs

Deliver Security

Get benefit of antivirus, firewall, intrusion prevention system and more


Integrated DR and BaaS & 100% SLAs to keep you up always


Affordable and flexible SaaS hosting pricing structure in the market

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