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  • Complete Spam, Virus & Malware protection
  • Effectively Quarantine Suspicious Email(s)
  • Blacklist, Whitelist & Auto-Forward rule creation
  • Web-based centralized management console

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Anti-Spam Protection Software For Business Email Security

Strengthen your email security with India's best Anti-Spam technique

Spam messages continue to be a daily annoyance, filling inboxes size, and impacting the servers. It’s the cause of many of the dangerous email security threats. From spear-phishing and ransomware email scams to CEO fraudulent transactions and business intellectual property compromise, the majority of security breaches start with a spam message. That is why organizations now considering spam email protection software as one of its crucial email security tools.

NetForChoice, one of the industry’s leading data security tool provider, offers Spam Mail Hunter, an anti-spam software to successfully combat scam emails and threats. It is an accurate, powerful, and cost-effective spam email protection solution that actively scans inbound & outbound e-mail before it harms your firm. Provides a spam detection accuracy rate up to 99.98 % and can be integrated with any email solution like Zimbra, Microsoft Exchange,Outlook, Gmail, Office 365 and more. This is the reason we are the best anti-spam service providers in India.

find suspicious mails

Detect Email Threats

Prevent user’s mailbox from malware, phishing, and spam emails

protect data breach

Prevent Data Leaks

Stop emails from leaving your firm that comprises sensitive information

updated anti-spam

Always Updated

Protects your inbox against the latest threats with 24*7 support

Say Bye to Spams & Viruses

Noteworthy Features of NetForChoice Spam Hunter Software

Anti-spam filter program enables you to secure the email flow agains email threats


Secure Your Network

NetForChoice anti-spam software engineered with smart technologies to eliminate any type of suspicious mail before it reaches your network. This service protects networks from spam, virus, phishing, ransomware, and malware attacks.


Up-to-Date Platform

The spam protection application built on a sophisticated algorithm that will search through your emails to weed out malicious messages, leaving you with a safe inbox comprises only the emails you want to see.


Multiple Servers Support

The Spam Hunter solution is a completely independent email protection system. You can apply anti-spam filter on all SMTP compatible mail server – Exchange, Zimbra mail, Postfix mail, Exim, Lotus Notes, Outlook, Gmail and others.


Catch Latest Threats

The advanced scanning algorithm, spam, and malware definitions available from NetForChoice email spam filter service are implemented on the scanning cluster. By this, your precious mailbox is always protected against the latest malicious threats.


Dual Deployment Options

Our anti-spam filter provides two options for deployment. Either one can choose between our redundant Hosted Cloud or implement the Filter directly on your Local Cloud hardware.



The spam email protection software lets you blacklist certain IP or domain who continuously send spam emails to your network. It will secure your mailbox from multiple potential threats.


Personal Whitelist

The Spam Hunter solutions enable you to create a list of legitimate people whose emails you wish to accept. These messages will never be mistaken for spam as against the blacklist of spammers.


Integration & Automation

Netforchoice provides pre-built add-ons to fully integrate the Incoming Filter with major control panels, and other email collaboration tools (cPanel, Odin Service Automation, Plesk, Direct Admin, ISPsystem and Open-Xchange).


Real-Time Insights

Get insights into real-time reports about which accounts need your immediate attention. NFC Anti-Spam email protection maintains a record of each user that continues to send suspicious emails. As well as, it can automatically lock accounts that repeatedly attempt to do so.


Improve Productivity

Imagine every 15 spam emails delivered per hour, at a rate of 5 seconds for its authentication, nearly 4 hours per month or 4 fully paid days per year are spent on inbox housekeeping. However, Anti-Spam software helps you to stops spam so you can spend more time on the more important tasks.


Eliminate Risk Fraud

Email from banks, online retailers, product discounts, and social networking sites have to be carefully scrutinized to make sure that they are genuine and not being used to mislead recipients to disclose sensitive information to conduct fraudulent transactions on behalf of the organizations.


Quarantining Spam

Another great feature of Anti-spam program is Quarantine spam emails. This feature lets you quarantine the spam or any other suspicious emails for a fixed number of 30 days and then dumped. Meanwhile, admin can recover any legitimate email that may have been quarantined.

Why NetForChoice Is India's Best Anti-Spam Service Provider?

Boost your security with spam email protection software and reduce vulnerability to cyber threats

Features Spam Hunter Application
Spam Filtering
Inbound & Outbound Mail Scanning
Robust Filtering Engine
0.0001% False Positive Rate
Blacklisting IP
All Email Servers Compatibility
Web-based Admin Console
Phishing Link detection
Traffic and Activity Reporting
Spam Quarantining
Ransomware Mail Protection
24/7 Tech Support

Commonly Asked Questions for Spam Email Protection

How do I get NetForChoice Anti-Spam Filter?

Follow 3 simple steps to deploy email filtering solution.

  • Step 1: Connect with team for anti-spam service.
  • Step 2: Get demo of Spam Hunter software.
  • Step 3: Once you are satisfied, tell your requirement.
  • Step 4: Deploy email filtering & protect the network.

Spam protection comes with an email service that provides only a basic level of spam filtering. Due to which, organizations still receive spam messages and email threats in their mailboxes. Even if you provide the proper training to employees, there will always be some employees that open a malicious email attachment or click on hyperlinks. That is the reason NetForChoice Anti-Spam is important to secure the organization's sensitive data.

Yes, it can easily be integrated with any email application. Our technical team will guide you through the process.

No, it is a real-time service which means that messages are processed automatically as soon as they come in.

Some of the advantages and features of the anti-spam software are:

  • Inbound & Outbound Scanning
  • Quarantining Spam Emails
  • Automatic Filter Updates
  • Monitoring Multiple Accounts
  • Your Personal Whitelist
  • Reporting Spam

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Why Choose NetForChoice Spam Hunter for Email Filtering?

Easy Administration

Web-based interface helps in management with minimum effort

Strong Filtering

Advance filter content to ensure 0.0001% false positives


Anti-Spam filter works with all email accounts and email programs

Quarantining Spam

Automatically quarantine the spam emails to make inbox risk free

Why Clients Appreciate Our Anti-Spam Security Filter