Most Powerful Anti-Spam Email Protection Software

  • Advanced Filtering with 99.995% Accuracy to Detect and Block Spam Emails
  • Real-Time Email Traffic Analysis with the Lowest False Positives
  • Customizable Settings and Rules to Tailor Protection to Specific Needs
  • Get Blacklisting and Whitelisting Capabilities to Control Email Sources
  • Seamless Integration with Popular Clients - Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite
  • Regular Updates and Improvements to Stay Ahead of Evolving Spam Tactics

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Detect Email Threats

Prevent users’ mailboxes from malware, phishing, and spam emails with the latest technology. Anti spam filter identifies all kinds of threats in advance & alerts users.

Always Updated

Protects your inbox against the latest threats with 24×7 support. Get the latest updates before anyone else & secure your data every time with updated software versions.

Prevent Data Leaks

Stop emails from leaving your firm that comprises sensitive information. spam hunter minimizes the risks of data breaches & protects your sensitive information from 360°.

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Anti-Spam Protection Software Advantages

Spam hunter protects you from Spear Phishing and ransomware email scams to CEO fraudulent transactions and business intellectual property compromise, the majority of security breaches start with a spam message.

  • Latest Updates Delivered on Priority
  • Complete Spam, Virus & Malware Protection
  • Web-Based Centralized Management Console
  • Blacklist, Whitelist & Auto-Forward Rule Creation
  • Spam Hunter Software Quarantine Suspicious Email(s)


Best Anti-Spam Protection Software For Business Email Security

The spam email protection software lets you blacklist certain IP or domain who continuously send spam emails to your network.

The Spam Hunter solution is a completely independent email protection system with the dedicated support of NetForChoice.

24×7 Active Tech Support
Advanced Anti Spam Filter
Web-Based Admin Console
Traffic and Activity Reporting

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Industry Verticals That We Serve

We Offer Anti-Spam Email Protection Software to Businesses of All Sizes, Regardless of Their Industry type. Consult Our Hosting Experts Now!


Healthcare & Life science




Media & Entertainment






Advertising & Marketing

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Why NFC’s Spam Hunter Software is Special?

Spam messages continue to be a daily annoyance, filling inboxes storage, and impacting the servers. It’s the cause of many dangerous email security threats. Anti spam filter from NetForChoice can help you counter all the challenges with ease. Our anti-spam filtering software deeply filters all the threats that can cause severe damage to your data files.

  • Real-Time Insights
  • Up-to-Date Platform
  • Eliminate Risk Fraud
  • 360° Network Security
  • Integration & Automation
  • Multiple Servers Support

NFC's Anti Spam Services Specialities

NetForChoice, one of the industry’s leading data security tool providers, offers Spam Mail Hunter, an anti-spam software to successfully combat scam emails and threats. It is an accurate, powerful, and cost-effective spam email protection solution that actively scans inbound & outbound e-mail before it harms your firm.

Easy Administration

The web-based interface helps in management with minimum effort & maximum output at the same time. This brings out the improved efficiency that directly affects the core business operations growth.

Strong Filtering

Advance filter content to ensure 0.0001% false positives. With such a rigorous filtering system, threats can be kept far away from your actual sensitive data files. Spam hunter software involves multiple stages of filtration.

Spam Mail Hunter
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Strengthen Business Security With Feature Loaded Anti-Spam Filtering Software

Anti spam filter provides a spam detection accuracy rate of up to 99.98 % and can be integrated with any email solution like Zimbra, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Gmail, Office 365, and more. This is the reason we are the best Spam hunter software providers in India.

  • IP Blacklisting Facility
  • Robust Filtering Engine
  • Catch All Latest Threats
  • Dual Deployment Options
  • Ransomware Mail Protection
  • Improve Overall Productivity

Cost-Effective & Flexible Anti Spam Service Provider in India

Netforchoice provides pre-built add-ons to fully integrate the Incoming Filter with major control panels, and other email collaboration tools (cPanel, Odin Service Automation, Plesk, Direct Admin, ISPsystem and Open-Xchange).

Universal Application

Spam hunter software works with all email accounts and email programs to provide the user with total liberty. It does not limit any users for limited tasks.

Quarantine Spam

Automatically quarantine the Spam Emails to make the inbox risk-free. This feature lets you quarantine the spam or any other suspicious emails for a fixed number of 30 days and then dumped.

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Most Asked Questions for Spam Hunter Tool in India

Discover the Insights of our Anti-Spam Email Protection Software - Explore the Frequently Asked Questions by our Clients to Gain a Deeper Understanding of Our Offerings.

Follow 4 simple steps to deploy email filtering solution:

  • Step-1. Connect with our team for anti-spam service.
  • Step-2. Get a demo of Spam Hunter software.
  • Step-3. Once you are satisfied, tell us your requirement.
  • Step-4. Deploy email filtering & protect the network.

Spam protection comes with an email service that provides only a basic level of spam filtering. Due to this, organizations still receive spam messages and email threats in their mailboxes. Even if you provide the proper training to employees, there will always be some employees that open a malicious email attachments or click on hyperlinks. That is the reason NetForChoice Anti-Spam is important to secure the organization's sensitive data.

Yes, it can easily be integrated with any email application. Our technical team will guide you through the process.

No, it is a real-time service which means that messages are processed automatically as soon as they come in.

Some of the advantages and features of the anti-spam software are:

  • Inbound & Outbound Scanning
  • Quarantining Spam Emails
  • Automatic Filter Updates
  • Monitoring Multiple Accounts
  • Your Personal Whitelist
  • Reporting Spam

Clients Success Story with Spam Hunter Software

At NetForChoice, we take our customers’ reviews very seriously. Customer stories can better tell about our service. See below and read what our clients say about us, making us one of India's best spam hunter software provider.