#1 Cyber Security Services

  • Assess, Reduce, and Manage Security Risks
  • Govern and Protect Business, Users, Data, & Assets
  • Identify and Respond to Threats Quickly
  • Manage Threats with Security Expert Labs
  • Increase Cyber Resiliency with Zero Trust Security

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Cyber Security Services

Application Security

Assists you in conducting in-depth searches for business security holes and implementation flaws in applications of all sizes, from major cloud-based systems to embedded and mobile applications.

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Network Security

Helps you identify and fix network issues while securing the whole life cycle of the IT network architecture through effective network security measures, protecting your data from malware and other online threats.

Cyber security solution

Cloud & Server Security

Assists you in defending against cyberattacks on your organization's vital digital assets and resources hosted on cloud servers by establishing various security measures and ensuring only authorized access to them.

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Enterprise Cyber Security Solutions with NFC

Enhance Security Posture Across Your IT Environment with NFC’s Cyber Security Services.

  • Improvise network security to prevent unauthorized traffic
  • Discover and remediate security loopholes before a breach occurs
  • Make your cloud infrastructure breach-proof through constant monitoring
  • Increase end-point level visibility of your entire framework & secure your IT assets

Services We Provide

Distinct Solutions to Improve Core Security of Your Organization

NFC cyber security services offer comprehensive threat protection solution that identifies potential risks, mitigates any immediate impact, and prevents proximate attacks from happening.

Our intelligence-led and enterprise-level solutions maximize visibility across all IT assets and minimize disruption to let you focus on other priorities.

Cyber Security Services
Network Security
Cyber Security
Cloud Security
Cyber Security Solutions
Application Security
Cloud & server security
Server Security

Cyber Security Experts

Industry Verticals That We Serve

We Offer Cyber Security Services to Businesses of All Sizes, Regardless of Their Industry type. Contact Our Cyber Security Experts Now!


Healthcare & Life science




Media & Entertainment






Advertising & Marketing

Cyber Security services
IT Security Services

Shield Against Ever-growing Cyber Attacks

Protect your organization from sophisticated advanced persistent threats such as cyber espionage, DNS tunneling attacks, zero-day attacks, etc with our top-notch service. And, enable your organization to block, filter, or otherwise mitigate threats with different solutions. Such as:

  • Threat Detection and Response
  • IoT Security Services
  • Threat Modelling and Risk Analysis
  • Security Awareness Programs
  • Attack Surface Monitoring

Strengthen Security Posture by Identifying, Prioritizing, Tracking, & Eliminating Security Gaps

Nowadays cybercriminals are becoming more advanced and carry out stealth mode operations which makes it nearly impossible to detect their movements. However, uncovering the malicious activity of hackers can be easier with our cutting-edge solutions such as:

Cyber Security Services

Vulnerability Assessment

A vulnerability assessment is specifically created to recognize, categorize, and address security concerns. This solution also includes the continuous assistance and recommendations necessary to get rid of any concerns that have been identified.

Cyber Security Solution

Penetration Testing

Pen testing is a security evaluation in which our security professionals employ a combination of manually guided and automatically guided approaches to identify the vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure and applications.

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Cyber Security Experts

Cyber Security Services That Meet Industry Standards

Ensure Corporate Network Meets Business Needs by identifying & blocking cyber threats to the network. To protect them against natural disruptions, we offer two core services and they are:

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SOC Services

Our team of security experts makes sure that your IT assets are protected through consistent behavioral monitoring and root cause investigation. Apart from that, they also maintain activity logs and act in line with organizational policies, compliances, and regulatory requirements.

Cyber security

NOC Services

Our cyber professionals assist your organizations to detect, diagnose, and optimize network performance issues. And, at the same time help in maintaining network uptime round the clock.

NFC's Cyber Security Services FAQs

Learn more about our cyber security services. Refer to some of our user's most frequently asked questions about our services.

Primarily, we provide threat and vulnerability management, incident response, network security, application security, cloud security, SOC & NOC services, cybersecurity lab, and more.

These days cybercriminals don’t spare any organization based on business size. In fact, they prefer to target small to medium-sized businesses since they are poorly equipped to combat a cyberattack.

It’s very difficult to point out which organization will the hackers target. However, by looking at the attack trends, banking, healthcare, education, government, etc have been badly affected.

Social Engineering technique to con users is one of the biggest cybersecurity challenges since the attacker mentally manipulates the user to extract sensitive data.

Without any hesitation reach out to the cyber crime cell and report the attack. The cyber police will act on the case. Meanwhile, you can block your credit cards and change the password for financial transactions.

We offer industry-standard cybersecurity services at a competitive price range. Price may vary for different services.

Client Success With NFC's Cyber Security Services

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