Simplify Compliance with Cloud DLP Policy By NFC

  • Real-Time Monitoring Movement of Sensitive Data
  • Customizable Policies For Audit And Compliance
  • Comprehensive Data Discovery and Classification
  • Seamless Integration with Popular Email Solutions
  • Automated Incident Response and Remediation

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Our Data Lose Policy maximize your data protection while maintaining compliance with industry mandates. We have Pre-defined rule to address global regulations – PCI / HIPAA /PII.

Content Protection

Content Protection

Always make sure sensitive data does not leave your corporate network from any channel. Including this Uncover risks & respond quickly and thoroughly to cloud and web policy violations.

Data Prevention

Data Prevention

Improve data and endpoint security with granular device control features also features to block all peripheral devices that fall outside of your allowed devices lists.

Cloud DLP

Top Highlights of NFC's Data Loss Prevention Solution

NetForChoice Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is the best solution to fill the gaps in your data protection strategy.

  • Data movement monitoring during transition or at rest state
  • Deep content inspection & contextual scanning of data
  • Protect data downloads with Information Rights Management
  • Saving any documents or another files from the drive
  • Use of clipboard functions data from Google Drive


Why Do You Need Cloud DLP Solution For Your Business?

Data loss can happen both accidentally & maliciously from both internal and external users. Cloud data loss prevention is a strategy for protecting your data stored in the cloud.

The DLP in cloud computing offered by NetForChoice provides benefits that secure you cloud data form any malicious action that affect your data.

Intellectual Property
Protect critical Intellectual Property
DLP Policies
Simple & predefined DLP Policies
Control all Data
Control all Data Movement from anywhere
Prevent Data Breaches
Prevent Data Breaches with DLP Rules

Cloud DLP Security

Industry Verticals That We Serve

We Offer Cloud DLP Solution to Businesses of All Sizes, Regardless of Their Industry type. Consult Our Hosting Experts Now!


Healthcare & Life science




Media & Entertainment






Advertising & Marketing

Cloud DLP Security

Noteworthy Features of NetForChoice Cloud DLP Solution in India

Cloud DLP technique gives you the device control feature to enforce and manage your endpoint security policies. USB Blocking blocks all peripheral devices that fall outside of the organization’s allowed devices list and prevent data from being copied into unauthorized removable devices.

  • Protect from malware & safeguard from potential data breaches
  • No Scanning software to identify unauthorized malicious USB
  • Options restrict the use of the employees’ personal USB devices
  • Option to stop employees from copying intellectual property

Why Choose Data Loss Prevention Solution?

Cloud Data Loss Prevention policies will scan your team’s Google Drive for work account to uncover risk, and audit compliance with security policies. Ensure no data is being used for unauthorized purposes.

Cloud Data

Save Cloud Data

All the data gets automatically encrypted when downloaded from a drive like Google Drive. Users will be able to view these files via our Viewer App only.

Data Safeguard

Data Safeguard

To safeguard the data, the encryption enforces for the email attachments on download. Attachment Containerization is an intelligent way to ensure corporate sensitive information.

data safeguard

How Our Cloud DLP Solution is Beneficial for Enterprises?

NetForChice offer amazing data security who want to protect sensitive & crucial data against security threats caused by BYOD and IoT

  • Printing corporate files, documents, etc. from G Drive
  • Taking screenshots of the business data stored on the drive
  • Use of personal Gmail in the business network
  • Save a copy of business email attachment to personal drive
  • Containerize Drive facility by cloud data loss prevention

We Are Industry-Leading Data Loss Prevention Service Provider

The Cloud DLP security engineered was built with compliance in mind, offering you an essential tool for complying with all major regulations PII, PHI, PCI, HIPAA, etc.

Download Restriction

Download Restriction

You can apply policy on downloading of the document. So whenever someone tries to save a document stored on G Drive, it can easily be tracked or controlled.

Screenshots Restriction

Screenshots Restriction

Under cloud DLP, you can enforce a policy that restricts the users from taking a screenshot of work going on the system.

Cloud DLP Security

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We all know that data is new era gold and protection of data is very important for any businesses. Along with it, you should also check various other solutions such as Endpoint Security SoftwareData Leak Prevention Software, Employee Behavior Investigation Software, & Insider Threat Management Software

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