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  • Protect critical & sensitive Intellectual Property
  • Simplify Compliance with predefined DLP Policies
  • Control all your Data Movement from a Single Board
  • Prevent Data Breaches with DLP Rules & Block action

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Industry-Leading Data Loss Prevention To Fit Into Cloud Security Equation

A right cloud DLP solution to protect your assets wherever they are

NetForChoice Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is the best solution to fill the gaps in your data protection strategy. It is a unique security tool that extent cloud DLP for both SaaS governance and email security across the widest range of cloud applications. It enables the organization to perform both content inspection and contextual analysis of data sent via an application, in motion over the network, in user on a managed endpoint device, and at rest in on-premises file servers or cloud applications and cloud storage.

Apply out-of-the-box policies to identify and classify data across all sanctioned cloud applications on Office 365, G Suite, Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and more. The DLP in cloud computing enables the IT admin of the company to enforce policies using the unified CASB dashboard. This will curb unnecessary data movements like sharing, downloading, copying, printing, thus eliminating data loss and data theft. The agentless CASB provides great visibility and control over the managed and unmanaged devices. The Cloud DLP security engineered was built with compliance in mind, offering you an essential tool for complying with all major regulations PII, PHI, PCI, HIPAA, etc.

DLP Compliance


Pre-defined rule to address global regulations – PCI / HIPAA /PII

DLP Prevention

Data Prevention

Improve data and endpoint security with granular device control features

Endpoint security

Endpoint Security

Block all peripheral devices that fall outside of your allowed devices lists

Why Do You Need Cloud DLP Solution For Your Business?

Data loss can happen both accidentally & maliciously from both internal and external users. Cloud data loss prevention is a strategy for protecting your data stored in the cloud. The DLP in cloud computing offered by NetForChoice provides benefits in the following area;

  • Prevents end-users from leaking data with real-time USB blocking & alerts
  • Data movement monitoring during transition or at rest state
  • Deep content inspection & contextual scanning of data
  • Protect data downloads with Information Rights Management
  • A centralized management framework to detect and prevent the unauthorized use and transmission of organization's confidential information
  • DLP in cloud computing safeguards against mistakes that lead to data leaks and intentional misuse by insiders, as well as external attacks on the information infrastructure.
  • Cloud data leakage prevention policy are concerned about the liability, negative exposure of data, fines and lost revenue associated with data breaches.
  • Cloud DLP solution is beneficial for the companies who want to protect sensitive & crucial data against security threats caused by BYOD and IoT

Noteworthy Features of NetForChoice Cloud DLP Solution

USB Blocking

Cloud DLP technique gives you the device control feature to enforce and manage your endpoint security policies. USB Blocking blocks all peripheral devices that fall outside of the organization’s allowed devices list and prevent data from being copied into unauthorized removable devices.

  • Proactively prevent the entry of malware & safeguard from potential data breaches
  • No need to rely on scanning software to identify unauthorized malicious USB
  • Restrict the use of the employees’ personal USB devices in the company
  • Stop employees from copying intellectual property on their personal USB drives for personal or professional gain

Track / Block User Activities

With the copious amount of sensitive, confidential information resides within private networks, it's imperative to form a methodical approach to granting file access permissions. With Cloud DLP solution for cloud apps by NetForChoice, a business can enforce strict governance on the following actions to instigate data breach incidents.

  • Saving any documents or another files from the drive
  • Save a copy of business email attachment to personal drive/storage media
  • Sharing files or other business data from Google Drive to outsider
  • Use of personal Gmail in the business network
  • Use of clipboard functions data from Google Drive
  • Printing corporate files, documents, etc. from G Drive
  • Taking screenshots of the business data stored on the drive

Online Drive Security

Cloud Data Loss Prevention policies will scan your team’s Google Drive for work account to uncover risk, and audit compliance with security policies. Ensure no data is being used for unauthorized purposes.

  • Containerize Drive facility by cloud data loss prevention
  • Track / Block document sharing across OUs and individuals
  • Track / Block downloading data files from G Drive
  • Track / Block printing and screenshots of Google Drive data
  • Data loss protection measures include clipboard monitoring and blocking of Google Drive Data

Block Personal Gmail

Our DLP policy for cloud security restricts users from using their personal Gmail account while sitting in the corporate network. It means if an internal user tries to access or send out any confidential email of a company that should be kept secret, DLP systems can block them from doing so. It ensures that no business data sharing takes place between a user’s personal and business Gmail accounts.

  • Block access to personal Gmail account on the corporate network
  • No sharing of sensitive & crucial data outside the business network
  • Enforce Gmail blocking policy when an email forward takes to a personal account
  • Easy to include corporate public networks IP’s into policy
  • Admin gets an instant alert if employees wish to open personal Gmail on the corporate network

Containerization Facility

Do you have any idea where all the files get saved right after downloaded from the drive or an email? Usually, it stores on the user’s PC or laptop. Thus, DLP in the cloud solution makes it possible to secure the downloaded file(s). So no potential data breach will take place.

  • All the data gets automatically encrypted when downloaded from a drive like Google Drive. Users will be able to view these files via our Viewer App only. In case the data is transferred on other platforms, it will be non-readable.
  • To safeguard the data, the encryption enforces for the email attachments on download. Attachment Containerization is an intelligent way to ensure corporate sensitive information secure and non-accessible if it is shared outside the business network.
  • Stop the transition of corporate data to unauthorized/personal places using our Outlook plug-in, which can be implemented on all users’ Outlook. Containerization offered by cloud DLP make sure encryption on the attachment content. So only the legit user can access or read it.

Compliance Setup & Check

NetForChoice Data Loss Prevention (DLP) pre-emptively protects your business from the loss of valuable and sensitive information. Monitor data movement and empower employees to work with confidence while staying compliant with regulations and industry standards.

  • You can apply policy on downloading of the document. So whenever someone tries to save a document stored on G Drive, it can easily be tracked or controlled.
  • If someone removes any document stored on Google Drive, then policy keeps a complete record of it.
  • Sharing of any document outside the organization can easily be handled by setting such policies.
  • Under cloud DLP, you can enforce a policy that restricts the users from taking a screenshot of work going on the system.

Why Choose NetForChoice Cloud DLP Solution?


Maximize data protection while maintaining compliance with industry mandates

Device Control

Manage use of USB storage devices and protects network’s health & crucial data

Content Protection

Always make sure sensitive data does not leave your corporate network from any channel

Respond to Violations

Uncover risks & respond quickly and thoroughly to cloud and web policy violations

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