Busy Accounting Software On Cloud

Busy Remote Access | Browser Compatible | Remote Printing | Advance Security

  • Busy ERP data stores on Tier-IV data center
  • Access Busy ERP from all devices worldwide
  • Print out Invoices, Ledger from local printer
  • Flexible Busy on Cloud Pricing Structure
  • Automatic Backup facility with DRaaS service
  • 24/7 Technical support from our cloud experts

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India's Best BUSY Software on Cloud Hosting At Best Price

Enterprise-grade & secure infrastructure for BUSY accounting hosting for impeccable performance

NetForChoice Busy on Cloud Hosting is one of our best SaaS services which enables the user to maintain inventory and accounting data without any constraint of time and place. Busy cloud computing engineered to manage remotely all types of purchases & transactions of any firm. No need to stay late at work to settle down the accounts. This is the way Busy accounting software on cloud makes life easier and facile. All it requires to setup Busy on the cloud server.

The following are the benefits a user gets from Busy online cloud service.

  1. Busy data stores on powerful NetForChoice Tier 4 Data center
  2. Remote access of Busy ERP to maintain the data from any location
  3. Do accounting work from any place – Office / Home / Coffee Shop
  4. No requirement to maintain servers on your premises
  5. You can easily use Busy Software on Android Mobile at any time
  6. Automatic Busy data backup with guaranteed DRaaS
  7. 99.995 % Busy Server Uptime with 24/7 managed support
  8. Busy hosting allows to use Busy software on Mac platform
  9. Offer to print invoices or ledger using local printer
  10. Lower upfront cost as the Busy Servers are leased
  11. Savings on Busy license cost with real-time syncing
  12. Facilitate Free Busy Demo on cloud before purchase
  13. Offers flexible Busy on cloud Price model options

Busy Cloud Computing

features of busy software on cloud

Features of Busy on Cloud Hosting

  • Based on Pay-as-you-go Model and Offers Scalable Storage Options
  • Real-time Data Synchronization Between Multiple Devices Automatically
  • Busy Online Saves Data on Multiple Data Center to Ensure Data Recovery
  • Facility of Automatic Backup on On-site & Off-site Location
  • Requires Single Busy on Cloud License Which is Highly Cost-effective
  • Date Security Services Screened Thoroughly & Safeguard Busy Data on Cloud
  • Busy Hosted on Cloud Can be Used by Laptop / PC / Mobile on Different Platform
  • The Installation and Maintenance of Servers are Handled by the Service Provider

Benefits of Busy on Cloud Hosting Service

Know Unlimited Advantages Offered by NetForChoice Busy Hosting

Client can setup any Busy version, including Busy 18 / 17 / 16 / 14 / 12 required for the business on cloud and maintain other resources according to it.

User is available with a particular VM which ensure fewer chances of harmful practices. Managed Firewall Networks, Dedicated IP Addresses for every user makes the Busy accounting software and Data highly secured.

Upgradation of Users & Resources are very easy. As your company grows you may require more users. Only you have to call and your plan will upgrade as per your requirement. Here scalability is just a call away.

With Busy Online Software, it is easy to print out Invoices, Ledger, etc from the local printer. Also, it supports the printing of a crucial spreadsheet from one location to another location.

Automated Backup mechanism keeps the backup copy of Busy data in no time. This helps to be prepared for anything uncertain.

It is very easy to get the Busy on cloud with NetForChoice cloud. It takes a few seconds to setup the entire machine virtually with the desired configuration.

All services running on NetForChoice Servers examine continuously to find out any compliance and risk during data processing and transactions to make sure that Busy Software Online is working properly.

User’s need not to share databases. In Busy Remote Access, Each user has their services stored in a different container which is completely segregated with each other.

The entire model of Busy Accounting Software on Cloud is based on “pay as you go” which facilitates a lot of flexibility. Also, easy scaling of existing resources to a greater one is available without interrupting the already saved data.

Busy Software Online automatically takes backup of your data and saves it to multiple server locations to ensure high availability of resources.

Tier 4 Datacenter helps to keep the data safe with DDOS attacks and prevent it from any catastrophic network & physical disaster.

24*7*365 technical support from our cloud specialists which includes management and full assistance of Busy Accounting ERP on Cloud services.

The Most Affordable Busy Hosting Plans

Busy Software on Cloud

Do you need more information about Busy hosting over the cloud solution? We are always available 24X7 to answer all your questions. To learn more about Busy Web Hosting, simply contact us by calling +91-9899343428 or Request a Free Consultation.

Busy Vs Busy Hosting on Cloud

Common Difference – Busy on Desktop and Hosted Busy Software

Type Busy on Desktop Busy on Cloud
Web Access
Access From Any Device
Backup Facility
Cost Effective
IT Infra Scalability
Data Protection
Busy Remote Printing Facility
Server Advance Security
Cost License Pay as You Go

Busy Accounting Software on Cloud – Video Tutorial

Busy cloud computing solution lets you to access the application from multiple devices and manage your financial accounting and its operation. Integrate with Data Backup, Remote Printing, Scalability feature, and DRaaS makes us the best Busy on cloud provider in India. Check out the videos and know how easy to use Busy Online.

Busy Software on Cloud

Busy Cloud-Based Solution – FAQ’s

How to host Busy software on the cloud environment?

Follow 4 Steps to host Busy over cloud

  1. Step 1: Connect with the NetForChoice team
  2. Step 2: Take a Busy Free Demo
  3. Step 3: Get a Busy Server as per your need
  4. Step 4: Ready to use Busy ERP from any place on cloud

Solution:The license price is not considered on Busy hosting service. It should be purchased by the user’s own or the client can use the already existing software license.

Solution: NetForChoice taking care of every system resource from Server Hardware to Backup and lots of other things and offer Busy as SaaS model. And, we are working with enterprise-class Tier 4 data center which having almost zero downtime with 100 % Uptime. Besides this, one can use any device to access Busy software from our cloud servers. Above all, one can use Busy license and use Busy accounting software from our servers Via. NFCApps from any device.
On top of that, our Data Centers are located in India (Noida, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Banglore) to provide the user best-in-class service.

Solution: Yes, we provide data backup facilities in various modes such as Cloud Backup, local backup, FTP Backup at the data center from where you can take manual or automated backup too.

Solution: Yes, it is easy to print any Invoice, Ledgers and other reports using a local printer. There is no need to install any printer driver for the print job from Busy ERP that is hosted on cloud.

Solution: NetForChoice Busy on cloud service allows to use the Busy software on the Smartphones. For this, you need to access the IP address where the Busy is hosted with the Smartphone browser.

Solution: Your busy data is secured with our server as we always ensure that your busy account is accessible by the authorized users. Besides this, NetForChoice does not access your Busy data without your permission. Using high-end security technology for your Busy data, we guarantee every single bit of your data is secure with us.

Solution: NetForChoice has a scalable infrastructure that is easily increased or decreased by the user as per the need. So, you can select the storage space according to your requirement and enjoy working with Busy on Cloud without taking the tension of storage.

Solution: You are free to run any of the versions of Busy software on our cloud and continue your work. It includes Busy 18, Busy 17, Busy 16, Busy 14, Busy 12, Busy 3.9.

What People Say About Our Busy Online Hosting Services

Why Choose NetForChoice Busy Cloud Server?

data available all time

GST-Ready Software

Get real-time access to latest Busy Cloud accounting software & stay ahead with your business.

data high availability

Uncompromised Speed

Use of Tier-4 data center with cutting-edge speed makes our ERP always upto needs.

busy accounting software remote access

Business Booster

NFC Busy Online Software pricing structure is economical & based on ‘pay-as-you-go’ model.

busy software on secure cloud environment

Fully Secured Server

Regularly backup Busy data & facilitate DRaaS to maintain business continuity.

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