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Email Archiving Solution For Businesses

  • Comprehensive Email Archiving & Storage Capabilities
  • Advanced Search Functionality For Quick & Precise Retrieval
  • Robust Compliance Features to Meet Regulatory Requirements
  • Streamlined eDiscovery For Legal & Compliance Purposes
  • Secure Data Protection to Safeguard Sensitive Email Informations
  • Best Email Archiving Solution for Enterprise, Business, Hosted Email
  • NFC Allows to Choose Either Email Archiving Software or Email Archiving Service

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Archive Emails with All Data

Auto email archiving from multiple cloud email sources with legacy email backup functionality and SMTP relay server integration. NFCs email archiving solution ensures store and preserve emails against data loss, and ensure that important communications are kept safe.

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Powerful Search & Retrieval

Experience "Google-like" search functionality across message body and headers makes it best email archiving solution. Effortlessly find specific emails or attachments using advanced search capabilities, allowing you to quickly locate and retrieve the email data you need.

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Meet Regulatory Compliance

NFCs cloud email archiving solutions ensures to meet regulatory requirements with built-in features such as long-term storage with easy searchability, rapid retrieval, auditable activity logs, customizable retention policies, litigation "hold" support, and tamper detection for enhanced email security.

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What Makes NFC Best?

Advanced Email Archiving Solution by NFC

With our cloud email archiving solution user will get exceptional email journaling services. Additionally, you can simplify manage archive files and tackle data safety-related challenges. By streamlining these operations, user can focus on core tasks and significantly enhance productivity.

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Remote Accessibility

NFC's email archiving solution is easily accessible via any modern web browser on desktops, laptops, tablets, or mobile phones. It makes NFCs email archiving software platform independent.

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Hardware and Technologies

NFCs hosted email archiving solution is compatible with modern machines (8-16 GB RAM, flexible HDD requirements) and Supported on Microsoft Windows OS and Linux platforms.

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Flexible and Easy Deployment

Deployable this enterprise email archiving solution on-premise (VMWare, Virtualbox) or in the cloud (AWS, Azure) without an additional database. Utilizes open standard protocols and formats for seamless integration.

Secure Business Communication with NFC Email Archiving Solutions

Efficient. Secure. Productive. Unlock the Potential of Email Archiving Services with NFC's Advanced Features.

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Email Compatibility

Seamlessly integrate with all popular email systems, ensuring smooth email archival functionality and compatibility with existing infrastructure for easy cloud email archiving.

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Email Backup & Archiving

Safeguard your emails through automated backups and archiving, protecting against accidental deletion or system failures. NFC provides best email archiving software for business, cloud email, hosted email, enterprise email.

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Smart Storage

Optimize storage space by compressing and organizing archived emails intelligently, maximizing efficiency and reducing storage costs. Use free email archiving trial and identify its advanced features.

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Easy Archive Management

Effortlessly manage and categorize archived emails, simplifying retrieval and ensuring a streamlined workflow. Advanced search with multiple filters makes this solution best among all.

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Restore Archived Email

Easily recover lost or deleted emails from backups, minimizing data loss and preserving critical information. Having lates backup always plays an important role in restablishing email comunication.

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Automatic Discovery

Automatically detect and capture incoming and outgoing emails, ensuring comprehensive archiving and compliance. Automated business email archiving solution with optimum accuracy.

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Security Policies

Implement robust security measures, including encryption and access controls, to safeguard sensitive email data and protect against unauthorized access.

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Reports and logging

NFCs email archiving software generate detailed reports and logs, offering insights into email usage, compliance activities, and system performance.

Optimal Solution

Why Choose Email Archiving Solution from NFC?

NFC’s Email Archiving Solution offers top-notch security measures to protect your valuable data. We implement industry-leading protocols and encryption techniques, ensuring that your emails are safeguarded both at rest and in transit.

Moreover, you can easily search, retrieve, and organize your messages, enabling efficient retrieval of critical information whenever necessary.

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Military Grade Encryption
Managed Email Archiving Solution
Easy Setup & Configuration
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Litigation “Hold” Supported
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24x7 Expert Assistance

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Industry Verticals That NFC Served

We are Providing Email Archiving Solution to Businesses of All Sizes, Regardless of Their Industry type. Consult Our Hosting Experts Now!


Healthcare & Life science




Media & Entertainment






Advertising & Marketing

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Why Email Archiving Solutions are the Need of the Hour?

Email archiving solutions offer peace of mind by streamlining workflows, and enhancing data security, they also ensure compliance with regulations and facilitate efficient data management.

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To Meet Compliance Requirements

Email archiving solutions are necessary to meet email compliance requirements imposed by laws and regulations, ensuring legal and regulatory compliance.

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For Quick & Efficient Backup Purposes

They provide quick and efficient backup capabilities, enabling businesses to easily retrieve and restore emails in case of data loss or system failures.

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For Overall Business Data Security

Email archiving solutions enhance overall business data security by securely storing and protecting sensitive information, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.


Advantages of NFC's Online Email Archiving Solutions

Choosing NetForChoice as an email archiving solution has several advantages such as simplifying the auditing process by providing a centralized repository of emails, making it easier to demonstrate compliance with regulations.

Some of the note-worthy benefits are as follows:

  • Ensures adherence to legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Preserves important information for future reference.
  • Facilitates efficient search and retrieval of emails for legal purposes.
  • Optimizes server capacity by archiving older emails.
  • Safeguards sensitive information from unauthorized access.
  • Provides backup against data loss from various threats.
  • Improves workflow by easily accessing historical emails.
  • Simplifies compliance audits with a centralized email repository.
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FAQs Regarding Enterprise Email Archiving Software

Discover the Insights of our Online Email Archiving Solution - Explore the Frequently Asked Questions by our Clients to Gain a Deeper Understanding of Our Offerings.

Email Archiving is referred to preserving emails with the aim of saving storage space from temporarily unimportant mails. It stores emails in an archive to declutter your inbox and securely preserve them for future retrieval. This ensures compliance with regulatory and legal inquiries, as well as facilitates historical research by accessing past communications when necessary.

Email archiving is essential for businesses for several reasons. It helps declutter your inbox, enhancing the performance of your email servers, and ensuring a clean and up-to-date mailbox with only the essential email communications. Additionally, email archiving plays a crucial role in safeguarding your data, providing protection against both accidental and malicious data loss.

We offer frequent updates to keep you up to date.

With NFC's email archiving services, you get plenty of benefits such as:

  • Boosted Business Productivity
  • Highly Scalable Storage Space
  • Optimum Workspace Efficiency
  • Assistance in Audit Trail & Permission
  • Significantly Saves Existing Storage
  • Compatibility with Multiple Email Clients

Client's Reviews for NFC Email Archiving Solution

At NetForChoice, we take our customers’ reviews very seriously. Customer stories can better tell about our service. See below and read what our clients say about us, making us one of the best email archiving solution provider.