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India's Best Marg ERP Software on Cloud Hosting

Gain full accounting functionality with Marg ERP on cloud with comprehensive GST solution to improve firm efficiency with NetForChoice. No need to take hassle to maintain hardware and software resources as it is take care by NetForChoice.

By using Marg on cloud, it is easy to work with it from any remote location at any time from a desktop, laptop or smartphone with the assistance of internet. One can manage all the transactions on Marg ERP cloud platform and can take a print out of the same. Plus, the user can use a local disk to sync the data from the cloud and take it as a backup while using the accounting software on cloud server.

Benefits of Marg On Cloud Hosting Service.

  1. Marg server stores on Tier-4 enterprise-class data center
  2. Access web-based Marg on any device around the globe
  3. All the computer resources hosted on remote data center
  4. Manage Inventory, Purchase, & other operations on cloud
  5. Advantage to use Marg ERP on Mobile platform
  6. Use Marg ERP GST Ready billing software on cloud platform
  7. Savings on Marg license with real-time data synchronization
  8. Flexible Marg on cloud payment options with 24/7 Managed Support
  9. Powerful cloud security to protect Marg ERP from threats
  10. Facilitate Marg cloud backup with integrated DraaS service

Marg software on cloud

features of marg software online

Key Features of Using Marg on Cloud Hosting

  • Marg SaaS Solution based on ‘pay-as-you-go’ Model to Scale up Easily
  • Real-time Database Replication to Keep Data Integrity Consistent
  • Your Data is always Secure in any Disastrous Situation on NFC Servers
  • Facility of Automatic backup on on-site & off-site server location
  • Huge Savings on Marg on Cloud License which is Superlatively Cost-effective
  • Complete Data Security to Protect Data from Unwanted Actions of Hackers
  • Marg hosted on cloud can be used from any device (Laptop / PC / Mobile)
  • Server Management & Installation will be done by Team NetForChoice

Advantages of Using Marg ERP 9 On Cloud

Know Unlimited Advantages Offered by NetForChoice Marg Hosting

Being hosted on cloud, it comes with the advantage that it can be accessed anywhere from device like – Tablet, PC, Laptop, Smartphone, Mac.

Highly secured infrastructure that assures data security. Secured with Improved firewall networks, encrypted data flow. The data will always be secured whether it is in use or not.

Size of business doesn’t matter, there will always be chances of growth and users also increases proportionally. Resources can be scaled anytime you want as per the number of users.

No long hours are required to get Marg On Cloud. All it requires few minutes and the environment is ready to use Marg ERP.

User will get Marg accounting software on virtual infrastructure within a few seconds. You only need to select the desired configuration such as Storage, OS. Afterward, an environment will create according to the selected configuration in minimum span of time.

No need to share the databases with other clients. Each user has their services stored in a different container which is completely segregated with each other.

The complete Marg On Cloud model is engineered on “pay as you go” model, which provides vast flexibility. Furthermore, it is facile to scale up the existing machine to a greater one without altering the already saved data.

Backup service from NetForChoice facilitate disaster recovery and customizable backups. With our services, it is easy to backup Marg data on on-site & off-site physical storage locations and prevents the most important asset of the company from the catastrophic disaster.

NetForChoice works with enterprise-class data center which keeps the data safe and always available with high data redundancy feature. It facilitates dual-powered instances of server, cooling equipment’s, Network Links, Storage, and Power. NetForChoice guarantees 99.995% Uptime with a downtime of a few minutes per year.

NetForChoice expert team panel monitoring helps to identify and rectify problems before you didn’t realize you had. Our system monitors provides automatic detection of any security & infra failure in the infrastructure. Due to this, our IT infra is secure and reliable. Furthermore, our technical support team is available 24x7x365 for providing full assistance to you.

NetForChoice stores all of its data on the Server room with Colocation facilities. All of your data stored in a single located Tier-IV Data Centers.

The Level 4 Data Center protect data with DDOS attacks and prevent them from any catastrophic network and physical disaster.

The Most Affordable Marg Hosting Plans

Marg Software hosting on Cloud

In case of any query and to know more about the Marg accounting software price, or request a quote by contacting our experts on
+91-9899343428 or Request a Free Consultation.

Marg Vs Marg Hosting on Cloud

Common Difference – Marg on Desktop and Hosted Marg Software

Type Marg on Desktop Marg on Cloud
Web Access
Access From Any Device
Backup Facility
Cost Effective
IT Infra Scalability
Data Protection
Marg Remote Printing Facility
Server Advance Security
Cost License Pay as You Go

Managed Marg Software on Cloud Hosting – Video Tutorial

NetForChoice, is a well-recognized firm and known for its comprehensive portfolio of Cloud Hosting Services in India. The Marg ERP hosting in the cloud is one of its services.

The uniqueness is that we provide a complete environment where Marg ERP is already installed. The client only requires to enter the license key and will continue its work. With our services, it is easy to use Marg on cloud 24x 7x 365 until you cancel the subscription. Being on cloud, it is easy to connect with Marg accounting software with any devices – Windows / Linux / Tablet (Apple or Android) / Smartphone using Browser.

Marg Software on Cloud

Marg ERP Software On Cloud – FAQ’s

How do I get the Marg ERP on cloud solution?

Just 4 Steps to host Marg cloud service

  • Step 1: Connect with the NetForChoice team
  • Step 2: Get a Marg Demo as per your need
  • Step 3: Once you satisfied, the Server will be ready
  • Step 4: Now use Marg ERP from any device at anytime

Solution: We managed everything for our client from Infrastructure to software on cloud platform and other beneficial services to make their workflow efficient.
Biggest advantage is that we have our own Data Center located in India in the regions of Noida data center & Bangalore data center. Besides this, the client can use Marg accounting software license from our servers using the Remote Desktop Protocol or RDP.

Solution: All of the data is secured with our high-end servers and information is replicated to multiple servers. Whenever one server goes down, the data is available to user. Strong network as well as physical security provided to resources and also ensure that Marg account is accessible by the authorized users only.

Solution: Yes, you can print any kind of reports, invoice and other important sheets Via a local printer.

Solution: There are lots of areas where you saved money a lot. Originally, all of the billing plans are subscription-based. So, the day you realise that there is no need to use software, you can stop to pay for this. All the server maintenance work handled by the provider. Thus, there is no need to looking for the premises where the server gets install and maintenance too.

Solution: You can easily scale up your storage spaces to a limit that is required for your business as NetForChoice has scalable infrastructure.

Solution: Yes, NFC offers backing up of data in various modes such as Backup in Cloud Storage, Local Backup, FTP Backup.

Solution: The license is not included in the service of Marg software on cloud. It should be purchased by the client itself.

Solution: Yes, it works on all devices like Tablet, Smartphones, Mac, Windows. All it requires the internet and the IP where the Marg accounting/inventory software hosted.

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Why Choose NetForChoice Marg Software on Cloud?

Easy Access

Marg being a cloud-based software can be used & accessed from any device

marg extended security

Data Security

High security to save data from computer failure or malicious activities

expert support system

Extensive Support

Ensure 24*7 customer support, wherein all the doubts/query of user gets solve

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