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CRM Hosting on Cloud Benefits

Accelerate Your Business With CRM Hosting

No two businesses have the same requirements, but they all have one thing in common. Everyone wants to strengthen relationships with their customers to grow the business.

NetForChoice CRM Hosting helps you to host any customer relationship management system on our Tier-4 data center with top-notch security measures like firewalls, data encryption, antivirus, Intrusion Detection System, and many more. To this day, we continue to be the best managed CRM Hosting provider, serving thousands of clients worldwide.

  • Hosting for complex CRM
  • 24*7*365 Server Monitoring
  • Always-On Support
  • Protection against Network Attacks
  • Flexible Pricing Plans
  • Server Scalability
  • Available – Linux & Windows servers

features of CRM hosting solution

Advantages of NetForChoice CRM Hosting Solution -

  • Build a strong system that supports your ideas with NetForChoice
  • Safeguards your CRM data with advanced cloud security methods
  • Synchronize all the marketing, sales, etc., data in real-time
  • Get desired data anytime from your CRM as the server is always up
  • Hosting on private servers to get dedicated access to your resources
  • Improve customer experience that drives the business growth
  • Best hosting speed helps you to close more deals efficiently
  • Anytime upgrade or downgrade your CRM hosting plan as per need

Key Features of NetForChoice CRM Hosting Solution

Our hosting service tailored to match even your most demanding needs

All our virtual servers are completely managed. We will support you from the server configuration to software installation.

Our certified support team is available to resolve any server or another technical problem. Our normal response time to your query or support ticket is less than 5 minutes.

CRM is hosted on the remote servers, so, one can access it from anywhere on any device without any speed issue

We constantly keep copies of your database to maintain business continuity at any catastrophic disaster.

We deploy your CRM on our cutting-edge servers in minimum span of time. Our server deployment is the fastest in India.

All our servers integrated with enterprise-class SSD drives. Users will receive excellent I/O performance as compared to traditional hard-drive.

Keep all your CRM information fully protected with our advanced security methods – Firewall, Antivirus, and Intrusion Detection System and lots more

We offer pay-as-you-go pricing plan so that you can pay only for what you use.

All of our CRM server hosting plans equipped with high bandwidth facility to make it smoother for our clients to use the CRM from anywhere without any hassle.

NFC CRM Hosting Solution – Video Tutorial

Get Best CRM Hosting Solutions that give you stable & reliable service to host your CRM on Cloud. Final a deal with India's Best CRM Hosting Provider to use seamless services. Watch this video tutorial to know how to get best in class CRM Hosting Solution for all including Zoho CRM Hosting, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Hosting, Salesforce CRM Hosting, etc.

CRM Hosting Solution Software on Cloud

NetForChoice CRM Hosting FAQ’s

What is CRM?

Solution: CRM is an acronym used for Customer Relationship Management. It is a software used by companies to manage their relationship with customers. CRM application gets the data from various modes and compiled it to provide a better target audience for the business.
With NetForChoice, you are open to host any CRM application on our robust server.

Solution: CRM hosting is a solution where businesses rent out all the IT resources required for CRM. So, they will not purchase a pricey server. Instead, they can easily pay for the service on the basis of a monthly/ yearly subscription.

Solution: All you need to contact with our sales team – 9899116872 / 8882397781 with your requirements.

Solution: Yes, we offer data backup functionality with our CRM Hosting solution. Additional services are available on request.

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Why Choose NetForChoice CRM Hosting?

Premium Servers

Our high-speed server provides 10 times faster service than other hosting servers

Guaranteed Uptime

Our Tier-4 datacenter is running 24/7/365 with the facility of 100% Uptime

Dedicated Servers

Combining the power of SSD with the best of CRM hosting features on our remote servers

All Time Support

Our dedicated certified team is always available to help you with any issue.

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