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Toll Free Number Service

Best Toll Free Number (1800) Providers in India

Toll-free numbers are mostly used in every industry vertical, majorly in the domain of customer-service. With this service, the callers can reach to business or any other person without any charge or at a nominal cost. It is a great mode to connect with your customer.

NetForChoice Toll-free number service or 1800 contact number help enterprise customers across the country. With our resilient network platform, we support all service providers to guarantee straightforward access for your existing or new clients while contacting your business.

  1. Round the clock access
  2. Call Monitoring
  3. Affordable to call you for free
  4. Easy to Use portal
  5. Integrated IVR Service
  6. Global Routing
  7. Customized welcome message
  8. SLA commitment
  9. Cost-effective service

Toll Free Number Service

Advantages of Toll-Free Number Service for Your Business

  • Streamline access for the customers to reach out to your business
  • Easily connect with the customers from different locations
  • Facilitates Toll free number with IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Range of subscriptions options for post-paid wireless or wireline service
  • Facility to change your routing preference at any moment
  • Detailed call analysis reports help to improve your service delivery
  • Consumer loyalty by guaranteeing that your business is constantly reachable
  • Connect with mass community by accessing them Toll Free Number Services

Benefits of NetForchoice Toll-Free Number Service

Let's your caller connect with you at 0 cost with 1800 Toll Free contact number

Allows you to divert your Toll-free number to any other number. So, you can take the call on your personal device in another nation.

We are the best Toll free number provider company in India. Which provides feature-rich service including Virtual PBX, Auto-attendant, Call hunt, plugins, and so on.

Enable this option to welcome your guest with a message for better customer experience.

Get the number of the person who calls you Via. Toll-free number through call analysis report. So, you will never miss any lead.

Facilitate quick free call access to your existing or new customers from across the locations.

Provide you complete access to your account to manage you Toll-free number service conveniently.

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N4C Toll Free Phone Number Service – FAQ’s

What is a Toll-free number?

Solution: Toll-free numbers are those numbers that comprise three-digit codes that can be dialed with no charge. It is used by businesses to allow customers to call them without being charged.

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Solution: We are India’s leading Tier 4 data center company which is completely secure and except the authorized person, no other person can get access of your conversation.

Solution: Yes, you can. Just record your greeting message and then upload it to your dedicated profile.

Solution: Almost all type of Business people requires Toll Free Phone Number Service. Be it a single-person Startup, Small-Medium Enterprise or any Large Enterprise. All of them may need Toll Free Numbers as it is the best way to get more traffic to your content.

Solution: No, if your caller make a Toll Free Number call, they will not be charged any cost. The company which you are calling will pay for that call.

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