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  • Never lose a business lead
  • Track every phone conversation
  • Boost customer & sales lead
  • Get the best voice quality
  • Facility of flexible pricing plan
  • Best call recording facility

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Top Virtual Number Service By NetForChoice

A robust communication system is necessary to make your business & customer experience smooth. NetForChoice Virtual Number is one solution that lets you not miss any single call that is important for your business. Most of the companies deploy this service to route incoming calls of customers to the relevant agent.

This Virtual Phone Number Service uses the internet to make and receive calls for making the procedure facile. It is compatible with multiple devices such as laptops, computers, tablets, or mobile phones. With such a system, one can easily track and monitor calls.

You will get the following Virtual Phone Number Service benefits:-

  1. Never lose a business lead
  2. Track every phone conversation
  3. Boost Customer & Sales Lead
  4. Best Voice quality service
  5. Flexible pricing plan
  6. Call recording facility


Advantages with NetForChoice Virtual Phone Number Services

  • Never lose a business lead by responding to every incoming business call
  • Track and record every incoming call for great customer expectations
  • Intelligent call routing techniques find suitable agents & direct calls to them
  • Helps to eliminate customer waiting time & take queries in real-time
  • Take a call from any place by forwarding it to your personal mobile
  • Never unleash the identity of employees & clients phone numbers
  • Able to connect with global clients at a reasonable price

Benefits of NetForChoice Virtual Phone Number Service

Trusted Virtual Number Provider from India

Quality Call

The service provides high-quality calling without any noise. Call recording also is done for better insights.


Notify customers to drop a voicemail to you when you couldn’t receive the call, never to miss any customer’s question.


Choose your plan under the pay-as-you-go model and scale the service as you grow at any moment.

Global Customers

Use Virtual number service to engage with global clients at an affordable cost.


Customizable service and you can take the phone number of any nation such as USA, Australia and so on.

Call Routing

The intelligent call distribution feature enables you to forward calls to the right agent based on requirements.

NetForChoice Virtual Number Service FAQ’s

How do I get Virtual Number Service?

To active the service, you need to connect with our team with your requirement. Besides this, you can use our free trial to check our service.

Our pricing plans are flexible, and we charge based on your requirements and usage. For more information, connect with us.

Yes, we provide the same to our clients that can be used for incoming calls. Afterward, the calls are automatically routed to other virtual numbers.

It can be done in two ways with NetForChoice:

  1. Get a virtual number service with us & start your work.
  2. Second, use the existing number & route calls to virtual numbers.

A virtual phone number is not like a standard number. It means no phone lines associated with it, and you can intertwine calls as per your requirement.

This service provides lots of benefits to the businesses, and major ones are listed below:

  1. Always available for the clients after the working hours.
  2. Capable of managing mass call volumes.
  3. Insights of calls for analysis & training purposes.
  4. Easily scale up to enhance business efficiency.
  5. Facilitate better customer experience.

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Why Go With NetForChoice Virtual Number Service?

24*7 Support

24*7*365 customer support over the chat, phone, and email


Best voice quality, success quality with 99.995 % Uptime

Highly Secure

ISO 27001:2013 certified company with largest Tier-4 datacenter

Scale at Ease

Scale up your service without any worry with minimum cost

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