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Zimbra Hybrid Cloud with G Suite Benefits

Zimbra G Suite Hybrid - Resolving Pain of Industry Insiders

We understand every business has different needs and pain points. This is the reason we engineered a flexible solution – G Suite Zimbra Hybrid. This solution makes it feasible to work with Google G Suite along with Zimbra cloud using the same domain with collaboration in real time.

The firms that have a great number of employees, requires multiple licenses of Google G Suite. Which ultimately leads to a case of large upfront capital expense. To overcome this pain, the hybrid cloud solution comes into play which helps you to reduce TCO up to a great extent.

The G Suite – Zimbra Hybrid solution ensures that all the non-critical users who do not require advanced features for its working shift to Zimbra Mail Client and the top-layer who needs high-level functionalities can continue to use G Suite plan while sharing the same domain. It is an optimal flexible suite model that takes account of open source functionality of >Zimbra Mail to reduce the cost of licensing. On top of that, the integration of G Suite with Zimbra enables the organization to meet its technical as well as business objectives effectively and cost-efficiently.

features of features of zimbra g suite hybrid on cloud

7 Awesome Things about Zimbra Cloud G Suite Hybrid.

  • Reduce G Suite Licensing Cost By Migrating Non-Critical users to Zimbra
  • Power Users Can Get Advantage of G Suite & Its Impeccable Services
  • Significantly Lowering the Total Cost of Ownership of a Business
  • Allows to Share Same Domain in G Suite & Zimbra Application
  • Unmatched 24*7*365 Technical Support for Uninterrupted Workflow
  • G Suite Zimbra Hybrid Provides Simplified & Unified Communication flow
  • Benefit of NetForChoice Managed Services to Keep Infra Always Up

Zimbra G Suite Hybrid on Cloud – Video Tutorial

Our mission is to help customers in every aspect with our innovative platforms. The G Suite Zimbra Hybrid is a unique solution that optimizes the workload and reduces the TCO of the companies. We believe that providing this dynamic solution with specialized support services presents an extraordinary opportunity for the businesses to take advantage of G Suite service along with open-source Zimbra in their budget. Explore our video, to get in-detail information about hybrid platform deployment .

Save upto 50%+ using Zimbra G Suite Hybrid Plans

Deploy the cost savings and scalable model for your business that minimize TCO. We have been implementing G Suite – Zimbra Hybrid solution for a very long time. We always exceed the expectations of our clients of different industries with our magnificent services.

We having expertise as well as prominent experience when it comes to Zimbra hybrid solution deployment while managing the budget of your company. Connect with us to explore more about the Zimbra Hybrid cloud solution at +91-9899343428 or Request a Free Consultation.

hybrid Cloud Service for Zimbra + G Suite

Zimbra G Suite Hybrid FAQ’s

How much I can save with this Hybrid solution?

Solution: Let us consider there are 500 employees in an Organization. The G Suite Basic licensing cost for a year will be – 1260000 for all the employees. The net basic plan of NetForChoice Zimbra hosting is 24000 per year. So, if you shift half of the users on Zimbra and rest on the G Suite, then the final cost will be 654000. As a result, you will save 49%.

Solution: No, there is no need to use a different domain. In fact, it is easy to integrate both the email clients while sharing the same domain name.

Solution: All you need to do is to engage with NetForChoice team. They will appropriately guide you regarding deployment and how to manage it.

Solution: Yes, it is easy to shift and manage employees between the Zimbra and G Suite regardless of its number under the G Suite Zimbra Hybrid Solution.

Solution: Yes, Zimbra & G Suite both supports multi-factor authentication via email & sending text message to your phone.

Solution: Yes, although Zimbra does not provides any option for email customization but this Hybrid Solution with G Suite understand the pain of Businesses & hence provide support for Branding Customization.

NFC is Providing Best Zimbra G Suite Hybrid Service Cloud Service

Why Choose NetForChoice G Suite Zimbra Hybrid on Cloud?

Supported Platforms

Zimbra can only be accessed with Web-based & through an iPhone app. But, after collaboration it wil G Suite, it can also be accessed on Android App also.

Extensive Support

Great service to fully access all resources anytime, anywhere. Get extensive 24*7*365 Support & Live Chat System to resolve your Queries anytime, anywhere.

Cost-Effective Collaboration

Zimbra Cloud Collaboration with G Suite helps the organizations to reduce cost upto 50 % & More. Zimbra is free & open-source while G Suite is subscription based.

High Encryption

All of your data is stored in encrypted form to preserve it from any external threat. It Comes up with inbuilt AntiSpam Filter to protect from all Spams.

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