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Highly Reliable

NFC offers advanced Tier IV Data center that is engineered to deliver uptime solutions. We believe to deliver a seamless, easy-to-use, and pocket-friendly public cloud hosting service. With us, you can get the desired cloud model.

Flexibility Option

We are the cloud hosting company that offers unique services including provisioning and expandable bandwidth. So when users need any requirement of bandwidth increment then they can easily choose our flexible memory option.

Fully Scalable

Scalability is one of the most important points in cloud hosting and we as India’s best public cloud hosting provider. Offer highly scalable solutions for all sizes of businesses of all types and sizes to ease growth requirements.


Easy to Start Public Cloud Hosting Services

With an array of public cloud-oriented service portfolios, NetForChoice creates roadmaps and offering the best platform to help you innovate, build, and manage your cloud ecosystem.

  • Easy-to-use Public Cloud Model
  • Infinitely Scalable Cloud Platform
  • Multiple OS & Device Compatibility
  • No Hardware Maintenance Cost
  • Different Public Cloud Available
  • Only Pay For What You Use
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Perfect Choice

NetForChoice Public Cloud Hosting Follow Such Operations

We offer many operations that easily managed your public cloud hosting. The operation we offers Elastic Computing, Networking & CDN, and many more.

NetForChoice offers Container & Middleware, Monitoring & Management, Hybrid Cloud Option, Artificial Intelligence.

Supports from Cloud Expert
DRaaS Service for Backup Feature
24*7*365 Technical Support
Fully Secured Cloud Protection

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Industry Verticals That We Serve


Healthcare & Life science




Media & Entertainment






Advertising & Marketing

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Why Choose NFC for Public Cloud Hosting Solution for Business?

NFC Public cloud server hosting comes with an affordable and flexible ‘Pay-as-you-Go’ pricing approach for overall services. With NetForChoice you pay only for what you actually use, no upfront payments or termination fee required.

  • We provide SDD Virtual Machine for your Application
  • Offers Virtual Load Balancer for optimal performance
  • Automated scheduler to start and stop VMs
  • Pay per use facility available
  • Blazing Fast Hybrid Public Cloud Option


Team Up with Best Managed Public Cloud Hosting Provider

NetForChoice public cloud hosting paradigm includes an array of servers and network topologies, integrated into a single design. The model has incorporated redundant configurations which ensure that failure of any physical components will not impact the cloud services performance.

Offer All Platforms

We offer best in class Public Cloud Facility of multiple platforms – Azure Cloud, AWS Cloud, Alicloud Cloud, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud

Consultation and Support

All the cloud solution facilitates compliance with security and government regulations. Also comprehensive managed IT support from our certified cloud experts to the client

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Your Business can Do Better with NFC Public Cloud Hosting Services

Thrive your cloud journey with advanced public cloud infrastructure to run workload

  • Host your application on our cloud and get the optimal performance
  • Save your state of the VMS and also roll back the state in the future
  • We offers world class network design with 100% uptime
  • Provide multi-layered security features for high level protection
  • Offer range of template to access easy access of any number if VMs


What Makes NFC Top Notch Public Cloud Hosting Service Provider?

Facilitate highly scalable public cloud infrastructure where you can add and subtract resources with the click of a mouse. Managed Public cloud hosting is enough capable to manage any resource requirements and make sure that applications running on the server

Snapshot of Server

Using this facility users can save the current status of the virtual machine. Moreover, they can rollback the the system to same state in the future

Backup Option

We belive that data is very important for nay business. So we provide daily, weekly backup option to keep your data safe.



NFC Public Cloud Hosting FAQs

Follow these 3 Simple Steps.

Step 1: Connect with the NetForChoice team.

Step 2: Get all the detail and free trial.

Step 3: Once you have satisfied, get the service.

Basically, we offer both of the service. But the choice is your's and it is totally dependant on your requirements.

Yes, we provide VMs Snapshot feature. So the user can use save the state of the VMs.

NetForChoice understands the importance of their client's. We have in house cloud experts that available for 24*7 support.


Customer Reviews for NFC Public Cloud Hosting

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