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Public Cloud Service

Scalable | Flexible | Affordable

  • Easy-to-use public cloud model
  • Infinite scalable cloud platform
  • Multiple OS & device compatibility
  • No hardware maintenance cost
  • Different public cloud available
  • Only pay for what you use

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NetForChoice Public Cloud Hosting – Easy to Start

Advanced Public cloud platform features to fulfill your specific computing requirements

Flexible Cloud Model

Unique facets of the public cloud hosting comprise of provisioning and expandable bandwidth in real-time. Users will experience an amazing level of convenience as the public cloud services can be accessed from any internet-enabled device. Importantly, you can access crucial business data while on the move.

Resource Scalability

Facilitate highly scalable solutions where you can add and subtract resources with the click of a mouse. Our public cloud hosting is enough capable to manage any resource requirements and make sure that applications running on server respond facile to any fluctuations in activity without any service interruption.

Business Continuity

NetForChoice public cloud paradigm includes an array of servers and network topologies, integrated into a single design. The model has incorporated redundant configurations which ensure that failure of any physical components will not impact the cloud services performance.

Pay as You Go Billing

Public cloud hosting comes with an affordable and flexible ‘Pay-as-you-Go’ pricing approach for overall services. With NetForChoice you pay only for what you actually use, no upfront payments or termination fee required. This model helps you to smoothly adapt to changing business needs without overcommitting IT budgets.

No Resource Maintenance Cost

The entire cost of maintaining public cloud IT resources is taken care of by NetForChoice. Any size of the company can outsource their entire data center operations to our public cloud and save the huge cost spends on the in-house IT data center departments.

Location Independence

Public cloud computing is location independent, and facilitates remote access to IT infrastructure which can be easily accessible from any location at any time on the device of choice in the presence of internet connection. As well as, the 99.995 % SLA uptime is always there.

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Why NetForChoice for Public Cloud Hosting Solutions?

With an array of public cloud-oriented service portfolios, we create roadmaps and offering the best platform to help you innovate, build, and manage your cloud ecosystem. You can get the desired cloud model and price precisely to your requirements – so that you never pay too much.

  • Great Security with cloud monitoring
  • Cloud load balancers for autoscaling
  • Skilled & reliable support team
  • Dedicated Account Manager for each client
  • Collaboration with multiple cloud providers
  • 99.995 % Guaranteed SLA Uptime
  • Flexible billing with a scalable platform
  • IaaS / SaaS /PaaS platform
  • 24*7 phone, email and ticket support
  • Experience with Public cloud hosting
  • Integrated with N+N infrastructure
  • No requirements for capital investment
  • Data security to protects data assets
  • Customized solutions to fulfill specific requirements

Watch Benefits of Public Cloud To Your Business

Learn advantages of public cloud service over in-house IT department

Commonly Asked Questions?

The basic public cloud hosting benefits are -

  • Improved Security
  • Save huge time
  • No capital investments
  • No maintenance & update costs
  • Pay-as-you-use pricing
  • Lower energy costs
  • Get IaaS/ PaaS / SaaS platform
  • Powerful server capabilities
  • Data backup with disaster recovery

Public cloud platform is a cloud model where computing resources such as CPU, Storage are owned and managed by a provider and shared across multiple tenants through the Internet.

Since we are a managed server provider, you’ll have a dedicated support team ready to help with all your needs 24/7/365.

You can consider cloud service in the following situations.

  • If you have a high-traffic website that experiences fluctuation in traffic.
  • Require a host that provides a transparent pricing model.
  • Having a fast-growing website and your traffic levels are growing quickly.
  • You have outgrown your shared hosting plan, but not sure about the dedicated server.
  • Want security, performance, and flexibility all from a single hosting package.

Why Customers Love Us

Why Choose NFC Public Cloud Platform for Business?

Platform Independent

Public Cloud Facility of multiple platforms – Azure, AWS, Alicloud, Google Cloud, Oracle

Comprehensive Support

Comprehensive managed IT support from our certified cloud experts to the client

99.995% Uptime

Guaranteed Network Uptime of 99.995% to the customers, ensuring business continuity

Free Consultation

Free consultation & cloud assessment from our experts on public cloud