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Key Benefits of Data Loss Prevention Tool

  • Complete visibility of data activities happening in company
  • Identify who is violating policy with comprehensive reporting
  • Prevent Intellectual Property (IP) theft by insiders
  • Preventing sensitive data from getting into wrong hands
  • Safeguard upcoming / unreleased prints of movies from being stolen
  • Prevent information leak of company exiting or upcoming products
  • Protect sensitive information of payment cards – Credit, Debit, etc.
  • Able to secure personally identifiable information (PII) such as Aadhar, PAN
  • Facilitate protection of patient health record from data leakage
  • Protect unreleased and preview prints of upcoming movies
  • Continuous monitoring to investigate threats within a firm

Data Leak Prevention tools

Protect Your Critical Information With Top DLP Solution

In today’s business world, sensitive information such as company records, employee data, customer details, proprietary technology, and intellectual property are important business assets that can be easily stolen if not handled with proper care.

Deploy policies that provision the access and prevent the valuable information of an organization from data breaches without altering the end-users productivity with NetForChoice Data Leakage Protection. It is a must-have tool to safeguard business-critical information from being stolen, misused or accessed by an unauthorized person.

  1. Simplifies DLP Network Security to Spot Potential Leaks
  2. Protect Confidential & Sensitive Information in Real Time
  3. Ensure Data is Not Misused by Unapproved Individuals
  4. Allow Admin to Define Control Policies for Maximum Insight
  5. Examine, Detect and Investigate threats within Network

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