Data Leak Prevention Software in India

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Data Risk

Data Risk Assessment

Identify crucial files & classify them based on the level of vulnerabilities most likely to attack them. Data leak prevention tools provide optimum utilization of the resources to provide top level security for most sensitive files.

Data File Analysis

Data File Analysis

Analyse security permissions of the files along with optimization of disk storage space. In addition, also manage junk files in a systematic order & have detailed records of each & every file stored in the systems.

File Server icon-auditing

File Server Auditing

Frequent security checks make sure that all the configured security settings are working properly or not. Data breach prevention tools monitor & report all the file server access in real time as per necessary requirements.


More Than An Ordinary DLP Software Solution

In today's business world, sensitive information such as company records, employee data, customer details, proprietary technology, and Intellectual Property are important business assets that can be easily stolen if not handled with proper care. To prevent such scenarios, NFC as the leading DLP software providers offers the best software to prevent data leaks.

  • Safeguard Confidential & Sensitive Information
  • DLP Network Security to Detect Potential Leaks
  • Prevent Intellectual Property (IP) Theft By Insiders
  • Examine, Detect & Investigate Threats Within Network
data leak prevention solution


Best Data Leak Prevention Software in India

Safeguard upcoming/unreleased prints of movies from being stolen by unwanted sources with the automated utility.

With NetForChoice, you can easily prevent all kinds of information leak of company exiting or upcoming products with complete accuracy.

Prevent Misuse of Data Files
Prevent Misuse of Data Files
Network Security
Top Level DLP Network Security
File Manager
Restrict Unauthorised Individuals
Control Policies
Liberty to Define Control Policies

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Why NFC is the Best DLP Software Provider in India?

Data breach prevention tools deploy policies that provide access and prevent an organization's valuable information from data breaches without altering the end-user's productivity with NetForChoice data leak prevention software.

  • Identify Users Violating Policy with Complete Reports
  • Continuous Monitoring to Investigate Threats Within a Firm
  • Complete visibility of Data Activities Happening in the Company
  • Facilitate Protection of Patient Health Records from Data Leakage
  • Secure Personally Identifiable Information (PII) like Aadhar & PAN
  • Protect Sensitive Information of Payment Cards – Credit, Debit, Etc
data leakage prevention solution india

Efficient Solution

Smart Features of NFC's Data Leak Prevention Tool

There are various advanced features included in this smart utility provided by NFC that focuses on maximum efficiency along with to the point accuracy. Have a look at the best features that make us the most reliable DLP software providers in India.

Control on Processes

Control on Processes

Make sure employees do what should be required in the workplace to prevent insider threats. To execute operations, total control is given to admins for such scenarios.

Work Efficiency

Improve Work Efficiency

Work & behaviour monitoring of employees’ push them towards their duties efficiently and on time. This results in higher productivity & maximum efficiency from users at all times.

data theft prevention solution in india
data theft prevention solution in india


Real-time Data Protection with NFC's Advanced DLP Solution

Data Leakage prevention software is a must to safeguard business-critical details from being stolen, misused, or accessed by an unauthorized person. Various advantages of such tools protect your data from all kinds of threats. The out of the box benefits of our solution makes us one of the best DLP software providers.

  • Prevent Intellectual Property (IP) Theft By Insiders
  • Examine, Detect and Investigate threats within Network
  • Ensure Data is Not Misused by Unapproved Individuals
  • Simplifies DLP Network Security to Spot Potential Leaks
  • Protect Confidential & Sensitive Information in Real-Time
  • Allow Admin to Define Control Policies for Maximum Insight

All in One

Protect High-Value Data with Best Data Leak Prevention Software in India

Our data leak prevention tools are one of the best in industry & works as an all in one utility to perform several crucial tasks with just one software with ease. In addition, all of this is offered with the most affordable price for users.


All-in-one Solution

Complete data security including attack prevention, investigation, and remediation are included in our solution. This means that users do not need to look out for separate solutions for separate operations.

Legal Proceeding

Legal Proceeding

Proficient in identifying crimes & maintaining live screenshots associated with it to use in legal cases. Works great in audits & provides valid evidence in a court of law.


Most Asked Questions from DLP Software Provider

These tools are just solutions that provide admins with total access to set up content control policies globally as per the requirements in real time.

Various Firewalls & Antivirus are used to protect data. However in large organizations such dedicated tools are being used to get alerts for any type of data breach.

Yes, data leak prevention software is totally safe to use for preventing sensitive information against potential vulnerabilities.

Client Success with NFC's DLP Software Solution

At NetForChoice, we take our customers’ reviews very seriously. Customer stories can better tell about our service. See below and read what our clients say about us, making us one of India's best DLP software provider.