Intellectual Property Protection Software in India

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Detect Malicious

Detect Malicious Threat

The software automatically detects all kinds of malicious threats to business at an early stage to secure the intellectual property of the firm from various potential risk factors.

Ensure Patent

Ensure Patent

Securing trade secrets & patents from getting stolen by competitors or insider threats is another objective of this advanced software for maintaining organization's reputation.

Safeguard Copyrights

Safeguard Copyrights

If you’re worried about safeguarding your business copyrights, then this software can do that without hassles. Accuracy is not compromised at all.


Intellectual Property Protection Tool by NFC

The intellectual property (IP) of an organization is more valuable than physical assets. The robbing of IP means the theft of innovative ideas, strategies, technologies, financial data, trade secrets, patents, or any sensitive information from all types of industries.

  • Instant Warning Alerts for Crimes
  • Handle Incidents of Insider Threat
  • Detect Malicious Threats & Protect IT
  • Protect Intellectual Property From Theft
  • Safeguard Robbing of Copyrighted Data


Intellectual Property Protection Software Associated Benefits

Various organizations provide support with services. However, we offer dedicated support with the software to guide you at every step whenever you need.

Boost your business much faster than its current growth rate. Secure your intellectual property in a smart manner.

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NFC's IP Software Protects Intellectual Property Smartly

Loss of intellectual property is a serious matter that could have financial consequences and hit a business's reputation too. An intellectual property protection software prevents such risks in advance.

  • Protect Company Prestige by Saving their Content.
  • Threats Detection & Safeguarding Crucial IP Theft.
  • Prevent Patent, Design, Technology, Plans Robbing.
  • Add Extra Value to the Total Worth of Your Business.
  • Reduce Revenue Cost Loss Due to Sensitive Data Theft.
  • Deploy policies & Procedures to Protect Intellectual Property.


Reasons for Using Intellectual Property Protection Tools

The solution provides complete control to safeguard copying, printing, transferring, and downloading your business-sensitive intellectual content. It also helps in legal proceedings & audits.

External Audits

Internal & External Audits

Audits often require statistics including potential threats & strategies to counter them. Intellectual property protection software is very useful in these scenarios for organizations.


Lawsuit & Litigation

The reports that the software generates can also be presented in a court of law as solid pieces of evidence. It can clear several stats whenever needed by the organization.



Intellectual Property Protection Software Features

Deploy NetForChoice Intellectual Property Protection Software that prevents the theft of organizations' IP through digital management controls and thorough content analyses. Hence, this software can protect intellectual property with ease.

  • Prevent internal staff from leaking IP information.
  • Prevent copying, printing, downloading, and theft.
  • Patent protection from the outside world ensures dignity.
  • Resilient protection from robbing plans, and expressions.
  • Extensive content detection stops the transition of design files.
  • Able to investigate all intellectual property hidden within a firm.


Advantages of Tool to Protect Intellectual Property

The tool prevents insiders from leaking crucial intellectual property information to competitors. Intellectual property protection tools are a crucial need of businesses nowadays.

Complete Control

Complete Control

Intellectual property protection software protects reputation of organizations by stopping data breaches. Also, the software is able to control what users access without the need.

Diverse Nature

Diverse Nature

Explore people who have access to crucial IP using footprints of the same data. It safeguards the intellectual property of all industries from IT to educational institutes & even others too.


Question on Intellectual Property Protection Software

Infrastructural flaws, outdated technology, lack of efficient enforcement, and poor R & D on security gaps are some of the factors that challenge IP.

We take security & privacy seriously & that is why only individuals with proper permissions can access the software. Even NFC can not access your software without permission.

The sole purpose of developing these tools is to protect intellectual property. Thus, this tool is secure to use for eliminating the risk of intellectual property loss.

Yes, we provide frequent updates to Intellectual Property Protection Software for being technologically advanced. Moreover we also offer Endpoint Security SoftwareData Leak Prevention SoftwareInsider Threat Management Software.

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At NetForChoice, we take our customers’ reviews very seriously. Customer stories can better tell about our service. See below and read what our clients say about us, making us one of India's best IP protection software provider.