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Cyber Threat Intelligence Software By NFC

Choose India's Best Cyber Threat Intelligence Tool to Secure your Business

Protect Business from Insider Threats & Cyber-Attack Risks with NetForChoice

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Monitor Entire Staff

Check what the employees are doing at the current moment, which websites they are using, and which files they are uploading or sending emails.

Employee Evaluation Score

Cyber threat intelligence analysis tools provide reliability scores for every employee to evaluate whether they can handle high-sensitivity projects or not.

Protect All Devices

The cybersecurity threat intelligence tool can be easily deployed on all kinds of devices – desktops, laptops, Android mobiles, cloud, emails, printers.


Cyber Threat Intelligence Software Features

It becomes the biggest challenge for organizations to manage security vulnerabilities and insider threats. Any kind of ignorance related to cyberattacks can potentially damage your organization’s reputation in various aspects.

  • Prior Warnings About Data Leakage
  • Closely Monitors Unproductive Activities
  • Facilitates High-Level Threat Intelligence
  • Trace Vulnerabilities in Network / Application
  • Incorporate in All Devices Like Mobile, PC Etc


Cyber Threat Intelligence Tools Significance

We make sure that our clients always get the best results from all of our offerings without facing any critical issues.

This software let you secure your organization from all directions & directly boost the business’s overall performance.

Identify Potential Threats
Prevent Criminal Activities
Boost Employee Efficiency
Increase Overall Productivity

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Keep Your Premises Safe with Corporate Cyber Fraud Intelligence Tool

Mitigate the attacks & risks with the best cyber threat intelligence software proficient in threat management. Moreover, Get the trust of NetForChoice that simply justifies no complaints in the future in any way.

  • Deploy in All End-Points Devices
  • Employee Monitoring in All Aspects
  • Centralized Dashboard for Reporting
  • Continuous Activity Tracking of Insiders
  • Real-Time Activities Alert on Email & SMS
  • Proficiently Handles Security Vulnerabilities


Cyber Threat Intelligence Software Advantages for Corporate

Find out all vulnerabilities & leak points an attacker can get access to business-critical information. Cyber threat intelligence tools help you intelligently analyze the information flow within and outside the company.

360° Corporate Security

Robust cyber intelligence sensors analyzed minute-by-minute activities going on in the organization. So, it can quickly alert you about potential frauds and upcoming threats from all directions.

Threat Intelligence

Cyber threat intelligence analysis tool has capabilities to report who is going to attack you, their purpose and potential, and the vulnerable areas in your system in real-time.



Advantages of Getting Cyber Threat Intelligence Solutions from NFC

Our cybersecurity protection management tool proactively analyzes, identifies, and provides comprehensive reporting on threats that have, will, or are currently attacking the organization's network.

  • Get Complete Cyber Threat Analysis Tools Kit
  • Support devices like PC, Printers, Android, & Etc
  • Transparency on Employee Productivity to Help HR
  • Alert Warnings Related to Data Loss via. Notifications
  • Comprehensive Reporting of Internal Attacker’s Intent
  • Managed Habitat on Operational, Compliance & Productivity


Cyber Threat Intelligence Tools Boost Outcomes

Constant feed by determining common indicators of compromise & recommend measures to prevent attacks. It helps businesses to avoid losses & areas to work more in order to generate better outcomes.

Productivity Loss

Cyber threat intelligence software is able to trace out all the entertainment and unproductive activities of insiders by drawing out comprehensive analysis across teams and departments.

Available for All Businesses

One complete cyber intelligence suite is totally sufficient for all types of businesses regardless of their sizes whose motto is to reduce business cyber risk via smart analysis.



Most Asked Questions for Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cybersecurity protection management tool provides organizations the detailed information on all the threats & ways to create an effective defense system against them.

Operational, tactical, and strategic are three major types of cyber threat intelligence.

The data breach is also a threat to business, hence, this cyber threat intelligence software alerts in advance about the data breaches & ways to prevent them. Along with it, you can look into other solutions as well, such as Endpoint Security SoftwareData Leak Prevention Software, Employee Behavior Investigation Software, & Insider Threat Management Software.

We provide regular updates of the cyber threat intelligence tools to step up with the latest technology.


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