Cyber Threat Intelligence Tool

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  • Trace Vulnerabilities in Network / Malicious Application
  • Monitors Unproductive Activities of Employees
  • Facilitates High-Level of Threat Intelligence
  • Incorporate in All Devices - Mobile/PC/Email

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Cyber Security Intelligence

Extensive Need for Corporate Cyber Intelligence Tool

It becomes the biggest challenge for organizations to manage security vulnerabilities and insider threats. Any kind of ignorance related to cyberattacks can potentially damage your organization’s reputation in various aspects. To mitigate the attacks & risks, there is a requirement of Cyber Threat Intelligence application that proficient in threat management.

NetForChoice Cyber Threat Intelligence Tool is a critical security application that helps to protect users from potential cyberattacks. It proactively analyzes, identifies and provides comprehensive reporting on threats that have, will, or are currently attacking the organization network. This will help you to deploy proper strategies against the threats who want to take advantage of sensitive valuable information

  1. Proficiently handle security vulnerabilities
  2. Real-time activities alert on email & SMS
  3. Centralized dashboard for reporting
  4. Deploy in all end-points devices
  5. Continuous activity tracking of insiders
  6. Employee monitoring in all aspects
  7. Prior warnings about data leakage
  8. Complete Cyber Security Analysis Tool

Corporate Cyber Intelligence

Benefits of Cyber Threat Intelligence Tool For Your Business

  • Incorporate by industries to trace-out vulnerabilities in Network, Insider threats, and Malicious applications
  • Monitor unproductive activities of employees like web file uploads, unauthorized storage drive usage, pornographic access, sensitive internet searches, social networking usage
  • Provide high level of data security with advanced policy-based endpoint protection
  • Facilitate real-time analysis of current attacks that threaten assets of an organization
  • Collect all malicious alerts traced in a network and provided to the business owner
  • Incorporated in all devices – Desktop, Printers, Android devices, Emails, Laptop
  • Transparency on employee’s productivity to help HR for their work assessment
  • Complete controlled environment on Operational, Compliance & Productivity
  • Prior warnings related to data loss via. Notifications, alerts, SMS, and emails
  • Comprehensive reporting of internal attacker’s intent on a centralized dashboard
  • Find out all vulnerabilities & leak points an attacker can get access to business-critical information
  • Intelligently analyze the information flow within and outside the company to prevent potential security threats
  • Constant feed by determining common indicators of compromise & recommend measures to prevent attacks

Key Advantages of Cyber Threat Intelligence Tool

Know Unlimited Advantages Offered by NetForChoice

Track activity of insiders within or outside the organization and send their activity alerts related to social networking usage, pornographic access, Job search, sensitive search, secondary storage device usage, file upload, cloud email attachment alerts, etc.

Strong cyber intelligence sensors analyzed minute by minute activities going in the organization. So, it can easily alert you about potential fraud and upcoming threats.

Cyber threat intelligence analysis tool provide reliability score for every employee for their evaluation whether they can handle high sensitivity projects or not.

Able to trace out all the entertainment and unproductive activities of insiders by draw out comprehensive analysis across teams, and departments.

Intelligently scan content to give information about the espionage activity running in the firm by the insiders.

Cyber threat intelligence analysis tool has capabilities to report who is going to attack you, what their purpose and potential are, and what are the vulnerable areas in your system in real time – that helps you to make a strong decision against security risks.

One complete cyber intelligence suite for all types of businesses regardless of its size whose motto is to reduce business cyber risk via. Smart analysis.

All the cyber intelligence reports, notifications, or alerts of incidents receive on email and SMS too. So, you will be aware of threats and risks while on the move.

Cyber Intelligence Tool can be easily deployed on all kinds of devices – desktops, laptops, Android mobiles, cloud, emails, printers.

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