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Workplace Monitoring Software in India

Deploy Finest Workplace Monitoring Software to Maximize Work Efficiency

Manage and Monitor Your Workplace from Anywhere & Anytime Without Any Hassle

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Better Resource Utilization

The modern utility helps in optimum utilization of human & other resources. It helps in saving costs for the organizations. In addition, it prevents the wastage of several resources too.

Enhanced Productivity

Opting for such a utility will directly impact the increased business productivity. Get the best ever work response from your employees without putting any extra efforts for the same.

Prevent Suspicious Events

The software is enriched with advanced algorithms & developed by IT experts with security as the prime focus. It can detect all kinds of suspicious activities in their initial stages.


Optimum Workplace Computer Monitoring Software

New technologies or data flow over the internet requires extensive surveillance and monitoring practices in the workplace. All of this is now quite easy with the help of this advanced workplace monitoring tool.

  • Control Over Workplace Productivity
  • Employer Can Remotely Monitor Staff
  • Identify Unwanted Events On-Premise
  • Track Employees Who Are Off-Network
  • Cloud-based Workplace Monitoring Tool


Workplace Monitoring Software Major Highlights

This software is capable of performing plenty of useful operations for a firm. Get the trial now to grow your business faster.

Get this latest feature-loaded utility & take the maximum benefit after implementing it as per your business requirements.

Monitor In-Depth Operations
Identify Suspicious Activities
Prepare All Necessary Plans
Execute Counter Operations

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Multifunctional & Widely Trusted Workplace Monitoring Software By NFC

Previously, it was not easy to track every activity of the workplace and employees’ efficiency. But now, it becomes easy with NetForChoice Workplace Computer Monitoring Software. Avail of several features with this advanced utility for your business.

  • Trace out the timing when your employees are most productive.
  • Discover which resources your staff do not have & arrange immediately.
  • Identify areas to focus more & segments to continue with the same pace.
  • Learn which employee is genuinely working & who is wasting their time.
  • Understand which employee is eligible for bonus reward & overtime payout.
  • Easy to identify why your team performance is lacking & guided accordingly.
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Increase Productivity with Workplace Monitoring Software for Businesses

You can have comprehensive control of what activities are happening at the workplace. Moreover, once the tool is deployed on all endpoints, it becomes possible to monitor any department, team, or individual remotely.

Improve Efficiency & Productivity

Work & behavior monitoring of employees pushes them to their duties efficiently and on time without wasting their crucial time. This results in better productivity & efficiency.

All-in-one Solution

Complete endpoint security including attack prevention, investigation, and remediation. Get all facilities in one software to eliminate the confusion of multiple tools.

monitoring productivity in the workplace
work productivity monitoring software


Why Opt For NFC's Workplace Monitoring Tool?

Workplace monitoring software lets you identify and track all of your workplace digital activity. So, it becomes easy to understand if the team members are genuinely doing work or hardly working.

  • Extensive monitoring to identify cyberslacking & goldbricking.
  • Frequent software updates to get the best all-time performance.
  • Proactive alerts over the mail & SMS of digital workplace activities.
  • Remote monitoring to get an insight of remotely working employees.
  • Significant control to better understand the performance of employees.
  • Reduce social media engagement of employees to enhance productivity.


Choose the Most Advance Workplace Monitoring Software in India

The workplace monitoring software allows you to watch or track employees' work activities working remotely or off the network. All of these operations can be done with total control in the admin’s hands.

Control on Processes

Keep an eye on your employees activities in office premises to prevent insider threats. Moreover, no one can access the software dashboard without the relevant access.

Legal Proceeding

All you audits & legal proceedings can now get easy with th help of this modern utility. Works great in audits & provides valid evidence in a court of law.



User's Query for Workplace Monitoring Tool

Yes, many organizations have already used this software & are successfully monitoring their workplace even remotely.

Yes, it can smartly track which employee is online & which is not along with their timestamps.

No, this utility strictly values ethics & that is why it Monitors Employees for work purposes & does not interfere in their individual lives.

Yes, workplace monitoring software closely monitors all suspicious activities in the workplace.


Customer Reviews for Workplace Monitoring Tool

At NetForChoice, we take our customers’ reviews very seriously. Customer stories can better tell about our service. See below and read what our clients say about us, making us one of India's best Workplace monitring software provider.