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Workplace Productivity Monitoring Software

Advantages of Workplace Productivity Monitoring Software

  • Easy to identify why your team performance is lacking & guided accordingly
  • Discover which resources your staff do not have & immediately provide them
  • Trace out the timing when your employee is most productive in working hours
  • Learn which employee is genuinely working & who is wasting time in the workplace
  • Understand which person literally deserve bonus reward & overtime money
  • Remote monitoring helps to get insight of employee work who is remotely working
  • Proactive alerts or notification over the mails & SMS of digital workplace activities
  • Significant control to better understand the performance of employee on workbench
  • Extensive monitoring used to identify cyberslacking & goldbricking among employees
  • Reduce engagement of employees over social media to enhance productivity & efficiency

Workplace Monitoring Software tools

Deploy Workplace Productivity Tool to Maximize Efficiency

New technologies or data flow over the internet requires extensive surveillance and monitoring practices in the workplace. The close monitoring of staff helps the employer in various aspects such as performance evaluation, management, worker’s future behavior, decision-making, promotion. Previously, it was difficult to track every activity of the workplace and employees’ efficiency. But now it becomes easy with NetForChoice Workplace Monitoring Software.

Workplace Computer Monitoring Software lets you identify and track all of your workplace digital activity. So, it becomes easy to understand if the team members are genuinely doing work or hardly working. Plus, you have comprehensive control of what activities are happening at the workplace. Moreover, once the tool is deployed on all endpoints, it becomes possible to remotely monitor any department, team, or individual. Besides this, you can monitor or track work activities of employees that are working remotely or off network.

  1. Control over workplace productivity
  2. Employer can remotely monitor staff
  3. Track employees who are off-network
  4. Cloud-based workplace monitoring tool
  5. Identify suspicious activity at workplace

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