Employee Monitoring Software

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  • Record Everything Your Employees Do
  • Track Where Employees Spend Their Time
  • Centralized Dashboard For Analyses
  • Remote or Home Worker Monitoring
  • Random Snapshot of Employee’s Screen

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India’s Best Employee Monitoring Tool to Improve Productivity

Get visibility of your teamwork - In-office or Remote with a user-activity monitoring application

An employee monitoring or tracking application is an integral part of an organization to improve workforce productivity, especially remote workforce. Using the software, the businesses understand how their staff work, use their devices and deal with sensitive information.

Employee Monitoring Software by NetForChoice is the best solution for this in India. It is a cloud-based employee activity tracking tool that reports what employees are doing during business hours. It easily monitors employees who are working from home or those who stay away from the business network. In addition, it provides contextual information that empowers the organization to be more secure, compliant, and productive.

Features of Remote Employee Tracking Software :-

  1. Record everything your employees do
  2. Show how much staff is working
  3. Track where employees spend their time
  4. Setup who & what will be monitored
  5. Centralized dashboard for analyses
  6. Remote or Home worker monitoring
  7. Snapshot of employee’s screen
  8. Check whether an employee is stealing data

track employee's activities

Employee Monitoring Application Shows You Critical Insights

monitor remote working employee’s work
  • It helps you to monitor the activities of your off-site staff
  • Provide the required information in the absence of an employee
  • Discover who is the most productive employee in a firm
  • Check whether the employee is sending abusive/offensive emails or chats
  • Find out which employee is looking for a new job
  • Proactively warns which employee is violating the policies
  • Check whether employee is sending abusive/offensive mails or chats
  • Reports you about the installation of any unapproved application
  • Monitors psychological stability of employees & how it affects the business
  • Protects insider threats by letting you understand employee’s activity
  • Evaluate sexual harassment complaints by taking account of objective evidence
  • Inspecting network packets to find out suspicious behavior
  • Alerts & reporting gives the information required for data security management

Why Employee Monitoring Tool is Beneficial For Businesses?

Know Insights of Employee Tracking Software System

Improved Productivity

Complete tracking and rigorous control over your employees’ system work activities.

Data Threat Management

Real-time monitoring, screenshots, comprehensive tracking are constantly aware you of insider threats.


Get a deeper insight into when the team arrives or leaves the office with an employee monitoring tool.

Graphical Reports

Comprehensive insights on the centralized dashboard in the form of graphical representation for understanding.

Remote Monitoring

Quickly check work activities on PC remotely from any location. Track which apps & websites are used by the employee during the working hours.

Application Monitoring

Total transparency over which applications are installed on the network and understanding of how employees use it.

Save Managers Time

Automate the employee monitoring operation with the software, which takes enormous time while performed by managers manually.

Dedicated Support

In case any problem arises in Employee monitoring software, our team is always ready to help you. You can directly call, chat, or mail us.

Deploy in Moments

Employee tracking tool can set up in minutes. You do not require any infrastructure or training for your IT guy.

Employee Monitoring Tool FAQ’s

Does the software find all the crucial business information saved on the network?

Yes, the application is capable enough to discover where the company's sensitive information resides to protect it from compromise.

Yes, the program can lock down specific channels in case of data exfiltration activity takes place by any employee.

The tool can be easily incorporated on all kinds of devices – Desktops, Laptops, Mobile, Emails, Printers.

Yes, you can easily sign-up for the trial version before purchasing the license.

Yes, you can configure the settings for each team member as per your need. You can easily enable and disable it. To know how to do this, connect with our support team for guidance.

The Employee Monitoring software application runs silently in the background without creating any disturbance. So, no problem will make during work while the app runs on the device.

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Why NetForChoice Employee Monitoring Software For Workplace?

Resilient Security

Excellent utility to protect sensitive corporate data from insiders & hackers.

Notification On Time

Notify you about suspicious data loss activity Via. Notifications, SMS, and Email reports.

Track Remote Workers

Monitor productivity of employees working from home, remote employees, or off-site workforce.

Legal Proceedings

Proficient in identifying crimes & taking live screenshots associated with them to use in legal cases.

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