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Data Exfiltration Threat Intelligence

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360° Security

Get data exfiltration threat security from all the directions. The advanced security tool restricts threats from various sources to attack your sensitive organizational data files.

Advanced Protection

Security software is developed with advanced algorithms to quickly detect all kinds of threats that may lead to data loss. The software is developed after years of detailed research.

Active Support

Enjoy unmatched support from our team whenever you need assistance. We are always there to support you whenever you get confused with the technicalities of the software.


Significance of Data Exfiltration Detection Software

Data Exfiltration falls into the security breach category. It also has multiple names– Data exfil, Data leakage, Data extrusion, Data exportation, and Data theft. The automated tool is very important to secure crucial data.

  • In-depth analyses of networks
  • Prevent stealing of restricted data
  • Send Alerts Related to Data Exfiltration
  • Strong Policies to Overcome Data Theft
  • Deployed on – PC/Mobile/Emails/Laptop
  • Incorporate Sandbox in External Devices
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Data Exfiltration Threat Intelligence by NFC

Our team makes sure that we provide you maximum benefits out of what you spend on our highly advanced software.

Our Support is something that most of our users praise & helped us understand user challenges from the ground level.

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Advantages of Data Exfiltration Detection Tools

It is a malicious activity where the individual’s or organization’s valuable data is copied, retrieved, or transferred from a computer or server illegally. The data exfiltration threat intelligence provides various advantages against that.

  • Transparency of Data Movement
  • Stop Data-Stealing from USB Drive
  • Live Screenshot of Employee’s Screen
  • Do Not Impact Productivity & Performance
  • Monitoring of Employee Behavior & Activities
  • Protect Sensitive Data from Unauthorized User
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Data Exfiltration Threat Intelligence Increases Growth

Data exfiltration detection software significantly helps you to scale up your business at a much faster rate than expected. It can increase the outcome that directly leads to the growth of the business operations.

Boost Efficiency

The software can easily boost the efficiency of employees by analyzing their progress reports & understanding the areas where they can work more to be efficient.

Increase Productivity

Securing the business trade secrets & intellectual property is done to ultimately keep business information private & increase outcome productivity in less time.

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data exfiltration tools


Data Exfiltration Detection Software Features

The NetForChoice data exfiltration detection tools are the perfect solution to keep away unauthorized persons (insiders, cybercriminals, or hackers) from stealing sensitive data like trade secrets, intellectual property, financial information, etc.

  • Eliminate All the Potential Data Theft Chances
  • Maximum Transparency of Data Flow within the Network
  • Facilitate Steps to Mitigate Damage in Case of Internal Attacks
  • Trace-Out Hidden Advanced Persistent Threats Across Networks
  • Send Data Exfiltration Alerts Across Networks Over Mail or SMS
  • Sandbox in All External Devices Helps Maintain Crucial Information


Data Exfiltration Threat Intelligence Maintains Integrity

Data Exfiltration Detection Tools make sure that your business information stays within the premises & no competitors can use that data to harm your organization. It prevents data leaks on a mass level.

Prevent Mass Data Breach

These tools are totally secure & smartly prevent mass data breaches. It is very helpful to protect your business & client’s crucial information that shouldn't go out on the internet.

Restrict Spying Competitors

The advanced software that we are providing significantly restricts competitors to use your business information to gain their business growth or harm your business in any way.



Data Exfiltration Threat Intelligence Questions

If you have top-class security arrangements like advanced monitoring tools, firewalls, antivirus, etc, then it is possible.

This advanced utility detects data exfiltration at its early stage, providing enough time to create & implement counteractions.

We definitely offer support to our clients whenever they need any kind of assistance or get stuck in tasks.

Our software provides utmost security to your crucial data files & provides pinpoint accurate results. Moreover, we have various other software solution that are industry leading in nature, such as Endpoint Security SoftwareData Leak Prevention Software, Employee Behavior Investigation Software, & Insider Threat Management Software.


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