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Tracking Executive Positions

Key Advantages of Tracking Executive Positions & Movements

  • Board of directors can easily monitor individual CXOs & CEOs in the corporate group
  • Continuously track activities & performance of Senior & Top executives silently
  • Higher authority can easily know which CXO is planning to leave the company
  • Trace out unreliable CXO which leaks the company’s restricted data to competitors
  • Able to discover cases of insider theft & trading among top-level positions
  • Easily monitor work activities of CXOs when they do work from remote areas
  • Track Your Executives Movements, Field Reporting, & Scheduled Jobs
  • Board of directors can gain visibility of how much staff is being convinced with board meeting

Tracking Executive Software

Follow Movements of CEOs using Tracking Executive Software

To improve company productivity & effectiveness, the regular monitoring of senior executives is essential. Tracking individual CXO & CEO activity in a group of companies helps to identify the negative element that impact company goals. This can be easily done with an intelligent NetForChoice Tracking Executive Positions Tool.

This application silently tracks minute by minute activity of higher authorities, especially CXO and CEO and provides comprehensive reporting to the board of directors. It helps you to identify gaps that need to be filled for the organization’s reputation. Plus, it let you know the insider threat who is selling your business-critical information to the outside world at some price.

  1. Regular performance tracking of top executives
  2. Reduce negative element from executive position
  3. Send alerts of data exfiltration done by CTO & CEO
  4. Gain visibility of top management work
  5. Detect anomalous behavior of executive
  6. Protect Intellectual Property theft

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