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IaaS Hosting software on cloud

Best Cloud IaaS Service Provider in India

Exact Roadmap to Save Time, Effort, & Cost with NetForChoice IaaS Cloud Hosting with the facility of Disaster Recovery & Backup Solutions to make it more secure.

NetForChoice is the most trustable IaaS provider in India for its excellent scalable & secure Tier-4 data center platform. To ensure data integrity & safety, NetForChoice’s data centers have multiple layers of physical & network security. Regular audit and monitoring are to be done to ensure the infrastructural unit is away from security risk.

With us, one can easily transit some or complete on-premises infrastructure to cloud with hosting of comprehensive computing resources to boost the productivity & efficiency of the business. The infrastructure as a service includes software, storage hardware, compute, and other necessary applications. Our IaaS Hosting includes;

  • Personal 24*7 Support
  • Scalable Infrastructure
  • Complete Redundancy
  • Resources Scalability
  • Pay as You Go Pricing
  • Intrusion Detection System
  • Managed Server Hosting
  • Network Edge Protection
  • Reduce TCO

features of IaaS hosting platform

Advantages of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Hosting

  • Reduces Expenses, Time & Effort by Providing all Computing Services on Demand
  • Get IaaS Hosting for Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud
  • Easy to Scale Infrastructure Resources Up or Down as per Business Need
  • Pay only for What you use on the basis of Hourly, Daily or Monthly
  • Advantage to get latest Services, Processors, Hardware and much more
  • Running websites using IaaS can be less expensive and secure
  • High Availability Server Offers Impeccable Disaster Recovery options
  • IaaS Infra makes it Affordable to Execute new Products and Ideas
  • Dedicated 24 Hrs. Monitoring & Audit of your IaaS Infrastructure
  • Facilitate 99.995% Uptime Performance as Data is redundant to multiple Servers

Discover Benefits of NetForChoice IaaS Cloud Hosting Service

Prime reasons to choose NFC IaaS Hosting Solution for your business

As per the workload, scale up or down the existing IaaS services by own. You can either change the resources configuration on a temporary basis to mitigate seasonal traffic peak or permanently for your business.

It is easy to customize the running infra (OS, RAM and so on) without altering the data already processed within the same cloud machine.

To reduce any type of risk, infrastructure monitoring is done by the NetForChoice at a regular interval of time. It eliminates the security threats across the technologies – cloud, data center, and virtual servers and facilitates a stable IT platform. As well as, enterprise-class Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System, and other network security layers are added to make infra secure.

Replicates data on multiple servers to balance between performance & security. Along with this, Companies can also include DRaaS to manage the recovery & failover process.

NetForChoice IaaS Cloud Hosting provides easy-to-use IaaS technology mitigation for administrators. If in case anyone is facing a problem, contact the technical support representatives anytime as it is available 24 x7 x365 through telephone, mail, and over chat. The team will resolve the customer’s query in the minimum period.

Provides you the infra where you need to exclusively pay for the resources that you consume only which is very cost-effective as we understand the pain of modern industries. It will reduce all the additional cost that requires while setting up the servers in the premises.

We are a certified partner with Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, and AWS. We are experts at assisting organizations in migrating to cloud infrastructure service, securing and optimizing cloud operations.

Get the benefit of narrow windows of opportunity by utilizing the flexibility of virtual infrastructures for the testing of new development and faster deployment.

Business transition to new place becomes easier with IaaS as all the data saved on the cloud rather than traditional hardware infrastructure

IaaS Hosting Software on Cloud

IaaS Hosting Platform – FAQ’s

What is Infrastructure as a Service platform?

Solution: Iaas or Infrastructure as a Service is a domain of cloud computing where people can get the benefit of procurement of IT infrastructure which is provisioned and managed over the internet.
NetForChoice is one of the best IaaS service providers in India. We offer managed service where we manage the entire infrastructure of yours.

Solution: The key features of IaaS offerings include;

  1. Public & Private Cloud IaaS
  2. High Security Standards
  3. High availability
  4. Hourly pricing
  5. Faster Scaling
  6. Disaster recovery
  7. Fast Speed
  8. Increase Stability, Reliability and Supportability

Solution: Managed IaaS Cloud hosting is based on a pay-per-use consumption model with an affordable pricing plan.

Solution: Yes, we offer scalable IT infrastructure service where you can easily make service change requests for increasing or decreasing the amount of storage space etc. that are allocated to them. These changes can be either on a temporary basis to handle peak processing or development needs and permanent to ramp up ongoing growth too.

Solution: Our professional security team is on the job 24/7 to carefully monitor your servers, including on holidays. Help is available through Email, Ticket, or live chat. No matter what, we always protect your server from any problem.

Solution: We are a Tier-4 data center company that guaranteed offers 99.995 % Uptime. So, you will not face any severe downtime issue with us.

What People Say About Our IaaS Hosting Services

Why Choose NetForChoice IaaS Cloud Hosting?

Scalable Infra

Scale your infrastructure resources that fit your business needs anytime

Complete Redundancy

With Geo-Redundant data centers integrated with BaaS & DRaaS to support our IaaS Solutions

24*7 Support

Trained & experienced customer and technical support teams are ready to attend your inquiry at any time.

Cloud Security

Eliminate mixing of data and gain an advantage of control of physically-isolated compute & storage.

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