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  • Data Security with BaaS & DRaaS
  • Facilitate PaaS Cloud Security
  • Guaranteed 99.995 % Uptime
  • Automated Scaling & Clusterization
  • Managed PaaS Cloud Services
  • Pay as You Grow Pricing Model

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Best PaaS Web Hosting By NetForChoice

A commitment to delivering significant IT solutions has helped NetForChoice to become one of the leading & best PaaS hosting providers in India. We offer broad integrated portfolio solutions for the Platform-as-a-Service cloud platform. You can purchase PaaS hosting of Alibaba cloud, Microsoft Azure Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud, and IBM Cloud.

We deliver a stalwart & conducive platform (Infra & Middleware environment) so that the developer can deploy innovative technologies securely with hardly any risk. Adding to it, our managed PaaS platform providing all the essential tools & other services required to develop or host enterprise applications.
With NetForChoice, the expeditious testing for any web-hosted application gives momentum to your business to grow its technology evolution without high capital expenditure.

Quick Provisioning

Tier-4 Data Center

24*7 Support

Managed PaaS Servcies

Flexible Pricing

PaaS Cloud Security

99.995 % Uptime

100 % Compliant

Host any Project

managed Paas services

Advantages of Platform as a Service (PaaS) Hosting

  • Get services & specific components for developing applications over the cloud.
  • Facility to scale allocation and deallocation of resources with a pay-as-you-use model.
  • Minimum lead-time with assistance of on-demand availability of resources.
  • No need to purchase, install hardware & software needed to have an application development platform
  • Use PaaS platform to create application programming interfaces (APIs) and microservices.
  • PaaS supports a broad range of programming languages – JAVA, Ruby, Python, .NET, PHP, Node, and tools used for IoT deployments.
  • Examine data to find business insight to predict how your decisions will impact business
  • Facilitate 99.995% Uptime Performance as data is redundant to multiple servers.

Benefits of NetForChoice PaaS Web Hosting Platform

Advance Cloud Platform as a Services for running & developing applications over internet with guaranteed security

Quick Platform Setup

NetForChoice provides you easy to get PaaS service platform. The whole machine takes a few seconds to set up with the desired components.

Scalable Resources

Facility to scale up or down the existing PaaS hosting compute resources as per the requirement of your project development.

Multi-Platform Support

The facility to deploy and develop enterprise applications for multiple platforms of mobile devices and browsers makes app development swift and facile.


A complete environment used for application development can access via. the internet. So, it is easy for multiple teams to work together from a different location to test, deploy, or maintain application development work.


The main reason for using the NetForChoice PaaS model is its billing model. It means you only need to pay for what you used. All-in-all, we help the organizations to lessen the operational costs.

Highly Secure

NetForChoice works with Tier 4 Datacenter to keep your data safe & secure and always available with high data redundancy. It also guarantees 99.95% Uptime and potential downtime of 22 minutes per year.

Technical Support

Get around-the-clock access to the technical support from our cloud experts. We are always available 24x7x365 through telephone, mail, and over live chat.


User-friendly UI, SSH access, open API and cloud scripting makes it easy to control workloads across clouds


Out-of-the-box continuous monitoring of RAM, CPU, network, storage, IO with alert notifications, as well as load tracking on infrastructure level to make Platform as a service hosting facile for you.

Why NetForChoice is the Best PaaS Hosting Provider?

High Performance

Gain access to Platform as a Service on powerful enterprise-grade server with exceptional support.

Advanced Security

Advanced Intrusion Prevention System with Firewall Protection and prevention from potential cyberattacks.

Quick Deployment

Easily Configure & Deploy Platforms-as-a-Service on Cloud and start doing your development work.

Cost-effective Plans

Our PaaS web hosting services are flexible & Cost-effective which is affordable for Startups also.

Managed PaaS Hosting Platform FAQ's

Does the NetForChoice PaaS service provides adequate support?

Our professional and skilled security team is on the job 24/7 to carefully monitor your servers, including on holidays. Help is available through Email, Ticket, or live chat. No matter what, we always protect your server from any problem.

You can easily scale your configuration according to your work. There is no problem with resource scalability. As well as, we keep our platform updated with regular security patches to ensure resilient security of your managed cloud.

Platform-as-a-Service or PaaS is a model based on cloud Technology, majorly focusing on developers. It includes proficient delivery of infrastructure, and middleware components that permit developers, IT administrators, and end-user to build, integrate, migrate, test, deploy, and manage application development.
This model removes the hassle and expenses of buying, configuring, and maintaining the mandatory hardware and software components required for application development and deployment. All the services that motivate developers to integrate new capabilities into their applications such as Artificial intelligence, Chatbots, Blockchain, and others are integrated into PaaS plans. So, users can immediately log in and start using the platform and initiate development work.

NFC PaaS platform provides all the benefits of cloud computing, from transparent pricing to scalability and disaster recovery. All things manage by an easy-to-use dashboard. So, businesses can perform their operations without any risk.
To ensure data safety, NetForChoice’s Tier 4 data centers have multiple layers of Physical & Network security. In fact, the regular audit and monitoring are to be done to ensure the PaaS resources away from any type of risk. Besides this, the data-protection features include resilience capabilities such as data backups and DRaaS. Moreover, NetForChoice guarantees to provide 100 % of Uptime along with Enterprise Security Solutions.

We are a Tier-4 data center company that guaranteed provides 99.995 % Uptime. So, you will not face any severe downtime issue with us and do your operation efficiently.

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