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Web application firewall security provider
Flexible Deployment

What is the Need of Web Application Firewall?

To manage the traffic of your web application, Netforchoice provides you the best web application firewall security. But WAF is different from a traditional security firewall, in a normal firewall you do not get a good security layer for web applications. But with the implementation of a WAF you get 7 layers of security which a traditional network security does not have for web applications. But on the other hand WAF also does not give protection to any other application.

WAF is used to secure web servers from different types of threats that may cause damage to your server and can steal data from your server. It protects your data from different malicious attacks like SQL injection, cross site forgery, cross site, scripting and other types of attacks. We are the top WAF vendor in India.

  • Cloud Based WAF - Netforchoice provides you a cloud based web applications firewall with advanced features that makes your data secure and reliable. It also reduces the cost of installation and space cost.
  • Protection from Cyber Threats - WAF protects your data from unsecured traffic on your web server.

Web Application Firewall With Business Management

Inspect Malicious Activity

WAF checks the mode of the user before giving access to the user. If a user comes with a normal query and takes data while going back. WAF detects it and prevents it from accessing. WAF prevents data breaching and makes your data, network and server more secure. We are the best Web application firewall security provider in India.


Netforchoice provides you the best WAF monitoring security service and provides you the flexible Plans.

Data Backup

Netforchoice understands the importance of your data and gives you facilities of automatic data backup. You can retrieve your data when needed.

7 Layers Protection

We protect your web application data from cyber attacks with 7 layers of WAF protection.

Complete Overview

We analyze traffic on your web server and find out the vulnerabilities. We provide you complete access to control and management.


Reliable Infrastructure for Uninterrupted Services

NetForChoice Enjoy the benefits of Netforchoice’s web application (WAF) to make your web application server secure from unauthorized access and make your data secure.

Netforchoice’s WAF Web Application Firewall is one of the best security solutions for your web application server and network. We understand your needs and give you the best web solutions, Netforchoice is the best web application firewall security provider in India.

Secure Connection
Deny Unauthorized Access
Flexible Plans
Reduce Cyber Threats

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Industry Verticals That We Serve

We provide WAF as a Service to all sizes of businesses and industry. Get in touch with our experts for a free consultation.


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WAF Security Provider

Experience Flexibility, Efficiency, and Peace of Mind with NFC's WAF Security

Netforchoice is said to be the best web application firewall software provider. Our Web Application firewall solution is meticulously designed to empower your organization growth with seamless security, performance, data backup, continue monitoring, and deny unauthentic access to servers. With us you get:

  • Constant monitoring of server and network
  • Flexible plans according to business need
  • All types of WAF facilities (cloud and hardware)
  • High security from DDoS, SQL injection, zero day threats
  • 99.995% uptime performance
  • Reliable backup and recovery for any disaster
Flexible Deployment

Tailored Solutions to Suit Your Business Needs

Netforchoioce top WAF vendors in India, offers you the best Web application firewall solution and flexibility to choose whether to use on-premise or cloud based WAF according to your business need.

NFC’s Cloud Based WAF - NFC offers you a cloud based WAF with advanced features and it is a cost reducing platform. We give you complete full control and management access of your WAF.

NFC’s Hardware Based WAF - NFC provides you all the essential of WAF service, we have both solutions according to your business needs. NFC hardware WAF is a cost effective platform and also has limitations but we provide you cloud WAF facilities with hardware WAF.

web application firewall
web application firewall software

Why Web Application Firewalls are the Need of the Business?

WAF has become very essential for every company to protect their data. Web application firewall provides security, efficiency and agility to the companies to keep their pace in the market. We are considered as the best web application firewall vendors in India.

  • Provide secure web network connection
  • Denies unauthentic access to web server
  • Facilitates cloud based WAF and reduce hardware cost
  • Ensure data security and data recovery plans for quick data restoration
  • Provide complete overview of the web server and network

Why Choose NetForChoice as Web Application Firewall Provider?

High Security Monitoring

Get high security monitoring of your web server and network with NFC’s Web application firewall solution. Get your web secured from DDoS attack, SQL injection, cross site forgery, with 7 layers of protection with continuous inspection and monitoring.

Flexible WAF Plans

Every business has different requirements according to the needs of their business and we understand the requirements of your business. That is why we offer you different WAF plans according to the needs of your business.

Reliable Backup and Recovery

Netforchoice also understands the value of your data so as to protect your data from any threats and natural disasters. We offer you reliable data plans to make your data secure and recover your data instantly.Netforchoice automatically backup your data so that you can retrieve it when needed.

Web application firewall security

Frequently Asked Questions

NFC's Web Application Firewall FAQs

WAF or web application firewall is a solution for your web application protection. WAF acts as a shield between your web network and traffic. Web application firewalls protect your data from malicious activities. It denies unauthorized access to web servers and inspect and monitor the activity of users on the web network. It is a set of HTTP/S protocols that checks the user intensity and gives permission to access on the web. WAF protects your data from different cyber attacks like DDoS, SQL injection, cross site forgery and other.

WAF or web application firewall is specifically designed to protect web application servers and networks. WAF is not designed to protect from all types of attacks. WAF acts like a protection shield between the web and the users. IT analyzes the https traffic and passes it to the web server. If it finds any malicious activity on the web network then it denies its entry.

Yes, WAF is designed with 7 layers protection and is specially designed to protect web data from different threats, but not from all threats.

There are mainly 2 types of WAF: cloud based WAF and Hardware based WAF.

  • Cloud based WAF is said to be the best because it has more features as compared with hardware based WAF. It also reduces the cost of the implementation and has new updates on regular intervals of time.
  • Hardware based WAF is cost effective, you have to deploy a large hardware system to run hardware WAF and you may face some limitations like not getting updates on time.

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