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Alternative to Office 365: Here’s Your Choice

Office 365 alternate email
Sandeep Yadav | Modified: September 18th, 2022 ~ 3 Minutes Reading

If you’re still looking for an open-source Microsoft Office 365 replacement for Windows / Mac or are just curious to know what is out there for tracking your to-do, make sure to read this article. Let’s begin!

Hello Everyone!

I searched on the internet and found people are not aware of this;

Is there an alternative to Office 365?

Yes, of course. There is a replacement of Microsoft 365.

And Then I Google it further and see what I have found – A lot of queries on the same but with different requirements.

  • Free alternative to Office 365 for Windows 10
  • Alternative to Microsoft Office 365 subscription.
  • Office 365 alternate email
  • Open-source alternative to Office 365

And so on…….

Let me tell you, folks, if Microsoft 365 mailing service costs too much, or are you fed up with Outlook 365 and want to know if there’s a great alternative to Office 365 that is worth using.

Why Are Users Looking For MS Office 365 Alternative?

No doubt – Microsoft 365 is the name that always tops the chart of the popular productivity suite for documentation, spreadsheets, presentations, team management, and more. It always turns out to be the best business productivity tool.

However, many start-ups, small, and mid-size companies found O365 expensive mail application and more interested to get the alternative.

You might have heard about Zimbra Mail Server, the best, free, and open-source alternative to Office 365.

Ask for Zimbra Server

Why Zimbra Instead of Microsoft 365 for Email Service?

Zimbra is not a new name in the list of mail servers. It is a renowned software consist of Client & Server Components. Previously, offered a desktop email client – Zimbra Desktop (No longer supported).

It is a complete collaboration Suite and comes in two editions – Open Source & Network Edition.  A startup or mid-level company can take hosting of its open source edition from NetForChoice at a price that fits in their budget. Importantly, paying less, or nothing, doesn’t necessarily mean that the software is of lower quality.

In Office 365, you have to pay  per user. However, Zimbra allows you to create a ‘n’ number of users in the respective storage that you have asked from your provider during hosting.

Like Office 365, Zimbra offers cross-platform compatibility and can be used on Windows, Mac, or Linux Desktops. One can easily share Documents, Contacts, Tasks, and Appointment details with their co-workers too. You can also access Zimbra webmail on any browser – Microsoft Edge / Firefox / Safari / Chrome with internal chat discussions.

Above all, Zimbra hosting supports integration with Outlook and other desktop-oriented email clients. Plus, the availability of multiple device support – iPhone, Android, Windows, BlackBerry.

The fully-managed open-source Zimbra service offers the following features;

  • Basic Search
  • POP & IMAP Email
  • Conversation Views
  • Postscreen MTA Security
  • Advanced Search Builder
  • Attachment Search
  • Personal Distribution Lists
  • Global Address Lists (GAL)
  • Calendar Feature
  • Command Line Interface
  • File Briefcase
  • Tasks Feature
  • Zimlets for Simple Customization
  • CardDAV, iCal, and CalDAV Clients
  • POP & IMAP Email for Smartphones
  • CardDAV Contacts & CalDAV Calendar
  • Web Administration Console
  • Group & Resource Scheduling
  • Integrated Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus
  • Offline Web Client (Chrome & Firefox)
  • Multi-Domain Support
  • Domain Limitations
  • Communities & Forums

What Say – Do You Like Alternative of Office 365?

By reading above, one can understand how Zimbra has matured in recent years to become a true open-source alternative to Microsoft 365. All the key features of Zimbra outlines here, including the ability to ‘sync, share, and cross-platform compatibility’.


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