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How to Archive Lycos Mailbox – Read Complete Solution

archive lycos mailbox
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Published On January 19th, 2024
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Archive Lycos Mailbox – A Brief Introduction

In this article we are explaining to you what Lycos mail is and how to archive Lycos mailbox to make your Lycos mailbox data safe. We are also informing you of the benefits of archiving Lycos mailbox and here are the best methods to archive Lycos mailbox. Read the complete article to make your business data secure and reliable.

Lycos mail is an email solution provider where you can send and receive your business emails. It also provides email archiving solution service to make your business data secure. Lycos  was founded in 1995 as a website where people can browse. It became a world wide web leading company, it also provides web hosting services and email services. You can archive your business emails with the help of Lycos mail also. There are different features of using Lycos mail like Spam filtering, Domain/Address blocking, Virus scanning, etc. Earlier Lycos mail was free to use but after 2018 it became paid, there are 3 paid plans of Lycos mail that you can opt for.

Archiving is a process of storing your business data in a structured manner. Archiving makes your business data safe and secure, it also provides you facilities to restore your business data when you need it. Companies spent a handsome amount on making their business data secure and reliable. They want to make their business data secure for future use like for company investigation and audit. Companies use archived data for historical purposes also like company financial details.

Best Methods to Archive Lycos Mailbox

Here are the best methods to archive lycos mailbox, archiving your data can help you to secure your business mail data that can be used in future. Because your mail contains important information about your business that you don’t want to lose. You can archive your files, information, photos, documents and other data that helps your business to stand in the market.

Here are the methods-

  • Email Client Archive – you can save your business mail data like photos, documents and other information with the help of email client archive. There are different email clients available that you can use to archive your business mail data like office 365, G suite email hosting, NFC email archiving solution etc.
  • Manual Download & Save – You can also save your mail data manually by just downloading and saving it to your desktop or any drive. It makes your data safer.
  • Print to PDF – saving your business data in pdf format makes it more authentic for your business. It is the best methods to archive Lycos mail, just open your email and save it in pdf format. You can save them in readable form for future use.
  • Third Party Email Archiving Service – There are many third parties that you can explore to archive Lycos mailbox. These parties’ archival systems can be integrated with Lycos mail and backup your business mail data securely and automatically. You can opt for different third parties like Netforchoice, Acronis cloud backup etc.
  • External Archiving – Archive Lycos mailbox to an external drive, just choose your important data that you want to archive and move it to the external drive. It also helps you to manage your inbox. It is the best methods to archive Lycos mailbox if you have small business data. But if you are having mail data in large quantities then it becomes difficult to manage by yourself.
  • Lycos Inbuilt Archiving – There is Lycos inbuilt archiving feature that you can use to archive Lycos mailbox. You have to choose your mail data that you want to archive. Then take a preview of data and then move your data to the archive folder.

Benefits of Archiving Lycos Mailbox

There are different benefits of archiving Lycos mailbox that you should enjoy, it makes your business data more safe, secure and reliable. Archive Lycos mailbox that you can use in future for different purposes.

  • Data Security – One of the benefits of archiving Lycos mailbox is data security, it enhances the security of your business mail data by archiving. Archiving is the process of storing your data in a manner that you can retrieve according to your business need.
  • Historical Purpose – Archive your Lycos business mail for historical purpose. You can use Lycos mail archived data for different historical purpose like  company historical details and employee details.
  • Storage Management – Archiving also helps you in storage management, you can select your important Lycos mails that you want to archive and delete unwanted mails. This will help you to manage your inbox storage.
  • Legal compliance and regulatory – Your Lycos mail archived data can be used for different company compliance and regulatory use like company audit and investigation.
  • Quick Retrieval – You can retrieve your business data easily if you lose it. Archiving help you to manage your data in an structured manner. you can add categories and labels and can add date, month and year so that you can recognize your data easily on the time of demand.

Why choose Netforchoice to archive Lycos Mailbox?

According to the real time data Netforchoice is a world leading Tier 3 and Tier 4 data center in Noida that has its own servers. It is one of the best solutions for your data storage and security. Netforchoice provides different solutions for your requirement like dedicated servers, email solutions, secure file sharing, archival solutions NOC as service and SOC as service. We deal in SaaS and PaaS. They have the best skilled team to manage your business email data and Netforchoice provides you high security to make it more safe and secure.

Easy archive management

  • Multiple archives, partitions, disks support 
  • Disk storage: local, network attached, removable external drives
  • Automatic roll over, with new archive activation

Powerful search and retrieval

  •    Simple “Google-like” search 
  •    Free-text search in full message body and headers
  •    Search in attachments (commonly used file formats: Text, MS (doc, ppt, xlsx), HTML, PDF

Restore email

  • Restore email for any user, any email id, over any time period
  • Multi-mode restore available
  •  Direct restore via built-in POP3 server

Email Backup & Archiving

  • Archive all internal, incoming, outgoing email (with multi-domain support) 
  • Automated & on-demand, email collection and archiving 
  • Multi-protocol support: POP3, IMAP, SMTP\

Smart storage

  • Email deduplication and single-instance storage to minimize disk usage
  • Compression for even greater storage gains
  • Military grade encryption

Compliance Ready

  •  Long term storage, searchable and quickly retrievable
  • Auditable administrator and user activity logs
  • Flexible retention policies for different email

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