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Archive Network Solutions Email Data – Complete Guide

archive network solutions email
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Published On January 22nd, 2024
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Importance of Archiving Network Solutions Email Data

In this article we will discuss how to archive network solutions email data. We will discuss how to archive network solutions emails and what are the best methods to archive network solutions emails.

Now email has become a very common source of communication that you use to communicate. Almost every individual who is using smartphones or laptops is using an email address. Whether a Gmail email or any other, users with android smartphones are more probably using Gmail email to run their smartphones and manage their data. Email is one of the common ways of communication and almost every company is using email solutions for communications with their customers and employees. Email solutions providers like network solutions and others provide a custom domain to their clients. That makes their email unique from a normal domain. These emails contain crucial information that needs to be archived, because if you don’t archive your business information then you can lose your business.

Overview of Network Solutions Emails

Network solutions is a domain registrar that provides different web services. It provides services like email solutions, web hosting, website design and online marketing. You can archive your business emails with the help of network solutions that can help to run your business in future. Network solutions provides you different features like anti spam filters, high security protection to make your emails more secure and free from different threats. It also reduces junk mails and reduces the vulnerability in your mailbox.

It can be integrated with any email clients like  office 365 and Netforchoice mail solutions because it has IMAP and POP3 features that makes it compatible to integrate with any email clients. Network Solutions is a subsidiary of that offers services like web hosting, email hosting and other. It is important to archive network solutions emails to make them secure and reliable for future use. It provides calendar, photos, contacts and task features that you can use for different uses.

Benefits of Archiving Network Solutions Emails Data 

Here are the benefits of archiving network solutions emails. Emails are the important and integral part of every business. It is your responsibility to make them secure to keep your business continuing in future. Let’s check the benefits-

  • Data Protection – Data protection is one of the benefits of archiving network solutions emails. Archiving your network solutions emails can help you to manage your business data. It helps to protect your business data from different threats. If you lose your business data by any chance then you can get it back with the help of a quick data archival feature.
  • Historical purpose – Your business archived data can be used for historical purposes. You can use it to find out the details of different employees and customers or any other information. Archiving network solutions emails could be more beneficial for different uses.
  • Business Continuity – if you want to continue your business in future then it is very important to archive your business emails. Archived emails contain the important information of your business and it can be used for business continuity.
  • Legal Compliances – Companies follow legal compliance policy that makes it mandatory for companies to archive their business data for different purposes. Companies dealing with sensitive information have to archive their data for legal purposes, regulatory and investigation.
  • Quick Data Retrieval – archive network solutions email can help you to get your data back whenever you need it. With the advanced feature of quick data retrieval you can restore your business data easily.

Top 4 Methods to Archive Network Solutions Emails Data

Archiving is a process of managing your data in a structured manner so that you can use it in future. You can archive network solutions email data with different methods, you can label your data according to month, day and years. Archive it with data importance also. Here are the different methods to archive network solutions emails.

  • Third party archival – You can archive your network solutions emails with the help of  third parties. There are many third parties that provide archival service to make your business data secure and reliable. Hiring a third party can be more helpful because they have a professional team and high security protection to manage your business data. Third parties like office 365 email hosting and Acronis cloud backup can help you to archive your data. It is one of thhe best methods to archive network solutions emails.
  • External archival – External archiving is a process of archiving network solutions email data in an external drive. Storing data in an external drive makes it more safe and secure, it protects data from cyber threats. You can use an SSD or Hard Drive to manage your data.
  • Email Client archival – There are different Email clients that  can help you to manage network solutions email data. Email clients like Office 365, thunderbird and Netforchoice you can use to archive your data.
  • Cloud Archival – Cloud is one of the most rapidly growing services, it allows you to archive network solutions emails on a cloud platform. you can access your data from anywhere and anytime. Cloud archiving also provides you high security data protection. You can archive data with cloud email solutions for small businesses.

Why Choose Netforchoice to Archive Network Solutions Emails

Netforchoice is an India based data center with multiple services that you can choose according to your business solutions. You can backup network solutions emails data like calendar, files, attached files, photos, and other important information.

Netforchoice provides a good support system that makes your task easy and business data secure. We also provide a high security system for your data protection.

Easy archive management

  • Multiple archives, partitions, disks support 
  • Disk storage: local, network attached, removable external drives
  • Automatic roll over, with new archive activation

Powerful search and retrieval

  •    Simple “Google-like” search 
  •    Free-text search in full message body and headers
  •    Search in attachments (commonly used file formats: Text, MS (doc, ppt, xlsx), HTML, PDF

Restore email

  • Restore email for any user, any email id, over any time period
  • Multi-mode restore available
  •  Direct restore via built-in POP3 server

Email Backup & Archiving

  • Archive all internal, incoming, outgoing email (with multi-domain support) 
  • Automated & on-demand, email collection and archiving 
  • Multi-protocol support: POP3, IMAP, SMTP

Smart storage

  • Email deduplication and single-instance storage to minimize disk usage
  • Compression for even greater storage gains
  • Military grade encryption

Compliance Ready

  •  Long term storage, searchable and quickly retrievable
  • Auditable administrator and user activity logs
  • Flexible retention policies for different email

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