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Know the Importance of Archiving Rackspace Emails and Data

Rackspace email archival
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Published On January 24th, 2024
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What is the Importance of Archiving Rackspace Emails?

In this article we are going to explain to you what is the importance of archiving Rackspace emails for your business security. Know the benefits of archiving Rackspace emails and how to archive Rackspace email and data for your business purposes. We will explain you here deeply, so read the complete article before archiving your Rackspace business emails.

Emails are an important part of every business and organization and keeping emails safe is mandatory. If you want to run your business smoothly in future then it is very important to archive Rackspace email and data. You can not  only archive emails but you can also archive photos, calendar, files and other documents. Archiving your business information can help you with different business requirements like compliance and company audit. Archived Rackspace emails can be used for different uses.

Overview of Rackspace Emails

Rackspace is an email hosting solution provider where you can send and receive your emails. You can use it for business purposes and Rackspace mail provides you with good security features that makes your business email information more secure and reliable. You can access your Rackspace emails from anywhere and anytime. Rackspace provides you custom domain emails to make your emails more authentic. It provides you with anti-spam filters to protect your business emails from different threats. Rackspace was founded in 1998 in America and it is present globally.

Methods to Archive Rackspace Email and Data

People are always searching the best to archive Rackspace email and data because emails play an important role in managing business. Almost every business uses email facilities to chat with their clients and their employees. These emails contain different information like company financial details and other information. Here is the way to archive Rackspace email data and information.

  • Cloud Archiving – You can store your Rackspace email data with cloud storage. Cloud storage provides you different features to make your business data secure. This is one of the best methods to archive Rackspace email and data.
  • Email Client Archiving – There are different email clients that you can use to archive your Rackspace emails. You can backup your Rackspace email data with the help of these email clients by simply integrating the email client with a Rackspace mail account. There are different email clients available in the market that you can use to archive your emails data like Microsoft 365 email solution and thunderbird.
  • Third Party Archiving – The third party archiving solution is also the best methods to archive Rackspace email and data. There are many third parties in the market that provide email archiving facilities. They also provide you with a high security and professional team to monitor your business data. 
  • Inbuilt Archiving – You can also archive your data with a Rackspace mails account. Rackspace provides you inbuilt features that help you to archive your business data. You can archive calendar, photos, emails and other information in the Rackspace inbuilt archival feature.

Benefits of Archiving Rackspace Email and Data

There are different benefits of archiving Rackspace emails, you can use archived email data for different business uses. Archiving data is very important for future use, you can use it for these purposes that are mentioned below.

  • Compliance and Legal Requirement – Some of the companies have to archive their business data because they have to follow the compliance guidelines. Companies dealing with sensitive data have to keep their data backup to meet company audit and legal requirements.
  • Data Retention Policies – Archiving allows you to apply data retention policy on your business data. So that you can set a time limit of data archiving how long you want to archive your data.
  • Protection against Data Loss – Data backup also helps you to protect your business data against data loss. If  you lose your business data by any chance then you can get it back if you have archived Rackspace data before.
  • Improved Mailbox Management – By archiving email data in another folder or server you can manage your mailbox storage easily. You can select your important emails and other data and move it to another folder or server. Delete your unwanted or spam emails to reduce the storage load.
  • Facilitates eDiscovery – eDiscovery is a feature in archiving that allows locating an email, attachment and other information instantly. eDiscovery or electronic discovery means you can easily search for any email and files on the time of requirement.
  • Business Continuity – Emails can help you in business continuity because sometimes if you lose your business data. You can get it back from archived data, you can use it for company financial issues, employees details, customers details and legal company audits.
  • Historical Reference – Archived emails can be used for historical reference. You can retrieve your information related to the company or any employee and many more.

Why Choose Netforchoice to Archive Rackspace Email and Data?

Netforchoice is a world leading data center in Noida where you can store your business data. Netforchoice is a tier 3 & 4 data center that has high security to protect your business data. It provides you all the benefits of archiving that are mentioned above. You can manage and store your business data with Netforchoice because we provide you with different archiving features. We also have a highly trained team to manage and monitor your business data. Netforchoice provides you more then 200+ services and most common services are data archiving, email solution, data management system, network monitoring and security. We have our own data center and NOC as a service and SOC as a service.

Archiving your Rackspace emails and data with Netforchoice makes it more secure and reliable, with military grade security.

Easy archive management

  • Multiple archives, partitions, disks support 
  • Disk storage: local, network attached, removable external drives
  • Automatic roll over, with new archive activation

Powerful search and retrieval

  •    Simple “Google-like” search 
  •    Free-text search in full message body and headers
  •    Search in attachments (commonly used file formats: Text, MS (doc, ppt, xlsx), HTML, PDF

Restore email

  • Restore email for any user, any email id, over any time period
  • Multi-mode restore available
  •  Direct restore via built-in POP3 server

Email Backup & Archiving

  • Archive all internal, incoming, outgoing email (with multi-domain support) 
  • Automated & on-demand, email collection and archiving 
  • Multi-protocol support: POP3, IMAP, SMTP

Smart storage

  • Email deduplication and single-instance storage to minimize disk usage
  • Compression for even greater storage gains
  • Military grade encryption

Compliance Ready

  •  Long term storage, searchable and quickly retrievable
  • Auditable administrator and user activity logs
  • Flexible retention policies for different email

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