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How to Archive Rediffmail Email – Complete Guidelines

rediffmail email archival
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Published On January 27th, 2024
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Importance of Archiving Rediffmail Email for Business Data Security

In this article you will learn how to archive rediffmail email ? What are the best methods of archiving rediffmail emails and the importance of archiving rediffmail emails.

Emails are the most common method of communication that we use in our day to day life. We use to share different information through emails like sometimes we send text information and photos, videos and other information. The information we are sharing through emails may be very important for us. Sometimes we need that information in the future, but suddenly you find that you have lost your information. But it is  very important to get that information back, so you can get it back from your archived emails. Sometimes you lose your phone and also lose your data. But you can get it back after adding your email id to your new phone. How does it happen? Because your data was archived to your email storage and when you add your email id to your new phone then you can retrieve your data back. This is called data archival.

But when you have a large amount of data then it  is not possible to archive it in your phone. Organisations use email solutions providers to manage their emails. Business emails contain crucial information about the organisation and it is very important to backup this information securely for future use. Most of the business organisations archive Rediffmail emails for future use. Your Rediffmail archived data can be used for different purposes like historical purpose, data security, legal audit and compliance and for business continuity in future.

An Overview of Rediffmail Emails

Rediffmail is an email service that you people use to send and receive their emails and they can send different documents like photos, videos, files, calendar and contacts. Rediffmail comes with different features like a spam filter that protects your emails from threats. They also provide you cloud storage facilities that can help you to manage your rediffmail emails data from anywhere and anytime. Rediffmail also has IMAP and POP3 features so that you can integrate it with any email client like Microsoft office 365. With the help of IMAP and POP3 facilities you can archive your rediffmail email data with email client storage. It also provides you with a custom domain email address to make your emails more authentic.

Best Methods of Archiving Rediffmail Email

Archiving is a process of managing and storing your rediffmail emails data in a structured manner. You can use this data according to the needs of your business requirement. Here are the best methods of archiving rediffmail emails data with these simple steps.

  • Third Party Archival – There are many third parties that can help you to manage your business data. They also provide you with high security for your data protection and you can access your business data at any time. The most important thigh to archive rediffmail emails data with these third parties is they have expertise in managing data.
  • Email Client Archival – Email clients like office 365 and thunderbird can help you to manage your business data easily. Just integrate your rediffmail account with email clients and archive your business data with the help of these email clients. 
  • Cloud Email Archival – Cloud platform is the way of storing your data and you can access your data from anywhere at any time with the help of only username and password. It reduces your load of carrying a laptop and other external devices. Cloud also provides you with high data security features to make your business data secure.
  • External Archival – Archiving your business email data with an external device is also the best method of archiving rediffmail emails.
  • Mail Forwarding Method – With the mail forwarding method you can move your business emails data to another email account. You can save your email information there and retrieve it on the time of  requirement.

Why Choose Netforchoice to Archive Rediffmail Emails

If you want to archive your business email data then Netforchoice could be the best option to archive business data. Netforchoice is a tier 3 & 4 data center based in Noida. We are located at different locations in India. Netforchoice offers 200+ services at Netforchoice. We are one of the best data backup solution providers. Netforchoice has the best team to manage your business data and we also provides you 24*7 customer support.

  • Easy Integration – Netforchoice email data archiving system can be integrated with any email service provider like Outlook 365, Google Workspace, Lotus notes, Zimbra. Netforchoice archival works with all standard and based email solutions. It can backup your email data from network or local sources.


  • Email Backup & Archiving
    • You can archive all internal, incoming, outgoing email (with multi-domain support) like Outlook 365, Zimbra etc
    • Netforchoice facilitates you automated & on-demand, email collection and archiving 
    • It supports Multi-protocol support: POP3, IMAP, SMTP 
    • Archive email from multi-mailbox formats: PST, mbox, maildir, eml files, etc. 
  • Smart storage
    • Email deduplication feature and single-instance storage to minimise disk usage
    • We provide additional cloud based email storage using SkyStore 
  • High Data Security 
    • Continue monitoring 
    • Real time access
    • Military grade data security
  • Powerful search and retrieval
    • Easy to search your email 
    • Free-text search in full message body and headers makes it easy
    • Search in attachments (commonly used file formats: Text, MS (doc, ppt, xlsx), HTML, PDF 
    • Advanced search based on various criteria help you find your email and files 
    • Save searches for historical purpose
  • High Data Security 
    • Continue monitoring 
    • Real time access
    • Military grade data security

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