Top Reasons Investing in Dedicated Server Hosting is Better Choice

Susheel Kumar | Modified: 2020-04-09T13:15:26+00:00 | Cloud Hosting
benefits of dedicated server hosting

In the Internet hosting world, many people who are running websites aware of the term Shared Hosting & Virtual Private Server Hosting. But here you will learn about the best of them i.e. Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting.

Although they might be wondering when to opt dedicated server for their work. Because they do not have clear cut information of what dedicated hosting is, what are its benefits and how it is better than other hosting models.

Here, we are going to answer each question that explains to you, why investing in a dedicated server is the better choice for your website(s) & application(s).

After reading this article, you can easily determine whether a dedicated server is necessary for you or not at this stage.

What are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

What is Dedicated Server Hosting & How it is Different from Others?

Dedicated Hosting sole meaning is client leases a complete server for their work that not shared with anyone else. It means no computing resource shared by any other person. Plus, it has commendable benefits such as a high level of security, flexibility, and freedom to configure the server as per your term but comes at a premium cost.

Due to the high price, it is mostly used by websites that have a major security concern and/or receives a large volume of traffic to mitigate any cyberattack and downside.

On the other hand, Shared Hosting stores your website data on a server that is potentially shared with many other people. This is the reason it is highly cheap as compare to dedicated hosting. It is beneficial for beginners who have a concise budget. Although, the biggest concern in shared hosting is Data Security as your site shares the resources with other sites too which could be malicious or spam.  In case, if any of your parallel running sites get huge traffic then definitely it will slow down your website in this hosting.

If we move further, the Virtual Private Server Hosting comes into play. Under this hosting, the client gets a separate space for your site while sharing the server with others. Your site remains blocked off from other users. Hence the site performance is far better than shared hosting. Moreover, it does not offer flexibility because you are not allowed to configure computing resources yourself as it is in the shareable environment.

Now let’s have a detailed picture of when we need to go with dedicated server hosting.

Potential Reasons to Invest in Dedicated Web Server Hosting

In the subsequent section, we are going to tell you which situation dedicated hosting is the best. Let’s have a look at the reasons you should consider while spending the money.

#1 – Handle Increase Traffic of Website

In such a situation when your website traffic is increasing rapidly and you are using shared hosting, then it is a good idea to opt for the dedicated server.

For example, if you go with the shared hosting and traffic of the website will increase continuously more, then it certainly affects your website performance. This can hit your revenue and leads to a high bounce rate. In the worst case, your site can be crashed and lose credibility among the users.

#2 – Security is Primary Asset

Data security is critical for every business, but especially for those dealing with sensitive information such as Government websites. It is important to safeguard this crucial data and websites from potential hackers or viruses’ attacks.

With a dedicated server, you have the complete control of your site’s security. As per requirement, you can implement a high level of security services, Intrusion prevention systems, and other functionalities to accommodate the security need.

#3 – Optimum Loading Time

According to a new Google algorithm, the loading time of a web page has a significant impact on the website which can either be good or bad. The websites that take a few minutes to open lead to a high bounce rate and low user engagement. In such a scenario, the dedicated server can help you to optimize the website loading time as much as possible.

#4 – Complete Control Over Server

Last but not least, complete control over the server is a prime reason to choose a dedicated server over the other options. You are free to configure your server as per own term from Operating System to other application.

How Can NetForChoice Help?

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