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NVMe Web Hosting in India

Hypercharge Web Applications with 25X Faster NVMe SSD Hosting

24X7 Free Support, SSL, Dedicated Bandwidth, & 99.95% Up-Time

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Exceptional Website Performance

NVMe based SSDs can select up to 64,000 blocks, against 1 block of SCSI SSD, which results in low latency & high performance. Your websites will load quicker with NVMe SSD hosting compared with regular HDD or SSD.

Full Flexibility & Easy Administration

At NFC, you get a range of widely used Linux & Windows OS. Also, you get root access to your NVMe based SSDs machine that enables you to change any file, install server-wide apps & customize server according to your needs.

Lightning Fast Premium Tech Assitance

At NFC you get 24/7/365 premium tech support via Live Chat, E-mail, and Phone Contact. You can also raise your Ticket to assist you with your hosting needs. You also get onboarding help, free website transfer, & ongoing assistance.



Dedicated Servers with NVMe SSDs

Host Your Website on a Dedicated Server with NVMe SSD & Nurture Modern Applications & Workloads.

  • Unlock full potential of NVMe SSDs & enhance consistency, reliability & performance
  • Leverage from the blazing-fast cloud computing, & databases visualization
  • Get real-time data analytics AI/ML, OLTP/OLAP, & pattern recognition
  • Increase your IT resources in a few clicks, at any time with hyper-scalability

Features We Provide

Unlock Greater Efficiency with NVMe Cloud Hosting

NFC NVMe Web Hosting offers cutting-edge technology that enhances web performance, eases management, and offers an explicit end-user experience.

NVMe supports up to 64000 queues/commands, each with 64000 instructions, faster than any other physical drive. Whereas, SSD enables single queues with 32 and 254 items, respectively.

Enterprise-Grade NVMe SSD Storage
Anti-DDoS Protected Servers
Comes with 96 Layer 3D TLC NAND
Up to 25x Quicker Data Access

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Industry Verticals That We Serve


Healthcare & Life science




Media & Entertainment






Advertising & Marketing



NVMe Cloud Hosting Efficacy & Workload

NVMe comes in a variety of form factors such as it supports up to 64k command queues, each with 64k instructions. And on the other hand, SSD enables single queues with 32 and 254 items, respectively.

  • Offers High-Performance Cloud Computing (HPC)
  • Compatible with All Types of Mixed-Use Workloads
  • Incorporated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML)
  • Supports Online Transaction & Analytical Processing (OLTP)
  • Integrated with Pattern Recognition, Real-time Analytics, & Virtualization


Why the NVMe Hosting Over the Traditional SSD Hosting?

NVMe communicates via PCIe & it bypasses the conventional SATA bus from the CPU which eventually results in blazing fast performance speed. And NFC provides you complete NVMe hosting solution to manage the entire business smoothly.

Unparalleled Performance

The NVMe provides a sustained read-write speed of 2000MB per second which is way faster, than the SATA SSD III, as the limit of the SATA SSD III is 600 MB per second. Hence, an NVMe-based hosting solution is considerably faster than a standard one.

Flawless User Experience

Relish enriched functionality and faster-loading speed, NetForChoice NVMe Hosting provides top-notch enterprise-grade facilities to handle web applications. In fact, we provide 24*7*365 support.



Drive Productivity with Best NVMe Cloud Hosting Service

Collaborate With India's Best NVMe Web Hosting Service and Gives Wings to Your Business.

  • Host Web Application on India's Best NVMe Hosting Service
  • Get Advanced Data Security with NFC Anti-Spam Filter
  • Enhanced Server Management with Hierarchical Storage
  • NVMe Web Hosting is Capable to Handle All the Applications
  • Comes with NVMe Backup & Recovery with 99.995% Uptime
  • Get Expert IT Managed Service with 24*7*365 Support
  • Free Consultation by Experts about NVMe Cloud Hosting


Everything Your NVMe Hosting Needs At One Place

At NFC, From Redundant Networks, Next-Gen Non-Volatile Storage, Backup Solutions, And Firewall Rules To DDoS-Protected Servers - Everything Is Structured For Utmost Security.

Perfect For Business

NVMe is a high-performance, nonvolatile storage technology that allows us to envision the future of storage facilities. And NetForChoice is ideal for high-stakes business situations and offers exceptional scalability.

High-performance NVMe PCIe Form Factor

NetForChoice and NVMe hosting is a perfect blend that gives you high-performance along with long-lasting storage solutions that outperform conventional connectivity in terms of value, speed, and lifespan.



NVMe Cloud Hosting Server On Cloud FAQs

Follow these 3 Simple Steps.

  • Step 1: Connect with the NetForChoice team.
  • Step 2: Get your NVMe Cloud Hosting server as per your need.
  • Step 3: Start using it.

Those that require quick websites are those who require it the most. If your website has a lot of graphics, content, databases, or apps, switching to NVMe SSD Hosting is a good idea.

Instead of standard SSD or HDD drives, NVMe SSD Hosting is provided by servers with NVMe SSD drives. You will notice a significant improvement in the speed of your website when you use our NVMe SSD Hosting.

To subscribe to our NVMe Hosting service, clients do not need to meet any additional requirements.

Those that require quick websites are those who require it the most. If your website has a lot of graphics, content, databases, or apps, switching to NVMe SSD Hosting is a good idea.

Yes, NVMe SSD Reseller Hosting is designed to acclimate the requirements of web hosts in today's industry and includes everything you need to grow as a hosting business.


Client Success With NVMe Cloud Hosting

See how NetForChoice covers all professional NVMe communication needs for any team or enterprise. We have a long list of references that are happy to share their experiences with NetForChocie Server Hosting. Check out our Customer Stories page.