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NetForChoice Managed GPU Cloud Hosting

Designed for AI research and built with the excellent combination of GPU, CPU, memory, and storage to perform deep learning complex problems.

NetForChoice, a leading Tier-4 data center company in India, facilitates a broad range of cost-effective, energy-efficient GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) hosting that are engineered for high-performance computing and huge parallel computing environments.

The GPU platforms range from 1 GPU to 8 GPUs inside the rackmount chassis. All GPU Servers are well-equipped with NVIDIA GTX 1080 / GTX 1080Ti, RTX 3080 / RTX 3090, and other graphic cards, extensively accelerate 3d graphics, machine learning, and other high computationally-intensive applications. With the right workload, NetForChoice GPU Hosting provides excellent performance, uptime, and optimizing power consumption, when compares to traditional CPU platforms.

Our GPU server hosting plans pricing is a monthly basis which anyone can manage and afford. Hence you will receive the most secure GPU infrastructure at fair monthly pricing.


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Opt newest GPUs for optimized graphical rendering, scientific modeling, machine learning, and other high-performance workloads.

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