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World Class Infra

World Class Infra

NetForChoice GPU Cloud Hosting is powered by high-performance GPUs such as NVIDIA K80, P$, V100, T4, NVIDIA Tesla M40, Tesla P4, and many more. All our GUPs help to increase your productivity



Our affordable GPU server hosting plan pricing is on a monthly basis which anyone can manage and afford. Hence you will receive the most secure GPU infrastructure at fair monthly pricing.

Top in Class

Top in Class

NetForChoice, a leading Tier-4 data center company in India, facilitates a broad range of cost-effective, energy-efficient Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) hosting that are engineered for high-performance computing.

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Check out India’s Best in Class GPU Cloud Hosting Solution By NFC

You demand and we fulfilled NetForChoice Cloud Graphics Processing Hosting Service help to increase your performance, service, and platform and these things add value to your business.

  • Provide high-performance GPUs service
  • Best for 3D Visualization, IoT, ML, and Scientific Computing
  • A wide range of GPUs option according to pricing
  • Option to choose your own Configuration
  • Offers Dedicated GPU Sever

Blazing Fast

NFC's Supersonic Speed Gives Your Business Wings to Fly

We provide powerful, energy-efficient, and fully dedicated high configured NVIDIA driven GPSs Cloud hosting that is well efficient for advanced computing, ML, DL, and also for cryptocurrency mining.

A wide range of servers so one can instantly access our unused servers with Tier 4 Data Center with maximum uptime & security from one simple interface.

Boost Performance
Boost your Performance
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Secure and Reliable Service
Unbeatable Pricing
Unbeatable Pricing and Features
Unbeatable Pricing
24*7*365 Expert Support

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Industry Verticals That We Serve


Healthcare & Life science




Media & Entertainment






Advertising & Marketing

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Top Notch

Access the Limitless Power with NFC GPU Computing Configuration

NFC all Dedicated GPU Server plans come with a broad range of reliable and scalable services with high bandwidth. You can extend or upgrade your bandwidth at an affordable price.

  • Boost your AI Computing
  • Offer Resizable GPU Instances
  • Guaranteed Anti-DDoS
  • Variety of GPUs Available
  • Raw Computing Power


NFC Offers GPU Computing With AI-Powered Acceleration

Our GPU extensively accelerates 3d graphics, machine learning, and other high computationally-intensive applications. With the right workload, GPU Hosting provides excellent performance, uptime, and optimized power consumption, when compared to traditional CPU platforms.

Augmented Performance

Augmented Performance

We offer NVIDIA Tesla GUP cards per model and power required that help businesses deliver 3X performance and simplify multiplex use cases of deep learning and graphic computing.

Popular Framework

Popular Framework

We provide a popular framework for deep learning such as TensorFlow, Scikit Learn, PyTorch, and all this because we want to end the dependency and simply the workflow.

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Most Trusted

Significance of Choosing Our GPU Cloud Hosting Solution

With our NFC GPU Cloud Hosting, you will be 3-5x more cost-efficient. Also GPU cloud levers spare servers and aggregates demand to give you unmatched prices and choices.

  • Provision application for big data application development
  • Streamline Services to develop and test ML models
  • For simplified compute job and fast performance
  • Robust & Consistent Performance
  • Provide 24*7*365 technical support
  • For creating CRM systems on GPU


What Make NetForChoice GPU Hosting More Powerful

We believe in to give you the best and that is the reason our GPUs Hosting service improve your performance. so let's see what are the terms that make this happen.

High Availability

High Availability

Our GPU Hosting service are being protected and monitored around the clock with an unlimited power supply and network support. We ensure 99.9% uptime. Guaranteed in our Service Agreements


High Reliability

Our GPU are guaranteed to handle high-speed AI, ML, and gaming tasks with high performance and reliability. Including this we are also support our client by our backend support team of experts of GPU 24/7.

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User Queries About Our GPU Cloud Hosting Services

Simply connect with our expert team with all your requirements and budget. Afterward, the service gets activated for you in the few moments.

GPU cloud hosting really gives a wings to you work and you can easily handles parallel processing.

Yes, you can easily resize the GPU instances to higher model.


What Clients Say About Our Managed GPU Cloud Hosting?

Client Success, With GPU Server Hosting Service. Let's see some of the trusted Customer Stories page.