ERP Implementation on Bad Cloud Service can be Failure: Why?

Jyoti Kataria | Modified: 2020-04-16T13:27:14+00:00 | Cloud Hosting, Data Center, Hosted ERP
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To start the blog, first of all, we need to clear the term ERP.

ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning, but it does not explain completely what it does. To understand this, just consider all the processes required to run a business, including inventory management, accounting, and other work. So, ERP software integrated all these essential business functions into one consolidated system which helps to streamline different processes and information across the organization.

Now Why Organizations Implement ERP on Cloud

In previous years we have noticed a new technology wave i.e., ERP solutions into the cloud domain. Moreover, it is expected this pattern will rapidly increase in the future. There are multiple reasons responsible for this new vertical. The crucial one is dealing with traditional ERP’s high costs and complexity requires for features customization and flexibility while fulfilling the business demands. Organizations have always struggled with these issues.

To mitigate all these problems, the ERP delivered as a service in the cloud takes place based on SaaS Solution model. This thing makes organizations future-ready. Besides this, there are multiple advantages associated with this service such as – Anytime access, Mobility, Flexible pricing model, Faster implementation.

Is it Safe to Implement ERP on Cloud?

Delivery of a traditional ERP system over a robust, resilient server can be very helpful for your business and it will lead to generate more revenue. However, the implementation of an ERP system on the wrong cloud can be fatal and dangerous for your business.

Therefore, in this blog, we are going to show you important points that need to be considered while choosing the service provider for cloud ERP system.

Let’s get started!

Top 6 Points – How to Save Yourself from Implementation of ERP on Wrong Cloud

In the following segment, all the essential points that need to be checked while taking the service of cloud from any providers are mentioned. Let’s begin.

Customization: Create a new system of personalized processes and checked how the cloud service provider will handle this without any issues. And how fast and easily you can adapt to their working structure.

Security: Security is one of the major aspects of any Organization. So it should be considered while implementing ERP software over the cloud. For this, go through the company history and security portfolio. Also, check how they secured their server, which firewall they implemented, and how they handle the situation if any catastrophic cyber or malware attack will take place.

Customer Support: A company becomes great only with a dedicated customer support team that cares about clients. In such a situation, any server downtime, login issue, or malware attack will happen, a good responding customer team is required. Hence, opt for a cloud service provider who is available to assist you 24*7*365.

Uptime: A server that has frequent downtime always leads to potential business loss. So choose those cloud service providers who have the best uptime with minimum downtime.

Bandwidth: If we talk about cloud-based ERP then internet speed matters a lot. There are two types of bandwidth speed – Upload & Download. So whenever you choose a cloud service provider, ensure that they are offering the best bandwidth speed at an economical price.

Location of DC: Datacenter location is the utmost important factor that needs to be considered. A wrong decision in physical location results in additional risk. So always go with a provider whose data center is in your country as the latency issue becomes very less.

How NetForChoice Can Help

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