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Zimbra Mail VS iRedMail: Spec Comparison

Admin | Modified: August 21st, 2021 ~ 3 Minutes Reading

They might look very similar at first glance, but there are several key differences between Zimbra Collaboration Suite & iRedMail.

Which mail server is best for the email communication – Zimbra or iRedMail???

This question might be a serious concern for many users.

To resolve this problem, here we have compared the official websites of both the mail server and compiled the information listed in this article.

Get a read and choose the right mail server for your workplace.

Zimbra Mail VS iRedMail: In-detailed Comparison

Features Zimbra Mail [Network Edition] iRedMail Mail Server
What is It is a business email and collaboration tool with advanced administrative features. A secure open source mail server with security features.
Open Source Availability Yes. Go to this blog to learn about different Zimbra version – Difference Between Zimbra Open Source Network Edition iRedMail is an open-source mail server. No commercial version available.
Data Encryption Cryptographic security services for Email: authentication, message integrity, non-repudiation of origin (via. digital signatures) and privacy and data security (using encryption). Presence of Secure connection – POP 3/ IMAP / SMTP over TLS and Webmail with HTTPS. Emails encrypts with TLS during transit. Moreover, the Passwords are stored in SSHA512 or BCRYPT (BSD)
Fully-featured Online Office Suite Yes. It includes Zimbra Writer to craft text, Zimbra Calc as a spreadsheet app, Zimbra Impress for presentation. All these features are available in Zimbra Briefcase. No
Webmail Support Zimbra Webmail Roundcube webmail or/and SOGo groupware
Mobile Support Yes Yes
Business Chat Zimbra Connect Not Available
Video Conferencing Zimbra Connect Not Available
Option to purchase additional storage as add-on Yes
99.9% Uptime Guarantee Yes Not Guaranteed
24/7 Phone Support Yes Yes
Email Sharing and Commenting Yes
Antispam Yes Yes
Group Mailboxes Yes Yes
Advanced User Management Yes Yes
POP and IMAP Yes Yes
ActiveSync Yes No
Group Calendars Yes No
Business Chat Yes No
Group Calendars Yes No
Calendar Sync Yes No
Advanced Collaboration features Yes No
File Management Yes No
Social Intranet Yes No
Advanced Threat Protection Yes No
Pricing Need to pay for the storage and create unlimited users within that. Like Zimbra, you don’t need to pay according number of mailboxes. Pay for the storage and create as much user you want.

Zimbra VS iRedMail: Which Should You Get?

No doubt, both the mail servers are very much different. However, it is true that Zimbra Collaboration Suite has made impeccable and significant development and created productivity applications that facilitate spreadsheets, email client, presentation, real-time communication, group chat, and much more, that intensely challenge iRedMail Server.

If you need more mailboxes on a decent budget with a robust business collaboration tool, it makes perfect sense to complement it with Zimbra Mail Server

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