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Get Zimbra Collaboration Suite for Your Businesses

Zimbra Collaborative Suite
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Published On November 6th, 2023
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Every business, whether it is a small or huge enterprise, requires an email system. No doubt, it is one of the crucial communication tools for an organization.

So a system which used frequently and has an important place in the firm should be resilient, affordable, secure, and easy to use.

If you are looking for the best business email system, then Zimbra Collaboration Suite should be on your list. To help you understand Why Zimbra is best? We are going to illustrate all the beneficial aspects of the Zimbra mail server in this article.

So, let’s get started!

What is Zimbra Collaboration Suite & From Where We Get the Service?

The ZCS or Zimbra Collaboration Suite is a comprehensive package. It includes messaging and collaboration solution integrated with calendar and contacts feature. Besides this, it facilitates Document storage, Editing, Instant Messaging, Mini Calendar, and Easy-to-use Administrative Controls.

It is an incredible webmail where interface built with latest AJAX web technology. As well as Zimbra Collaborative suite provides mobility and sync to desktop client applications.

Most important, Zimbra also offers an open-source solution that supports different operating system and has lower TCO which makes its very affordable in price. That’s why it is also known as best open-source email server platform for the businesses.

Zimbra Collaboration Suite comprises Server and Client components, making it the best open source and affordable alternative platform to many popular email servers. Here, we listed some prominent ones –

  1. Business Email Solution
  2. Free Zoho Mail Alternative
  3. Free Exchange Server Alternative
  4. Open-Xchange Alternative
  5. Xeams Alternatives
  6. Agorum Core Alternative
  7. Alternative to Office 365
  8. Horde Mail Alternative
  9. Zarafa Alternative
  10. Axigen Mail Server Alternative
  11. Kerio connect Open Source Alternative
  12. Icewarp Open Source Alternative
  13. Qmail Server Alternative
  14. AWS Workmail Alternative
  15. hMail Server Alternative
  16. Open Source Alternative iRedmail
  17. Open Source alternative to MDaemon
  18. iMail Server Alternative
  19. Apache James Alternative
  20. Lotus Notes Alternative
  21. G Suite Open Source Alternative
  22. MailEnable Alternatives
  23. Best Alternatives to AWS
  24. Sendmail Alternatives
  25. Open Source Email Server
  26. Namecheap Alternatives

There are multiple providers out in the market who offers Zimbra Hosting. But it is advised to take the service from the NetForChoice – A Tier 3 Data Center Company in India.

Why NetForChoice for Zimbra Collaboration Suite Hosting?

NetForChoice hosting is ReliableCredible, and Affordable, as well as the trust of the Data Center. We are not a reseller hosting company. That’s why we are recognized as the best email hosting provider in India.

They deliver Zimbra Mail Server Hosting across the globe. With excellent business ethics and managed IT services like Zimbra Mail Server, NetForChoice has earned a respectful name in India as well as in the global market.

Ask For Zimbra Server

They offer managed ZCS hosting plans that are of affordable prices and compatible with all types of operating systems.

Above all, the provided mail server has a dedicated backup service. The developers develop this mail server as per the requirements of the clients within a promised time-frame in an excellent manner. The following are the beneficial features of NetForChoice Zimbra Mail Server Hosting.

Advanced User Interface

The Zimbra collaborative suite Hosting integrated with the advanced functionality to manage webmail, instant messaging, group scheduling, document editing, and sharing, etc.

Access from Anywhere

There is no location constraint while using the ZCS Hosting. You can easily use the mail accounts from anyplace on any device like Android, Outlook, Webmail, and other email clients. Besides this, it is easy to read emails from any IMAP or POP email account including Hotmail, AOL, and so on.

Bulk Emailing

Our enterprise-class Zimbra servers are ready to support bulk emailing features. One can easily send more than 2000 emails/hour without any speed issue.


The Zimbra Servers are fully secured with Enterprise firewall, Intrusion prevention system, Anti-spam, and Antivirus filters which provide security from external threats. As well as, the data backup facility ensures business continuity in the time of catastrophic disaster too.

99.995 % Uptime Guarantee

NetForChoice is a Tier-4 data center company that offers 99.995 % network uptime. The servers are devised with redundant power HVAC systems to deliver guaranteed uptime to every client.

Load Balancing

NetForChoice proves to be an excellent Zimbra Collaborative Suite Service Provider due to its large array of Tier 4 Data Centers available all over India. You can select the data center near to your location and get benefit of impeccable load balancing.

Auto Backup Facility

Zimbra Email Hosting automatically takes backup of your data and saves it to multiple server locations to maintain business continuity in all situations.

24*7 Support

Our certified expert team panel monitoring helps to identify and rectify problems before you didn’t realize you had. This makes Zimbra Server secure and reliable. The support team is available 24x7x365 for providing full assistance to you in all verticals to deliver amazing customer experience.

Apart from this, you will get following Zimbra Collaboration features;

  1. Email/Phone Support
  2. Disk Space
  3. Zimbra Email Aliases
  4. Major Zimbra Features
  5. Address Book
  6. Calendar
  7. Tasks
  8. Documents
  9. Zimbra Briefcase
  10. Email Accounts
  11. Auto Responders
  12. Email Forwarders
  13. Anti-Virus
  14. Anti-Spam
  15. Webmail
  16. SMTP
  17. POP3
  18. IMAP
  19. Conversations
  20. Mail Filters
  21. Out of Office Reply
  22. Polling Interval Control
  23. Search – Basic & Advanced
  24. Tags
  25. Sharing (Tasks, Documents, Calendars)
  26. Zimlets
  27. Resource Group Scheduling
  28. AJAX Documents

Have More Question on Zimbra Collaboration Suite?

If you have any query related to Zimbra hosting regarding its maintenance & implementation, you can connect with the NetForChoice team. You can fill the Form with your requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Zimbra Collaboration Suite

What is Zimbra Collaboration Open Source?

Zimbra also has an open-source edition. The Zimbra code repositories are still available on GitHub, where a person can access the open-source code.

Is Zimbra Free?

Yes, Zimbra Collaboration Suite offers the Free Open-Source Edition as well as Paid Network Edition.

What is Zimbra Network Edition?

Zimbra Network Edition is the commercial paid product. It includes a huge range of features and customization options. To learn more, check out this blog – Difference Between Zimbra Network Edition & Open-Source.

Is Zimbra Mail Good?

Zimbra is a globally accepted mail server that comprises webmail client and comes at a very fair price. No doubt, Zimbra is a good mailing solution.

What is Zimbra Suite Plus?

It is a modular add-on. Zimbra Suite Plus enables you to extend the Zimbra server’s capabilities on Zimbra Open-Source version. For example; Backup & Restore, Mobile Push Synchronization, Zimbra HSM Plus.

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