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Choose Your Lotus Notes Alternative: Best Pick to Replace It

Lotus Notes Alternatives
Sandeep Yadav | Modified: March 14th, 2022 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

With so many alternatives to Lotus Notes (now HCL notes), we are going to showcase the top 3 Lotus Notes competitor or replacement, which includes open-source alternative too. Let’s begin!

HCL Notes (formerly IBM Notes and Lotus Notes) and HCL Domino (formerly IBM Domino and Lotus Domino) are the client and server components respectively. It is a secure collaborative client-server software platform.

HCL Notes is engineered as a desktop application, majorly, used in corporate environments for email communication and to create discussion groups, websites, document libraries, custom applications, and business workflows.

Why We Need Lotus Notes Database Replacement ?

However, Lotus Notes / HCL Notes is quite complex to use and non-suitable for non-technical user. As well as, it is an expensive collaboration software.

Importantly, the biggest glitch in Lotus Notes is the proprietary nature of the email. It doesn’t work as most email clients do.

Moreover, if an enterprise is going to have one Domino server to work as the main Notes server, a web server, and an email server, then be ready to purchase a lot of RAM.

Above all, there are many reasons due to which people looking for alternatives to Lotus Notes.

Here are the top 3 replacements of Notes Notes that are worth checking.

So, let’s get started!

Best 3 Lotus Notes Alternatives List

Let’s see what are options are available. We started with the open-source option.

1. Zimbra – Open source HCL Notes Replacement

If you are not happy with Domino server and its features, your best alternative probably comes as no surprise – Zimbra Collaboration Suite.

There was a time when Lotus Notes had its moment to shine. But due to its complexity, many companies are turning to Zimbra.

Zimbra comprises email server and email client components so you can create a more unique inbox experience. You can easily get the hosting of Zimbra On Cloud from NetForChoice company.

Ask For Zimbra Server

We are a reputed Zimbra hosting provider company in India with a broad spectrum of the client. You can get the following advantages with Zimbra.

1. Being an open-source server, all the documentation and innovation has been created and tested by their open source community.

2. Enterprise compatible email server and client solution.

3. Facilitates features like Task Management System, Document Management System, Calendar Management System, Search Option that provide an ease to search all core applications.

4. It is cross-platform and supports all the major Operating Systems.

5. Also known as the most secure open-source email server as it has integrated antivirus malware protection.

6. Zimbra is available in two modes – one offers open source and the second one is a commercially supported version. You can check the comparison between the both in this write-up – Difference Between Zimbra Open Source & Network Edition.

Zimbra Collaboration Suite comprises Server and Client components, making it the best open source and affordable alternative platform to many popular email servers. Here, we listed some prominent ones –

  1. Free Zoho Mail Alternative
  2. Free Exchange Server Alternative
  3. Open-Xchange Alternative
  4. Xeams Alternatives
  5. Agorum Core Alternative
  6. Alternative to Office 365
  7. Horde Mail Alternative
  8. Zarafa Alternative
  9. Axigen Mail Server Alternative
  10. Kerio connect Open Source Alternative
  11. Icewarp Open Source Alternative
  12. Qmail Server Alternative
  13. AWS Workmail Alternative
  14. hMail Server Alternative
  15. Open Source Alternative iRedmail
  16. Open Source alternative to mDaemon
  17. iMail Server Alternative
  18. Apache James Alternative
  19. G Suite Open Source Alternative

2. Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)

The most recognizable name on this list – Microsoft 365. It has been one of the prominent, trusted, and popular productivity suites in the world since its release. Interestingly, it is one of the leading competitors of IBM Notes because of its simplified platform

It offers a broad set of features, including Web and mobile versions of Office apps, Email and Calendaring, File Storage and Sharing, Teamwork and Communication, Advance Security, Device Management, SharePoint for web-based collaboration, and much more. In addition, Microsoft 365 smoothly integrates with other platforms such as MS Dynamics.

NetForChoice offers Office 365 Hosting at a very reasonable cost and provides amazing support. For more details, consult with our experts.

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3. Google Workspace

Like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace is a business collaboration SaaS-based application. It was previously named G Suite. It is recommended to those organizations who are needing email hosting and a productivity suite for their business.

It includes products like Gmail, Google Calendar, G Drive, Google Docs & Sheets, Keep, Meet, Slides, Site Management, Vault, and many other beneficial services. It comes in different plans. All you need to take one of the plans of G Suite Email Hosting and start working towards your goal.

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Wrapping up: Lotus Notes Database Alternatives

Of course, we cannot claim which client is best for you. However, you can do and pick the favorite IBM Lotus Notes alternative.

So, what do you say?

If you are stuck deciding which HCL Notes alternative is right for you, then call us at – 0120-4578842 / +91-9887280808 or fill the form with your required details for the free consultation.

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