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NetForChoice Data Migration Services

Migrate Data Efficiently with Dedicated NFC Experts

Offering Data Migration Services without Compromising Compliance

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Custom-Made Plans

Every business has different needs and challenges when it comes to data migration. Thus, we help you with unique, customized & reasonable migration plans.

Optimized Results

After examining your exact requirements, we help you out with a preferred destination platform that exactly meets your distinct data & compliance requirement.

Migrate Sanguinely

At NetForChoice, you own the flexibility and the authority for the entire data migration process. Our team of professionals works with you until the job gets done.

Above All

Secure Data Migration with Most Reliable Service Provider

At NetForChoice our team of professionals helps you identify your challenges, define business values, and offer extensive data migration consulting and strategy. Our dedicated data migration services:

  • Maintains data integrity throughout the process.
  • Gives optimized results with overall reduced migration costs.
  • Offers detailed reports for smooth digital transformation.
  • Provides round the clock technical support for data migration.
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Industry Leading

Accelerate Your Data Migration with NFC

Whether you want to move to a new cloud platform, upgrade your traditional systems, or migrate from the on-premise system, At NetForChoice, you get a well-organized standard data migration procedure that fulfills your needs while staying in compliance.

Pre Migration Analysis
Comprehensive Planning
Efficient Migration Process
Post Migration Cleanup

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Industry Verticals That We Serve


Healthcare & Life science




Media & Entertainment






Advertising & Marketing

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Full Protection

Why Choose NetForChoice Data Migration Services?

We are the global leader in the field of data migration, our professionals have global and multi-industry experience in implementing business data migration using the most reliable methodologies, practices, and software solutions.

On-Premise to Cloud Migration

We leverage in-house robust and flexible data migration tools, to easily migrate your on-premise data such as emails contacts calendars, etc to the cloud platform in one go.

Cloud to Cloud Migration

We offer the migration of data from any source cloud platform to the destination cloud platform, using the most trusted and widely accepted in-house cloud migration software.

Hire Data Migration Experts

Benefits of Choosing NFC’s Data Migration Services

Our experts perform data migration from various popular cloud and on-premise platforms to any destination cloud platform such as Office 365, G suite, etc. We use a more scalable approach, by creating automated data migration software solutions that examine, process, and migrate data safely to the destination platform.

  • We offer tailored solutions that are made particularly for your needs.
  • At NFC you get in-house team of 150+ experts to ensure seamless data migration.
  • We offer quality assurance testing comprehensively before going live.
  • At NFC you get 24X7 technical support to handle your query efficiently.
  • We have a proven track record for completing multiple projects with 100% satisfaction.
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Frequently Asked Queries Regarding Data Migration Services

The data migration method always depends upon individual needs. At NFC, our teams of professionals examine the current environment and workload, then they come up with a strategy and a reliable approach for data migration that can eliminate all chances of errors & result in a safe secure, and smooth data transfer operation.

There are several crucial steps involved in a safe and secure data migration process, some of them are as follows:

  1. Pre Migration
  2. Workload Analysis
  3. Consistent Planning
  4. Execution
  5. Post Migration

The cost of data migration could vary, as it entirely depends upon the number of users’ mailbox that needs to be migrated to the destination cloud platform. However, you can get a quote for an exact cost by filling out the contact us form.

Yes, you can use your source as well as your destination without any effect on the data migration process as it runs in the background and your day-to-day work or business communication would remain unaffected.

The migration time depends on various factors like:

  1. Total Number of Mailboxes (that need to be migrated)
  2. The Size of Respective User Mailboxes (Small size mailboxes would migrate fastly)
  3. Network bandwidth Speed (It plays a crucial role that can increase or decrease the migration speed)
  4. The Configuration of Host Machine


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