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Bare Metal Vs Virtual Server – Which One Is Better?

difference between bare metal server and virtual server hosting
Sandeep Yadav | Modified: February 2nd, 2022 ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Hello Everyone!

If your business depends on the internet and you know the importance of a good hosting service in your life, you will relate to this article.

The Bare Metal Server vs Virtual Server Virtualization debate has been going on for a while now.

Let’s put some light on the difference between bare metal and virtual machine and see who surpasses the other in terms of various aspects of performance.

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Let’s begin with the comparison.

Bare Metal Server Vs Virtual Server – Comparison Table

Features Bare Metal Server VPS Hosting
Term Description It is a physical computer that is specifically designed to run dedicated services without any obtrusion for extended periods. It is highly durable, reliable, and stable. Virtual Server is also a type of bare metal, but an extra layer – a hypervisor, that allows adding more operational systems which increase the tenants’ numbers using its resources to share the costs efficiently.
Customization It is highly customizable. You can build your server to the unique specifications as per your requirements. VPS hosting provides a client with complete control over the customization and installation.
Scalability The scalability feature is not so much shown in the discipline of bare metal server machine. In VPS hosting, a client gets unlimited potential in this area. Resources can be adjusted to adapt to the business requirements of a client.
Security Full end-to-end encryption or Intel’s Trusted Execution and Open Attestation for security can be easily integrated. The risk of security breaches is less as the site’s resources are isolated. However, it has fewer security measures as compared to Bare Metal Physical Machine.
Performance Enjoy increased response time and high performance. Communication is not restricted as infrastructure doesn’t have a hypervisor. It can work for both small as well as large sites. In addition, it is comparatively faster as users don’t have to queue up with other sites to use the server.
Price It is generally bundled with bandwidth eliminating the need to worry about bandwidth cost overages. However, this tends to cause significant variations in cloud consumption costs and is a significant concern for many firms. Relatively lower than bare metal server hosting.
  • Customizability
  • Dedicated Resources
  • High Performance
  • Security
  • Full Hardware Cost
  • Efficient Compute Resources
  • Root Access
  • Raw Power & Reliability
  • Client gets full control of the server
  • Cost-Efficiency
  • More bandwidth and easily scalable
  • Traffic from other sites do not affect your site
  • Stable and fast
  • Security and performance are impeccable
  • Flexible Pricing Structure
Managed Services You can get managed as well as an unmanaged service hosting. You can get managed as well as an unmanaged service hosting.

Final Catch – Bare Metal Server Vs Virtual Server

When deciding which hosting solution to go ahead with, whether Bare Metal or Virtual Machine, it is essential to consider your business requirement. One must acknowledge that the two server options have different billing paradigm. The VPS or Virtualization server charges its clients on services and resources used, whereas the Bare metal server would have a set free pricing structure.

Companies that require to run high-performance computing (HPC) workloads in the cloud can get a considerable performance boost by implementing the bare metal servers over virtual machines, and nobody does a physical machine like NetForChoice Cloud Infrastructure.

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