Is Tally Software Cloud Based? Find Your Answer Here

Susheel Kumar | Modified: 2020-03-25T03:52:00+00:00 | Tally On Cloud
Is Tally Software Cloud Based

This is a question that comes up all the time – Is Tally software cloud based or not?

The answer is No.

Tally ERP.9 is completely a Windows-based application. Due to which, one can work on Tally software exclusively on the system where it is installed. It means, no one can access Tally ERP from any remote location.

But, recently, Tally Solutions has announced the latest version of Tally globally i.e., Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.6. In this new update, the businesses can access the Tally reports securely on a browser regardless of the device they are using. With this release, one can view Balance Sheet, Credit Note Register, Funds Flow, Ledger Voucher, Purchase register, Sales Order, Bills Payable, Day Book, Group outstanding, Profit & Loss A/C, Journal register, Cash Flow, Trial balance and other sheets online.

Moreover, this new update provides the ability to Tally admin to grant permission to the users who can view the reports, and which reports should be available to them. Besides this, it is easy to download the reports or invoices on the local system or you can convert them easily in PDF format and print it.

But this thing does not make the Tally software cloud based. Because of the Tally.ERP9 Release 6.6 exclusively allows viewing the reports, sheets, and invoices that are saved in your system only and do not permit to work on them.

However, NetForChoice Tally on Cloud is a way that makes the Tally ERP a cloud-based software.

But, what is this?

If you do not know about Tally hosting on the cloud, then have a deeper look in this article.

Tally Online Service – Makes Tally Software Cloud Based

Tally on cloud is a technique where the desktop-based Tally ERP hosted on the cloud server or you can say that put all the technical resources in a cloud environment. In short, shifting the onsite application(s) to the internet. So, the person can easily access the application and work on it from any location at any time regardless of the device as all the resources are housed online.

This type of cloud computing makes Tally accounting software falls under the Software as a Service Category. Which provides multiple benefits to any-sized of organization. This Tally cloud hosting service makes individual or businesses free from server maintenance and other IT solutions.

NetForChoice, leading Tier-IV Data Center Company, offers versatile Tally online service along with facilities like Tally Backup, Disaster recovery that will make your life much easier. It is now mainstream and utilized by businesses of all types. Besides this, a user can get the following advantages:

  • All accounting data saves on Tier-IV data center
  • Access Tally ERP regardless of physical location
  • Need of single Tally license for multiple offices
  • Use Tally on Mac and Tally on Android device
  • Provide any version of Tally, including GST Ready software
  • Facility of Tally Backup along with DRaaS service
  • 100 % guaranteed security of Tally data from attacks
  • Tally for Windows / Mac / Linux is available
  • Flexible billing plans with 24/7 IT & Customer support

What Say – Is Tally Software Cloud Based or Not?

As mentioned earlier, Tally ERP is not a cloud-oriented software, which is true. However, NetForChoice Tally cloud computing makes it possible to work on the most popular accounting software from any location as long as you have an internet connection.

Finally no need to stick with your computer to manage the accounts.

Get Tally Online Service & handle all financial data from any place!