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Website Terms


Welcome to the NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. website. Accessing and browsing this website confirms your acceptance of the terms and conditions provided by NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. IN CASE YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THE TERMS SPECIFIED, WE ADVISE YOU NOT TO USE OUR WEBSITE.

NetForChoice at any point of time can amend the terms for using the website without any prior notice. Before exploring the website, be sure to review the terms of use carefully. Surfing the NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. website after any changes to these terms signifies your agreement to comply with the changed terms of use.


These terms of use apply to the NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. website located at These terms govern your use of all online resources, tools, applications, interactive venues, and services provided on the NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. website. It also applies to any downloaded material, blogs, knowledge center and community forums.


All pages, material and information found on the NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. website are sole properties of NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. This includes all the text, images, graphics, audio, videos, advertising copy, compilations, user interfaces, and computer applications. NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd.holds the ownership of website design, “look and feel” structure, source and object code of the website. The content with distinctive brand elements such as domain name, logo, whether licensed or not are protected by the intellectual property laws, and also owned and managed by NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Using the content of NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. website abides you by the specified website terms and all applicable Intellectual Property laws. Without NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. written acknowledgment, none of the content available on the NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. website can be adapted, modified, reproduced, copied, translated, displayed, transmitted, posted, published, or distributed in any form anywhere.


Please refer to NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Privacy Statement, for the collection and use of your information.

Password Protected Areas. At NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. website, access to password protected areas is permitted only for authorized users. You must agree with the following conditions: (i) you will furnish the latest, accurate and complete identification and contact details as prompted by the registration process on the NetForChoice website; (ii) in case of any changes to your registered data, you are responsible to update the information you provided to NetForChoice; (iii) you are solely responsible for the security of your account details including identification and password and also the activities that occurs under your account; and (iv) you will notify NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. immediately for any security breach such as unauthorized access of your account or password.

The content you submit – NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. welcomes your thoughts and appreciates receiving input from you. Community forums, knowledge center, and blogs may be made available to our users and customers. Any content you submit as a user is treated as public information. This information is deemed to be provided on a non-confidential basis. However, the resumes shared with NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. on a “need to know” basis are excluded from this term of use as they are considered for employment with NetForChoice. You grant NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd.unrestricted right to use or disseminate such contributed content for the organization’s purpose without any limitation. The content submission can be in terms of likeness, voices, names, suggestions, creative ideas, and other personal identifiable information. This will allow NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. a worldwide, irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free right to adapt, modify, reproduce, translate, publish, or distribute data in any form.

NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is under no obligation to use your submissions and the contributed content. NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to remove content or account, at any time, without any notice at its sole discretion.

No unlawful or Prohibited Use – You agree not to use NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. website or material for any unlawful act or violating the terms of use.

You acknowledge and agree to not do the following:


The purchase of services from NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. offered at the NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. website is bound by some specific terms and conditions. No attempt should be made to alter the services-specific terms and conditions. With respect to services, the material on the NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. website may be outdated and NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. makes no commitment for updating such material.

NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. website may offer promotions, contests, sweepstakes, or similar activities, which may be subject to a separate set of rules. These rules describe the activities for participating conditions such as age, geographical area restriction or other eligibility criteria.

It is solely your responsibility to go through those rules to check whether your registration or participation will qualify for the same or not. The rules also define the sponsor’s requirements in connection with the applicable promotion activity or contest.


Your access and use of the NetForChoice website and content posted by NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. or user-generated con-tent posted by third parties is at your sole risk. The content provided on website and is only for informational purposes on an “AS AVAILABLE” and “AS IS” basis. No warranty either expressed or implied to such information, including warranties of, non-infringement, merchantability, or fitness for any particular purpose. NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. makes no guarantees or warranties regarding the suitability, completeness, accuracy, or quality of the content. NetForChoice further makes no guarantees or warranties, or representations that the reliability and quality of any hosting services, and information attained from the website and/or content will be virus-free, or have error-free or damage-free execution and meet your requirements and expectations. You will be solely responsible for all risk, loss or damage whatsoever to your computer system, data and business arising out of your access and use of the website, and/or content.


You agree that NetForChoice and any contributor to the user generated content SHALL NOT BE LIABLE to you for:


You agree to indemnify and hold NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. its shareholders, directors, officers, employees, representatives, and agents harmless from any demands and claims. This also includes lawyers’ fees, made by any third party arising from or relating to: (i) your access and use of the web-site and content; (ii) content you submit, post, or otherwise make available via the website; (iii) your violation of these website terms of use. This indemnification obligation will survive the termination of your NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. account or these terms.


The website terms of use constitute the entire agreement between you and NetForChoice regarding your access and use of the NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. and content. You may also be subject to content specific terms of use. The laws enforced by the Republic of India shall govern any action related to the Terms and your use of the Online Mediums and Content, without regard to the choice of law rules. In case of any dispute between you and NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd, you agree to submit to personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of India. In the case of violation(s) of the terms of use, NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. reserves the right to discontinue your access to the website and content. NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. can also go to law to seek all remedies available.

Thank you for devoting your time to reading the entire document specifying website terms of use. Enjoy surfing the NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. website.

Privacy Statement

NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. respects your privacy. The privacy statement describes how we collect information from and about you. This privacy statement also demonstrates our firm’s commitment to the privacy and confidentiality of personal data being collected. Hence, this helps you to decide whether or not to provide information to us. By visiting the NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. website or sharing your information with us, you agree or give your consent to the practices mentioned in this privacy statement.

The term “visitor” used in the privacy statement, refers to a person visiting the website irrespective of being a customer or not. It includes the people who share upload/download information from the NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. website or merely visit the site. In case you choose not to share information when using our websites, you might not be able to access certain web pages, and take advantage of many of its features.


There are certain webpages on the NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. website where we ask you to furnish your details. These details may include:

Your personal information such as your name, email id, contact information.

Web Visit

Links to non-netforchoice Websites

For the convenience and information of the readers, visitors and customers, NetForChoice may provide links to third-party websites. The privacy practices of those sites may vary from the NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. practices. Those practices are not controlled by NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and are not covered by this privacy statement. You are solely responsible for submitting your personal data to third party websites, and NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. holds no responsibility for it.

NetForChoice as Data Center provider

As a data center services provider, NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. does not bear any responsibility with respect to personal data that our customers store or transfer using NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd’s data center services. It is the sole responsibility of such customers to ensure the protection of data that they collect from their users, and process for any compliance that they might have to follow.

Sensitive Information

We do not collect or maintain any sensitive information. This includes your health-related information, race or ethnic origin, religion, philosophical beliefs or political opinions.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection

We will not collect any information from children under the age of 13, and also our services are not designed for them. We strongly advise that such children, if the need be, shall use our services under the strict guidance of their parents or legal guardians. In no instance, shall we permit the use of our services to children below the age of 13.


Personal Information

NetForChoice will use your information in the following activities:

Contact Information

We use the visitor’s information to get in touch with them when necessary or to send information about our company. We can also use the collected information for training aides for our employees.

Financial Information and payment card details

The financial transaction is carried through payment gateways, so no information is stored on the NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. website. Financial information provided via our website is transferred over a secure and encrypted connection to a third party payment gateway providers and banks involved in the transactions. Any information except your credit card details or bank account details is stored as per statuary regulations that are applicable.


The collected personal information is for internal use only. We do not release this information to anyone other than the third party service providers to NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. who perform functions on our behalf. The extent of information shared depends upon the function to be executed. In case of breach of our terms and conditions or any policy, NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. may share or disclose your personal data to comply with the law or any legal obligation to a relevant authority. For any specific purpose such as spam control, credit risk reduction, or fraud protection, NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. may exchange information with other companies/organizations.


NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. allows you to opt-out of receiving marketing emails that are occasionally sent to our customers or people who want to receive emails and newsletters from us. We assure you to not use your contact information once you decline the request for the same. You can send your request to It takes about ten days to remove your contact details from the marketing communications lists, so please note that for this duration you might receive the emails or be contacted.


NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. takes all security measures to prevent alteration, misuse and loss of the collected information. Depending on the type of information, we use different methods for its protection. The methods include firewall, encryption and limited access control. The information is only accessible to NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. employees, or third party service providers on a need to know basis.


NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. takes all reasonable steps to ensure the relevance, completeness, accuracy, reliability of the collected information. It also ensures that data should be up-to-date to solve the purpose.


In case you consider that the shared information is not correct or inappropriate to use, please contact us at We will take suitable steps to modify or delete the information. Depending upon the case its use can be restricted also.


NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd. timely verifies that the privacy statement is accurate and comprehensive. We conduct its self-assessment to ensure that all relevant privacy practices are being followed.


For any query or complaint regarding NetForChoice Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Privacy Statement, please contact us at We are committed to investigate and resolve the concerns related to privacy statement or information collected.


With time, the changes in business can lead to changes in our Privacy Statement. You should visit the website frequently to check the recent changes. Privacy Policy last updated on February 12, 2014.